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  1. Sr_Um2

    Bloco de notas

    Boa tarde a todos, eu costumo jogar Bannerlord com um leve toque de roleplay, eu crio o personagem e imagino uma história a ser seguida. No presente momento eu criei uma nova campanha no modo mais dificil de jogo, Guiedo, o caolho agora com seus 26 anos, serve ao rei vlandio não possui nenhuma...
  2. Sr_Um2

    Dev Blog 01/11/18

    Will the movements of the fabric be caused by movement or by some kind of "wind"?
    In case it is the wind, we will see things like dust and sandstorms? Just curiosity.
  3. Sr_Um2

    Dev Blog 25/10/18

    NPC99 said:
    kalarhan said:
    NPC99 said:
    I'm not aware of Brethren of the Woods in Warband

    companions have those background descriptions (lore, not gameplay related).

    Shame on me for forgetting Deshavi.  :grin:

    Back when I lived in the ravines, we would sometimes fight with a rival band called the Brethen of the Woods. Captain -- I would not trust any man who hides his origins, and particularly would not trust a common bandit who calls himself a lord.

    Her spelling must have confused me.  :grin:

    Wow, thank you, actually it is the same, I read about them somewhere, just do not remember anymore, it seems that the brotherhood was founded because of the kingdom of Swadia / Rhodok which prohibited peasants from hunting in the king's forest, a certain peasants inflicted this law and ended up being killed, the children of the commoner murdered, took the forest and crowded some who sympathized with the cause and etc ... Finally, I participate in the group Mount & Blade Brasil, I am developing a game that would happen after Deshavi and Klethi, left of the player's army, and would leave the world in search of the revenge of the Deshavi.
      Thanks for the comment, if anyone wants to help me with information, I will leave my facebook page, not to flood the forum here: Arte do Sr.Um2... our send me a msg.
  4. Sr_Um2

    Dev Blog 25/10/18

    Sorry to post the following question, but I would like to know something about the M & B: Warband, both developers and players can answer me ... this is the "Brethren of the Woods".
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