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  1. Airelhach

    EU Native Battle Open Fantasy Warband League

    Player sign up

    Name: Airelhach
    Nationality: tr
    Steam: id/airelhach
    Preferred Class: Archer
    Activity: yes
  2. Airelhach

    [WLL] Team Rosters

    I’ve been told to reject your roster change, I’m doing what I’ve been told, so there’s no reason to have a go at me personally.
    Why shouldn't I have a go at you, when you are thinking you have the right to have a go at Feodras (and our team in a roundabout way) in your chat with him.
    I explained everything in my chat with Feodras. Nothing more needs to be said.
    It doesn't matter I'm just doing what admins don't, announcing things on tourney's behalf. Guys you have a limit of 4 roster changes apparently.
    If you have any problems with the decision, please refer to a head admin.
    I don't even know who the head admins are but seems like they have helter-skelter minds.

    Anyways as I've announced, we are playing with Charlini.
  3. Airelhach

    [WLL] Team Rosters

    Ah, I feel the need to announce for you guys.

    We just found out that admins (at least tallie) are s***ing new rules out of their a** without making any announcements nor changing the rules. Tallie says we removed too many people (4 except for kane), while two other teams removed higher (haytmir 6 and Thoe 7), and he thinks that we shouldn't be changing people from now on. As there is no such rule or an announcement prior to Feodras' request, what he suggests rules out actually. He says every round Charlini plays will be conceded and will be given to our opponent. We will play with Charlini, it doesn't matter even if we lose 12-0 to our opponents, its better than conceding to an admin. Who cares Georgian admins anyway.

    PS: Well, the thing is not removing Kane btw. We were thinking bringing Zulu in, and that was okay. But when its Charlini, he just can't do it. I can't understand what's the difference anyways.
  4. Airelhach

    How famous is the above player?

    youtuber, nice videos
  5. Airelhach

    [WLL] Free Agents

    Name: Airelhach
    Nationality: TR
    Preferred Class: ranged
  6. Airelhach

    Next Native Tournament Interest Check/Discussion

    Once there were 5aside tournaments, not the most fun i believe, otherwise they would have survived. But haven't been tried for a long time i guess. May wanna give it a go with roster caps and constraints (like every set at least one player should be swapped etc.).
  7. Airelhach

    [WRT] Division A - Week 5

    Screens would be grand.




    well i took them from my recording, yet should be enough i guess.
  8. Airelhach

    [WRT] Free Agents

    Name: Airelhach
    Nationality: tr
    Steam: id/airelhach
    Preferred Class: archer

    cant guarantee that i'll be active enough
  9. Airelhach

    EU Native Battle Completed [Carnage Fantasy League] Player Sign-Ups

    Name: Airelhach
    Nationality: turkish
    Steam: id/airelhach
    Preferred Class: archer
    Past Teams / Experience: 25 years in turkey

    might run into some activity problems due to the season being summer
  10. Airelhach


  11. Airelhach

    [WRC] Statistics

    Since when quoting a group moderator's post from 10 days earlier and saying "Ye same." has become an opinion? Was it intended to be a notice? I just don't see any logic behind a moderator coming and bossing around about an incident happened at least 10 days prior. Go on and take care of that report, which I really don't care, just stop baiting.

    I check the group, see new posts on the thread, thinking the stats -about which I'm very much thrilled- have been announced, click and see a random mod trolling the thread.

    Alright, bud. Notice been taken. We'll behave from now on.​
  12. Airelhach

    [WRC] Statistics

    Mate, you are the pure represantation of TW. That posting bs incident happened like when, last month or sth? So better stop trolling and baiting people.
  13. Airelhach

    EU Skirmish Completed Bannerlord Draft Cup 2 [BDC] (56/56)

    Name : Airelhach
    Nationality : TR
    Main Class : Archer/Inf
    Steam Link :
    TW ID : Airelhach#4242
  14. Airelhach

    [WBMM] Discussion & Suggestions

    My suggestion is going towards other places. Don't misdirect it please.
  15. Airelhach

    [WBMM] Discussion & Suggestions

    My suggestion is going towards other places. Don't misdirect it please.

    A shorter version for you Kawaii, just read the bold-marked and underlined typos. :smile:
    Hey, there is something on my mind I want to discuss for a very long time.

    I checked the rules and I couldn't see such a rule preventing racism and kind and thrashtalking. I mean they may be taken into account in provoking section though, still the rule has very limited use. I just don't want to argue with people calling me names such as "ape, monkey, f... turk" etc. I get that some players might be trolling on purpose and such but that doesn't give anyone the right to insult me if I've done nothing to you. When I play matchmaking I play serious, I don't troll nor teamhit intentionally. Sometimes I can make misplays as well, just as many of the players currently playing do. However, when I call someone trolling or intentionally teamhitting, I get to be the one to be insulted by him and his friends if on server.

    Normally, I'm not a short-tempered guy, you can ask around if you don't know me. But when someone decides to troll the match by either teamhitting me or playing solo or calling me nicknames just out of fun, I get furious as most of the people would normally do. Still I try to reason (and cooparate if they are trying solo going) with some of them, who I think reasonable. And with who I think unreasonable I respond them back with the same way they use; if they call me nicknames I call them with others if they teamhit me I hit them back etc. Next thing is that we both get warned. If I just decide to go spec and try not involve in any arguments, I get banned because of me being afk too long, while the trolling guy gets no punishments.

    Admins who witness such things doesn't do anything at all by the way, I won't point fingers on anybody. For some, I don't think they don't do anything because they don't care but I guess because of the loophole in the rules. One of the admins told me an insult towards my nationality (which I can't change, I'll always be a middle-eastern, Turkish dude even if I change my citizenship, won't I?) can be tolerated as it doesn't count as racism, are you kidding me? People who I don't have any acquaintances with can't just insult me or troll me and get away with it. But they do, and I have to be the one to fight back. When I do, I get to be the one to be punished instead of them.

    My suggestion is that just expand the rules generally or on provoking section, doing so admins can punish those guys accordingly. This way I won't have to insult people back. IG_BG had very rational rules about such things and server's admins were very successful about enforcing their power. People would think twice before trying to commit such a thing and even if they find the courage to do so, they would beg to be unbanned afterwards. I think we can have such rules on WBMM as well, what do you think?

    And Surkan
    there are turks that call people turkbrain too lol
    There has always been. This argument has been existed since 2010. There has always been banter in Turkish community and it still exists.

    there's a difference between insulting someone because they're turkish or insulting a turk because they start ****
    I can't vouch for every single Turkish player and you can't expect such a thing from myself either. I don't pick fights but people pick fights with me, if admins won't protect my rights I'm the one to do that. However I shouldn't be, I should just focus on my game experience.

    theres like 50 mediocre players from turkey who think they can type mean things to actual players and obviously theyre going to get insulted one way or another
    If they are provoking people, they should be punished as well. I'm not suggesting a debate over Turkish vs Eu thrashtalkers, I'm suggesting the rule clarification for all of the players playing the game, so they won't get bothered by such people. We hadn't let cheaters play the game until a couple of months ago, why do we let racist and toxic players among ourselves. Aren't we better than this?

    I think you still consider my suggestion with judging me with my nationality. Just consider the suggestion as a player's or a friend's if you consider me as one, not a "Turk-brain"s baby cry. My point has never been "EU guys insulted me, why don't you punish them?" but all you are defending is "Turks insult us too!" I'm suggesting to keep the toxicity out of our game experience. I'm not saying "lets all be friends", don't be if you don't want to, but just respect each other.

    The real sparkling in me starting to write about this suggestion wasn't even including myself at the first place but I wanted to write about my discomfort as well. It was just yesterday some guy nicknamed "nigg" was trolling a match by spawning with default armor. Even if he wasn't trolling the match and even if he was the best player of the game he shouldn't be let play under such a nickname. Again IG_BG had such rules and they were very effective in my opinion.

    My main point is not that I'm sad because somebody called me racist insults and got away with it. My main point is that I don't want to argue with people. Because when I try to deal with them myself I end up being the one to be punished instead of them even though they provoked me. I'm here to play the game not to argue with people. However many admins who witness such things just don't involve in it because there is no such rule. And the only existing rule for such a thing has very limited use and a blur meaning which makes it unfunctional. One of the reasons that we have a very small community is this toxicity among the existing players. Many new mp players ended up uninstalling the game in the past and still as they are not good enough they get harrassed wherever they play, mm included. I don't have to like any of you guys, but it doesn't give me the right to disrespect any of you. I had the money to spend in my pocket 10 years ago and I wanted to waste it for this game. I still have the right to play this game as any decent person should have.
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