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  1. Vigrwulf

    33rd Free Company

    Somewhere between Alexi Lalas and Shrek
  2. Vigrwulf


    From the flames of lava comes me.
  3. Vigrwulf

    Glory to the 33rd?

  4. Vigrwulf

    Glory to the 33rd?

  5. Vigrwulf

    33rd Free Company

    "I'm going to drink from (reddit) skulls!"
  6. Vigrwulf

    I'm going to drink from your skull!

    I'm going to drink from your skull!
  7. Vigrwulf

    If you have Performance Issues, Crash and RUNTIME ERRORs Look here

    I got all the patches installed. I just played on awhile, saved the game and tried again. it worked then
  8. Vigrwulf

    If you have Performance Issues, Crash and RUNTIME ERRORs Look here

    I'm trying to talk to a companion and the game crashes instead. I am playing the reworked version.
  9. Vigrwulf

    Brytenwalda for Bannerlord

    In my opinion, I feel Brytenwalda in Bannerlord has a better setting than VC. More factions, and more places to conquer. If a new Brytenwalda came out as MB: Brytenwalda perhaps, it could be even better than anything in the Warband past. :idea:
  10. Vigrwulf

    How many Brytenwalda players? Informal Poll!

    Nodosa said:
    Yo, a bit late to this but i'v been playing Brytenwalda for the past 10 days and now i'm seeing that there will be more? As a veteran of this mod, i am eager to see what else more can be added and wish you guys the best of luck.

    PS: Add an up attack for Spears?  :grin:

    Same here bro. The reworked is awesome esp since sea battles work now. Cheerio!
  11. Vigrwulf

    Trading and Enterprises Tips v1.2

    gdwitt said:
    One of the things that bugged me about Brytenwalda vanilla is that one ended up doing the same economic strategy for every town.
    In Reworked, I changed trading values, city production and startup costs so one can expect to have 6 or so enterprise types by mid-games.
    And enterprises mid-game are almost as powerful as villages plus selling battle plunder with a wagon both of which I think are unrealistic.

    What do you mean by selling plunder with a wagon? I don't understand the concept. I just go to the closest towns.
  12. Vigrwulf

    How many Brytenwalda players? Informal Poll!

    My most recent game killer bugs were the game crashing when I tried talking to a companion to upgrade skill and the other was that my hp stopped healing.
  13. Vigrwulf

    Trading and Enterprises Tips v1.2

    I usually invest in breweries. Pictavia and York have some of the best sell prices as well as a few places in Mercia. Next, sell The Picts your pig iron, silver and copper that you bought in wales. fat $$$$$$$$$$$$
  14. Vigrwulf

    How many Brytenwalda players? Informal Poll!

    The reworked is my fave mod. however i face a few bugs that have killed my game
  15. Vigrwulf

    Music in Brytenwalda

    shrekasantrasis said:
    Its funny, because i want to know whats the actual name of "travel_vaegir" music in brytenwalda. Awesome piece of track.

    Is it this song?
  16. Vigrwulf

    Blood & Gold: Caribbean!

    How do I get a chance to play cards with people that play higher stakes?
  17. Vigrwulf

    Suggestions and ideas

    WolfDrache said:
    I am confused why is the Modders going away from the original Warband design? If it isn't going to be like the actual Mount and Blade design I want my money back please. I can't do land battles and why is there pikemen in this you can't use pikemen on ship boarding they are too long. I never seen a boarding crew having pikes and halberds the most I have seen is for two-handed weapons is sword, axes, and muskets in boarding fights. This not middle ages, it is supposed to be after the renaissance period. So I guess I should ask for my money back!

    The style of weaponry and armor are really accurate to this time period. Weapons like short swords, knives, short axes, and pistols were mostly used by sailors because once a boarding battle (which we see a lot of in this game) happens, weapons needed to be used fast and large weapons can only do so much when they don't have space to swing. Polearms and 2h swords were mostly used in land battles but they can also take on an enemy sailor trying to swing from their ship to yours and that's why pole arms were useful at see to. boarding axes hacked at boarders trying to climb aboard. Don't worry, the makers got the weapons right :smile:
  18. Vigrwulf

    Suggestions and ideas

    1. The game needs a wider range of music. the music is good but it gets old really fast over time.
    2. I think there should be impressment of sailors that are not involved in battles. I don't think mercenary sailors that work ships and surviving a ship battle won't mind being recruited by someone else every now and then.
    3. Female Characters
    4. More facial/body options
    5. Languages based on nation
  19. Vigrwulf

    Adultery Message After Wedding

    There should be some sort of option to duel the lover and win my woman back. perhaps an option to give the wife a spanking lol
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