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  1. Ted Striker

    The purpose of the Castle in Bannerlord.

    A simple fix would be to ONLY recruit quality troops from castles. No more elite troops from your local fishing village....

    Yeah that has never made sense.

    Castles serve no purpose in this game other than a method of escape, like playing tag and running to base. They should at least house the quality troops for recruitment. It's more historical and it gives castles a purpose at least.
  2. Ted Striker

    Spear foot combat : current state

    Not when there's 50 spears pointing your way. People don't work that way.
    Oh I'm thinking more those tournaments when it's spear vs spear on foot and nobody can land an effective hit unless you cheese it by running away, swinging and turning with the mouse to hit.
  3. Ted Striker

    Spear foot combat : current state

    I think what would really be necessary to make spears viable (in SP) would be to make AI not body-hug at all opportunities. If bots held their enemies at arm's length like any real fighter would, then spears would have an easier time dealing damage.
    But vs a spear you want to get in close as fast as possible unless you have a spear yourself. So in an odd way this is realistic lol.
  4. Ted Striker

    they have to fix army's supply of food

    How about hunting and scavenging the local countryside passively, meaning armies don't consume food in their inventories as fast? It doesn't have to be some complex mechanic, just a way to explain an army's lowered food consumption so it doesn't endlessly march in search of food to buy.

    Are the lands so barren that food is nowhere to be found except in villages and towns to buy?
  5. Ted Striker

    Serious issue with gameflow

    Unfortunately yes. We need armor that functions more realistically against arrows! And take the Glaive from the Khan's Guard.
    Take the glaive off the "usable on horseback" list.
  6. Ted Striker

    Why there is not camel riding unit in any troop tree

    I wonder how true it was that horses unused to and unexposed to camels were afraid of them? Could lead to some interesting match-ups if Aserai camel cavalry faces off against Vlandian knights or another northern cavalry army and that kind of mechanic was added.

    Because honestly, without that kind of mechanic it's not worth using camels as cavalry. They're not as fast, not quite as strong and not as good at charging into the enemy. A warhorse was superior to a warcamel in battle (is warcamel a word? lol) and a camel was superior to a horse for baggage and logistics in the hotter desert climates.
  7. Ted Striker

    Red - Ick - U - lous

    You mean - your party loses a battle, your companion becomes a prisoner and enemy lord carriers them around or brings to his castle?

    Thats part of the immersion. Be glad they weren't killed on battlefield.

    Ok, missread. I understand now that you are talking about your companions joining into other lords armies.There's mod that allows you to tell companion not to join other armies. Hopefully, this will be implemented into base game as well some day.
    What mod is that? I need that.
  8. Ted Striker

    what's the point of the Dragon Banner?

    I think it's a clunky, tedious roleplaying mechanic that doesn't belong and would happily mod out the entire main quest.
  9. Ted Striker

    is it fixed yet?

    This comparison video makes it so obvious that something is very wrong, I can't even understand how anyone could deny this
    I suspect the devs consider the Warband system as wrong and are "correcting" it with armor that doesn't do much. We all know it's wrong but I fear they think the opposite.

    People also seem to be ignoring another problem with Bannerlord: some ridiculously overpowered weapons. Two-handed glaive on horseback? What nonsense is that? A falx that can mow down opponents like a scythe through wheat regardless of armor? If these kinds of long-reach, heavy and slow cutting weapons were so damned good we would see them used historically all the time instead of pikes, spears, blunt weapons etc.

    In the time Bannerlord is supposed to take place armor was not as advanced, but neither were these crazy weapons. Long weapons like polearms only really became popular in the later middle ages. In the dark ages (Bannerlord's general time) it was simpler weapons. Horsemen did not ride around swinging heavy glaives like they were Superman, footmen did not run around swinging falx with no regard for personal defense. No, you saw swords, spears, maces, simple clubs. The stuff we see in game is pure fantasy and exacerbates the issue.

    Let me ask: who here uses a mace and shield vs a heavily armored opponent instead of a two-handed weapon?
  10. Ted Striker

    Do you think smithing skill should be removed?

    I may be entirely biased because Smithing is one of my biggest, "Oh hey, that's really cool" factors in BL, but I really don't think that it should be removed.

    However, I can see how it should be tweaked in a little way, and I can somewhat agree to that. Personally, I don't want the level of customization to be changed right now for smithing, as it is really nice to be able to create your own weapons and use them in a battle. There are some major quality of life ideas that I could think of, like being able to pay a blacksmith for your own weapon which would take time, or paying them to be able to learn a specific part so that you would be able to make it for yourself.

    Beyond just smithing, I think another neat factor would be the idea of gifts. Having Nobles gift you items from time to time if you've become friendly, and you getting relationship bonuses from using that weapon in combat with them, and losing it if you sell that item. It would add a lot as you fight with a named weapon gifted to you by a close friend in the game, and would add a lot onto immersion, and you being able to gift that friend back a custom made weapon as well.

    The customization as it currently is is one of the reasons it's so broken. There are only a few weapons worth crafting for use and only a few worth crafting for selling. Even with all the options, lengths etc. we can choose we are gimping ourselves if we don't choose a select few only.

    Smithing feels like an afterthough, something tacked on to the game without much discussion about how it would fit.

    Plus you touched on something important: the time it should take to smith some of these weapons. Why is smithing instantaneous but you have to wait a day to recover? Smithing a quality weapon took time. It could take days to finely craft all the quality parts a weapon needed. A spear? Pretty simple and could be mass produced. An ornate sword expertly balanced and tempered? You're talking days, and the smith wouldn't be out campaigning or battling looters or anything in the meantime. Smithing armor could take weeks or months.

    The way it's implemented in game really does make it feel like it was an afterthought.
  11. Ted Striker

    Do you think smithing skill should be removed?

    I unfortunately do kind of agree that it should be removed.

    But that's because it was implemented poorly.

    It's really an all-or-nothing skill and the mechanics behind it make no sense, like having to hang around a city doing nothing for a day before you can smith again. Nevermind the fact you just spent a few months traveling the world, nope you didn't hang around for a day no smithing for you.
  12. Ted Striker

    Damage in this game is Ridiculous

    That's no longer about damage. That's AI.
    Point is that looters are all kinds of messed up. Rocks apparently big enough to cause decent damage, thrown with some heft by scrawny starving peasants with an iron will that will not break formation and flee if facing an oncoming horse charge, and with laser-guided aim.

    Makes MLB pitchers proud.
  13. Ted Striker

    Damage in this game is Ridiculous

    From my experience, the really bull**** shots happen because of speed. Like charging into a group of looters on horseback. It will get you killed. Funnily enough, those rocks are deadly because they deal blunt damage. Besides that, damage in this game seems rather normal. If you're not eating hits while speeding, it doesn't hurt that much.

    Getting hit in the face hurts a lot tho. Not sure if it should hurt that much, but it's pretty damning. Enemy's handling also comes into play. When you get hit at the right timing, it will hurt more than when it's at the beginning or end of the swing. Is that damage difference fair? I can't tell, to be honest.
    The REALLY bull**** shots happen when those looters choose to stand there and throw rocks at a charging horse, instead of scattering to get the hell out of the way. These are looters, not disciplined soldiers. And even disciplined soldiers have a tough time keeping their composure, and that's with actual weapons not rocks like a caveman.
  14. Ted Striker

    Armor Pr0n

    Is that shoulder piece upside down?
  15. Ted Striker

    Lets talk Smithing balance and my Smithy Workshop

    Unpopular opinion: Smithing should never have been added to the game.

    They obviously can't balance it even if it's not quite as broken as it used to be. Acquiring good weapons and armor should be from either lucky loot or buying from a shop, like in Warband with the Lordly armors you can find. Income should be from owning workshops, caravans, taxes from fiefs etc., not from smithing weapons and selling for ungodly amounts of money.

    It just doesn't work.
  16. Ted Striker

    You should be able to view all wanderer stats in tavern mode or encyclopedia

    +1 Yes,.please. Sometimes I just scum save - recruit, check stats and if I don't like the guy/guyette I reload.. :sad:
    I don't consider that save scumming. There is no other way to tell if a companion is worth hiring.
  17. Ted Striker

    My idea of riding chop should absorb the work and my expectations

    Above all and ride cut 2 corresponds to the game, but they are all in the middle ages, and does not belong to a big platform, you might ask, since you say so many games to play, why still ride a cut in the 2 verbose so much, because I think riding a cut 2 should belong to the middle ages to the master of the game, the game is reflected in the middle ages a point, But it's a shame there isn't an overall platform to integrate it.
    Such a shame.

  18. Ted Striker

    Which feature do you want the most?

    It means being able to place your units down on the battlefield before you start an engagement. So you can place your archers in that wood at the top of the hill etc... kind of like in a 'Total War' game.
    That's a weird way of naming Deployment :xf-cool:

    But yeah it's pretty ridiculous we can't do that. Unless it's an ambush or something no two armies engaged in battle without first deploying their lines.
  19. Ted Striker

    Which feature do you want the most?

    What is Order of Battle?

    I'm voting Battle Terrain System until I know what that is
  20. Ted Striker

    Let's talk about the spears.

    Despite what some bald youtubers might tell you, spear isn't the ultimate greatest weapon of all time and it's length WAS a disadvantage when an enemy was able to get past the spear point, which is exactly what you see in the game, albeit in an exaggerated manner, but it makes complete sense from both realism and gameplay point of view. I've already explained why it makes sense from the realism point of view, gameplay-wise it makes sense because if we make spears as useful in melee as other weapons, what purpose would other weapons serve then? They would become useless, and why would you do that?

    The game has a lot of problems, but not representing your long shaft fetish isn't one of them.
    There is already an issue with many melee weapons being useless. All you need is a falx or two handed sword or axe, or a glaive on horseback, because you know historically nothing else even compared.

    Spears are woefully underpowered in this game. They're barely useable on foot because of limited animations and some kind of minimum thrusting range for them to do any damage (I don't know the exact mechanic that causes it).

    I'm not looking for Game of Thrones spear use but there needs to be more than what there is now.
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