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  1. Sikkimoto

    please bring back filter options

    Since matchmaking is dead, finding a suitable server is the way to play multiplayer. But for some reason, Bannerlord server filters are a downgrade compared to all it's predecessors. I can not filter by ping. Why? I can not filter by gamemode. Why? I can not save favorite servers. Why? Pls...
  2. Sikkimoto

    [Beast 8] Congratulations and Thank you's

    And huge congrats to the admin team which dropped second best team in div a to div b and on its place put team which barely wins in div b. Thank you guys u are awesome . Stay great.
  3. Sikkimoto

    BEAST - Bannerlord Early Access Skirmish Tournament

    There is no explicit rule for sheduling with no opponent, but i would pair VW3 - no opponent (VW3 ist the lowest ranked team with 4 games played) GoW - Manticores DoF2 - VD SofV - RdH
  4. Sikkimoto

    BEAST - Bannerlord Early Access Skirmish Tournament

    SofV allready played first week vs no opponent aka HDG.
  5. Sikkimoto

    TW needs to reset the ranks after they've fixed this trashfire of an update

    I didn't dodge even a single match. Also i didn't meet you in game after ranked update. Nice spreading random nonsense while you not even sure what are you talking about.

    ***** please. You're embarrasing yourself.
  6. Sikkimoto

    Get rid of Clanstacking/Partying up in Ranked modes.

    I invited you to use your brain, you dodged the chance.

    By the way, i don't clanstack.
  7. Sikkimoto

    TW needs to reset the ranks after they've fixed this trashfire of an update

    imagine calling people noobs while dogding every single match you meet them
  8. Sikkimoto

    Get rid of Clanstacking/Partying up in Ranked modes.

    @Callum @Dejan @Duh_TaleWorlds Bump with 80% in favour of removing partying up for ranked. I almost guarantee the only 'No' voters are those directly reveling in how unfair the ranking system is, i.e., the same groups partying up to stomp players who just bought the game.
    If stomping noobs was the goal, ppl would go for artificial low elo. Stacking is the exact opposite, it artificially raises elo. At least use your brain before accusing people please.
  9. Sikkimoto

    Why battle mode started with200gold

    Battle is supposed to be a noob-friendly mode. Every now and than, noobs want to play heavy cav too.
  10. Sikkimoto

    Ranked fix

    How to fix:

    1) Ranking points are only given to ppl in solo queues
    2) You can still stack, but no points given
    3) solo queuers gain a bonus on ranked points when enemy team has more/bigger stacks than own team
    4) reset the current ranking to punish dodgers

    3) solo queuers gain a bonus on ranked points when enemy team has more/bigger stacks than own team
    example: enemy full stack doubles their elo (for calculating only), 5 stack 2*5/6 for each stack member and so on.
  11. Sikkimoto

    Ranked fix

    The idea is good when ranking is only for prestige. As soon as it is used for matchmaking, this wouldnt work. You would basically punish elite players for solo queue and reward them with even easier opponents when they stack.
  12. Sikkimoto

    The rating wipe is inevitable. It's a matter of time (updates) - months or years

    Ofc you can reach the highest score in less than a day. It's basically elo. The highest score is not fix, but relative to the average player. And as we just started, it will inflate both in top and bottom direction.
  13. Sikkimoto

    Ranked mode sucks, and heres why

    So basically doesn't matter if you are ranked or not you still play against the same player.
    it may not yet be implemented, but as far as i remember that was the goal.

    Maybe i'm just lucky, but i didnt have problems finding a match. 2/3 are draws, but i still enjoy the casual play in warmup (like the casual player i am). And as i mentioned before, im sure this is nothing but a phase. Sooner or later toxbois will realize that they have to gid gud if they want good ranks.
  14. Sikkimoto

    Ranked mode sucks, and heres why

    Be patient. You cant expect a ranked matchmaking to work instantly. By now the vast majority of casual players is still unranked.

    Wannabes dodge matches bc they are butthurt about their ranking. That won't last. In the long run, they can either quit the game or accept that they are mediocre. Give it a week.

    And you can still experiment or troll. It's public. Ppl who care about public ranking in a non-monetised game have lost control over their lifes. Think of ranking as a tool for better matchmaking in the future. Then again I agree it might be better to hide it to other players to reduce the level of toxicity.

    The point "not enough players for matchmaking" is invalid. Taleworlds can't just summon players. Only chance to get new players into their matchmaking is by avoiding instant butchering. So ranked matchmaking is a basic requirement if you they want to stick to queuing. Ofc we all wished for more and earlier private servers, but let's not forget that tw finally gave in on that point. Bannerlord is finally developing in the right direction.
  15. Sikkimoto

    Servers are broken, Taleworlds please fix

    Kickpolls dont work too. You wait half an hour for a match to be in a team with a dude who is afk for the entire match and cant be kicked.
  16. Sikkimoto

    Removal of death and snowflakization of Bannerlord

    I like how the term "snowflake" is used by those who literally cry.
  17. Sikkimoto

    Feint spam survival tips for beginners

    1. Turn blocking is not only good 1v1. I use it in group fights throughout the video. It also doesn't really **** footwork—it actually works better with footwork, since you can control the strike angle and you're not at all prevented from moving.

    2. Bashing isn't useless, but I guess we can agree to disagree? It's a situational tool that's saved my noob ass against plenty of better feinters, and it's "easier" than changing block direction for beginners, who suck at blocking, because you just have to hit E with your bad block up, instead of getting the right inputs under stress...

    3. Everything you suggested — feint spamming, controlling distance, and working on blocking — needs training to be properly done. I don't think that invalidates kicking. I also don't think it's too much to ask beginners to hit E occasionally, especially when it doesn't disrupt your blocks at all... why not start training this early on? You won't unless you know that it exists, and that it doesn't eliminate your block.

    Above all, I think you're mistaking these beginner tips/additions as substitutions for the three advanced tips you shared—spamming feints, controlling distance, and getting very comfortable with blocking, all of which take quite a lot of time to develop.

    Just for clarification:

    1. I didnt say turnblock was any good in a 1vs1 situation. I meant turnblocks can be helpfull when fighting multiple opponents. What you call "footwork" is in fact the absence of footwork. What you really want after blocking your opponents attack is to counter attack. You can't counter attack when you look at way from your opponent. Sure, you can turn your swing towards him, but these are very obvious attacks and easy to block. You need your footwork for more important tasks: Outranging and outcircling enemies, dodge attacks and kicks, provoke enemy teamhits.

    2. Maybe "useless" is too harsh. You might benefit using bashing to some degree. You just would benefit more if you improved your blocking skill.

    3. I didn't suggest feint spam. I said spam. Spamming means to break up the attack-block-attack-block exchange. When you see an opponentent feinting before every attack just attack-attack instead of preparing to block. Spam is very succesfull when you improve your speed and footwork. You can spam inexperienced players to death without having to block a single time. This is why everyone and their mother tells you to work on footwork and spam instead.

    Most feinters do their feint patterns absolutly blind. Especially those you will encounter in tdm or siege. You overestimate their power. Feinter does not equal experienced player. In fact many noobs overfeint. These ppl you are trying to beat with your creative methods are just 1 or 2 steps ahead of you in a very steep learning curve.
    There are ofc feinters who don't feint blind. But these are rare unicorns. You don't need to work on strategies how to beat those bc you won't succeed anyway.

    You said learning to block would take quite a long time to develop. This is a misconception. You don't just "learn" blocking once. You keep learning and keep improving as long as you play M&B. And you don't need to be an expert in blocking to have more success. Every little step of improvement will pay off. If you want to learn fast, search for a mentor. Many ppl will gladly teach interested newbes. Ofc only if you accept what they tell you instead of claiming "iT wOrKs FoR mE!".

    I don't disrepect you. I encourage you to keep playing this game. This game desperatly needs new players. The reason we disagree so vehement on your video is because it teaches newbes wrong. This will only lead to frustration.
  18. Sikkimoto

    Feint spam survival tips for beginners

    Your tips are not that usefull tbh.

    turn block: only shines in 1vsX situations - and when you teach beginners to rely on turn blocks they will mess up their footwork and also never improve their blocking
    bash: it's useless compared to a kick and i don't see how bashing should be easier than just change block direction
    kicks: Needs training to be properly done and fail is punished. Not suited for beginners.

    what actually helps:

    -control distance
    -work on your blocking
  19. Sikkimoto

    Taleworlds' logic on Skins

    Failed experiment; then don't wonder what went wrong when after the release of the custom server tools, online mods with the warband system or a twist of it implemented start to blossom.

    Just pretend to like it. Otherwise they will never release custom servers.
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