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  1. Dietrich

    Resolved Interrupted Persuasion Locks out all conversations

    Having the same problem! Closing the game and reloading is a temporary solution, but should be fixed nonetheless.
  2. Dietrich

    Resolved Corrupt Save?

    Managed to get 2 loads out of the save files before it started crashing again lol.
  3. Dietrich

    Resolved BUG: Fetch Quests, Crashing and Exploits

    Good day! Like some of you, I had experienced the bug pertaining to delivering x swords/crossbows etc to certain personalities in cities. In the beginning, these all start out fine until you manage to accumulate the x amount of items in your inventory (I think including your equipped weapon)...
  4. Dietrich

    Game crashes upon trying to exit inventory or trade screen

    Can confirm, having problems with exiting any inventory screen. Is there a way to exit these quests? Thanks
  5. Dietrich

    [DOWNLOAD] Prophesy of Pendor [v3.9.5 IS NOW OUT!!!]

    Hail Mitchy! Good to see the mod's still up and running, getting back to conquering Pendor as we speak.

    (PS: I'm the guy who made the portraits if you remember, heh)
  6. Dietrich

    Resolved Before post: Issues, Crash and RUNTIME ERRORs Look here

    Sure thing.

    EDIT: To save your time, I have already fixed it using the increase user VA command. Lets see if I can play for a longer time without problems. Thanks!

    first_time = 0

    texture_detail = 100

    render_buffer_size = 15

    max_framerate = 60

    start_windowed = 1

    use_pixel_shaders = 1

    use_vertex_shaders = 1

    fake_reflections = 1

    show_framerate = 0

    use_ondemand_textures_ = 1

    use_ondemand_textures_mt = 1

    disable_music = 0

    disable_sound = 0

    disable_frequency_variation = 0

    cheat_mode = 0

    enable_blood = 1

    enable_edit_mode = 0

    force_single_threading = 0

    debug_mode = 0

    display_width = 0

    display_height = 0

    display_bits = 32

    antialiasing = 0

    sample_quality = 0

    alpha2coverage = 0

    force_vsync = 1

    shadowmap_quality = 0

    shader_quality = 2

    postfx_dof = 0

    postfx_hdr = 0

    postfx_autoexp = 0

    flora_degrade_distance = 100.0000

    flora_lod_detail = 0

    use_instancing = 0

    use_secure_connection = 0

    max_number_of_connections = 16

    look_for_server_on_this_machine = 0

    music_volume = 0.4000

    sound_volume = 1.0000

    mouse_sensitivity = 0.5000

    invert_mouse = 0

    enable_lighting = 1

    enable_particles = 1

    enable_blood = 1

    enable_character_shadows = 1

    enable_accurate_shadows = 1

    number_of_corpses = 3

    grass_density = 50

    combat_speed = 2

    friend_combat_difficulty = 0

    adapter_format = 0

    reduce_combat_ai = 2

    reduce_campaign_ai = 2

    combat_difficulty = 0

    display_labels = 1

    display_targeting_reticule = 1

    display_attack_direction = 0

    turn_camera_with_horse_in_first_person = 2

    verbose_damage = 1

    verbose_shot_difficulty = 1

    battle_size = 0.3422

    attack_direction_control = 2

    defend_direction_control = 0

    lance_control = 0

    anisotropic_filtering = 1

    enable_environment_shadows = 1

    verbose_casualties = 1

    verbose_experience = 1

    realistic_shadows_on_plants = 2

    number_of_ragdolls = 3

    gamma = 2.2000

    character_detail = 0.5000

    character_shadow_detail = 0.5000

    control_mouse_movement_y_scale = 1.5000

    blood_stains = 1

    use_winmm_audio = 0

    enable_version_check = 1

    enable_aspect_ratio_control = 1

    realistic_headshots = 0

    auto_gfx_quality = 0

    enable_gamepad_vibration = 1
  7. Dietrich

    Resolved Before post: Issues, Crash and RUNTIME ERRORs Look here

    Does anyone have a problem with the Runtime Error showing up when they upgraded to Windows 10? I'm running on 32-bit.
  8. Dietrich

    SP Fantasy (Game of Thrones) A Clash of Kings (7.0 released 13th of May, 2019)

    Where are the game settings concerning diplomacy and defection? It irks me a lot to see waves of lords clustering and joining other kingdoms en masse and out of context. Heck, the Vale and Dragonstone now has the entire middle lands just from people defecting. Heh.
  9. Dietrich

    SP Fantasy (Game of Thrones) A Clash of Kings (7.0 released 13th of May, 2019)

    danielcross19981 said:
    i downloaded it and i appears the resource\textures file is missing and i tried to do what you said in the first post but i cant do it  :sad: can you be more precise so that ignorant people like me can understand???

    This happened to me when I upped to 1.153.
  10. Dietrich

    Character Artwork

    Woops. Apologies.
  11. Dietrich

    Character Artwork

    I'll upload when I can. I'm currently trying to port all my works to somewhere like deviantart in case my stuff gets deleted. Working on a few Elder Scrolls ones, too like this. Apologies for those not yet having their own.


    I guess an easier way would be to just check my deviantart as I'll just be uploading from there all my works?
  12. Dietrich

    Character Artwork

    The dead.

    Also...hrmm..not really sure if I should join in the RP. What's been happening so far? Or if ever, I'd want to be a character in the lore though not part of the Knighthood orders, I guess (Not royal portrait painter, please).  :lol:
  13. Dietrich

    Character Artwork

    I'm back folks. Will get started on a few of the already pending requests and other ideas I have of the lore characters.
  14. Dietrich

    Character Artwork

    Updated with Konigur Valdis. Armor resembles more of a Vanskerry Style, however. Anyway, here's my personal insight so far. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    -I imagine the typical Empire war council is similar to that scene in Troy where the Trojan king has his generals (legatus) to the left while the lords, dukes and advisers are to the right.
    -Fierdsvain are mostly all clad in chain or iron. Similar to the Ironborn in GoT.

    Also, I'll be out a few couple of days. Going to the country.
  15. Dietrich

    [LEGACY] Quick Questions // Quick Answers

    Quick question. How come I see all these themed banners in the wikis (For example, Empire usually has black and yellow. Noldor has sort of teal. Etc) But in-game they are all mixed?
  16. Dietrich

    Character Artwork

    Hah, sorry. It's either I'm out or working on a lore character. Already done with Iskal's though but I'm pretty sure I'll get through all, since we're all the same people that's here I think.

    Also edited Emperor Marius' armor.
  17. Dietrich

    Character Artwork

    Yeah, I reckon he's the more peaceful of the three I'll come up with so he goes with noble robes. Aeldarian will wear some extravagant Silver plate and Leth will wear something rugged or dark.
  18. Dietrich

    Character Artwork

    Updated with Ithilrandir. How's Ithilrandir guys? Had a hard time trying to come up with a concept of him and I think I can do better.
  19. Dietrich

    Character Artwork

    I'll work on the Grandmasters and Noldor, aye. do you guys imagine Kyros Dux to look like? I based him off to look like that because when I checked in-game he was 68 years old or something  :mrgreen:
  20. Dietrich

    Character Artwork

    Just made a Red Brotherhood Guildsman. Were there any notable NPCs from the Red Brotherhood in lore?
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