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    Sign this petition to add back in removed features

    There's always room for really cool DLC adding new features and mechanics, especially if Bannerlord has a good release on Steam
  2. assington

    Unless you address these issues with multiplayer then stop developing the mp

    10/10, taleworlds should fix all these things ASAP
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    We need to talk. Taleworlds is throwing everything away what made them great

    This really was the first dev blog concerning pure player vs. player gameplay, most other dev blogs have been entirely focused on the single player aspect, or the multiplayer gamemodes involving commanding bots
  4. assington

    MP Native cRPG

    Strategus has been updated!

    The Strategus gamemode for cRPG, which involves moving your character around an online map of Calradia to raise armies and take control of fiefs, has gotten a major update by the new head developer.

    There is now a nation system, where you align yourself with one of 11 nations which are themed around different historical civilizations, these are:
    Swadia - Central Europe
    Rhodok - Southern Europe
    Berezium - Byzantium
    Khergit - Mongol, Steppe Nomads
    Tianxia - Eastern China
    Yamato - Feudal Japan
    Nord - Scandinavia
    Staufen - Northern Europe/Northern Germany
    Ferocia - Western Europe/France/Spain
    Lallan - Celtic Nations (Eire/Scotland)
    Vaegir - Eastern Europe/Russia

    Your choice of nation determines what gear is available to be purchased and used for you and your factionmates on the Strategus map, as well as what gear your mercenaries can use during Strategus battles.

    Dozens are new items are being added from various other mods and sources, so come RP your fantasy 11 year old samurai knight horse archer.
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    MP Native cRPG

    cRPG A Multiplayer Mod for Warband INTRODUCTION Designed by the Donkey Crew, when Warband was released, as a multiplayer, roleplaying, combat oriented mod, themed around the early Dark Ages to High Renaissance, c-RPG is one of the older and most developed mods for Mount & Blade Warband...
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    No new blog?

    Yea there is a nudging (bashing) mechanic in cRPG mod. You can nudge while holding an attack to slightly stun your enemy (not long enough to land an attack though) or if you hold a block and then nudge, it will push the enemy back several feet. Very solid mechanic for groupfighting, super glad to see it coming in some iteration in Bannerlord.
  7. assington

    Multiplayer: How Multiplayer Oriented will Bannerlord be?

    Gibby Jr said:
    Dunno if you watched Battle of Bucharest but at several points throughout the event it was said on stream that they'd like to do something again on Bannerlord. We've already heard there will be matchmaking too, so just wait and hope I guess. It has a lot of potential and I just hope TW put in the effort to bring it to fruition.

    Yea, I had no idea that happened, I stopped searching for events like that years ago haha. Thanks for linking that, it definitely gives me a lot of hope seeing the community manager commentating it and all.
  8. assington

    Multiplayer: How Multiplayer Oriented will Bannerlord be?

    Byas said:
    As long as the focus is on improving netcode with good optimization, I'd like to see an increase from the 250 player limit to maybe a 400 player limit with more props on structures/siege gear. Give us the ability to make a big map with good level design.

    The wrong way to focus multiplayer in my opinion is going the E-sports route and putting stat numbers on every player, (personally it's sorta pointless) but for mods like Mercenaries or cRPG, I can understand because it has some progression to it. 8v8 can be great for duel games but for mods like Persistent World there's a lot potential, can even probably dethrone Battle Royale games in terms of popularity.

    I'd love to see a Stronghold (The Real Time Strategy Game) fused with Mount & Blade Warband's Persistent World with all Bannerlord's six factions and a commoners/Bandits/Mercenaries.

    I'm going with Yes but I'm skeptical that there's no feinting in Bannerlord.

    the main reason I look forward to a ranking system is so new players can be matched up against other new players/less practiced players rather than be thrown right in the pit with the veterans. one of the main reasons cRPG died off is because new players just could not stand a chance against all of the vets who could kill them with their fists. I don't necessarily mean player stats when I say 'ranking system' but having a stat-tracker is the first step to making people more competitive. my only fear is that it would devolve into asshattery and memes after a while.

    Firunien said:
    OKAM´s melee system is great for dueling, but i didnt like it in groupfighting. In Warband you can easily see which direction you have to block, in OKAM it was messy, i prefer a system to be a bit simpler so you can play it smoother. In general what most guys here are calling for is a task for mods, if they deliver a game with rock solid melee mechanics, netcode and a fleshed out single player this game will be paradise for modders. I do hope for a gamemode to test and further your skill in small groups like 8v8 or 5v5 without bots.(Esport can only develop on its own if there is enough interest to play it that way, TW shouldnt force it but a bit of support would be nice)
    About consistent updates, it really depends if Taleworlds wanna go the route of a lot of modern games of just updating the game, or the classic "goodbye, we develop M&B 3 now".
    For constant updates they need constant cashflow in the long run, so they would need to implement microtransactions in one form or another.

    that's why I find the warband style of blocking more fluid than OKAM. OKAM was fun as hell for 1v1's, but even then it lacked proper collision detection (IMO), and yea groupfights sucked. Also I wouldn't mind buying/unlocking new heraldry to put on a heraldic piece of armor/shield or even a weapon skin (damascus steel patterns? lool)
  9. assington

    Multiplayer: How Multiplayer Oriented will Bannerlord be?

    Yea I have to admit the singleplayer looks fantastic and was fun as hell in Warband, I just can't help but think of the possibilities for multiplayer with such a unique combat system. Whenever I heard critics calling 'For Honor' an innovative and new and fantastic game which invented something completely new, I just couldn't help but laugh. Give Mount & Blade the spotlight it deserves!
  10. assington

    Multiplayer: How Multiplayer Oriented will Bannerlord be?

    Hey, so I've been playing Mount & Blade in all its versions for nearly a decade now, and I probably have well over 5 thousand hours across all of the titles (yes i'm a disgusting nerd). If there is one thing that I feel truly made this series great so far it would have to be the multiplayer...
  11. assington

    Optimism for 2018

    release date as a christmas present  :wink:
  12. assington

    [Netharian_PW_US] Server Thread/Rules/Info

    Looks great, played on it the other day, Great RP, Great Admins!  :mrgreen: Good luck.
  13. assington

    NW Completed Thursday Linebattle Event [NA] (Accepting Applications)

    Regiment Name: 72nd Seaforth Linebattles
    Regiment Leader: Griffin/Francis Brownlow
    Leader's Steam: upliftgmoney
    Estimated Attendance: 10-15
    Desired Role: Infantry
  14. assington

    NW Completed ~GRC Tuesday NA Linebattle~ Waiting List

    Regiment Name: 72nd Seaforth Highlanders
    Desired Class (Cav, Inf, etc.): Infantry
    Predicted Attendace: 20-25
    Leaders and officcers steam name: bensai123 , upliftgmoney
    Do you accept all the rules of GRC: Yes
  15. assington

    NW Completed *NEC Tuesday / Friday Linebattles* [EVENT HAS RETURNED TO NAPOLEONIC WARS]

    Regiment Name: 72nd Seaforth Highlanders
    Regiment Class: 42nd Black Watch
    Predicted Attendence: 10-20 (Maybe more due to people merc-ing/Sampling with our regiment.)
    Regiment Leader's Steam:
    What days will we attend?: Both Tuesday and Friday
  16. assington

    Regiment List

    - Regiment Name : Arkhangelʹskaya Kompaniya Partizanam (Arkhangelsk Company of Partizans)
    - Faction : Russia
    - Class : Partizans/Opolcheniye Militia
    - Based : North America
    - Thread Link :,251625.0.html
  17. assington

    Arkhangelʹskaya kompaniya partizanam

              72nd Seaforth Highlanders 72nd Highlanders (NA Edition)   About Us We are a group of experienced Napoleonic Wars players that grouped together in attempt to form a Highlander Brigade with the renown 79th Cameron Highlanders to experience the gameplay in linebattles and just to give...
  18. assington

    Game Crashing

    Okay I did that and it really helped the crashing. Thanks!  :smile:
  19. assington

    Game Crashing

    Hey guys, every time I play this mod for about 3 minutes, after I take an action like, enter a town, or talk to a character the game crashes. Any help, a link for some kind of repair maybe?
  20. assington

    How do I play??????

    wait i got it working and i got the error message but when i go to dialog_states press ctrl f and type in the error message it says cannot find:then says the error message.
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