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  1. Higgs007

    Name 3 features you would like to see implemented in the next - not yet started - update / patch !

    I would like the option to pillage a city or castle and not be forced to own it and occupy it. It makes very little sense that Sturgia should be forced to hold onto a castle in the Aseri south when they have no means or needs to hold that settlement.
  2. Higgs007

    Option Loot Towns and Castles.

    Definitely yes.

    I was thinking of writing a suggestion that this is part of. My suggestion is, after a battle is done, the player can salvage the battlefield, this takes time, like raiding a village, but if the player can take his time he gets better loot, however if the player really needs to get out of there, then he gets very little loot. It always seemed silly to me to snipe enemy Lords, get all the prisioners, get all the loot and get out of there while an enemy army is just time frozen 100 meters away in the campaign map.

    Same for Cities, looting them should take time, quite some time, but it should be very profitable, it should also depend on the amount of fit soldiers the Player has. Of course that the AI needs to be able to deal with this otherwise the Player can exploit it so much its insane. And of course, the whole hauling system needs a rework, the herd and cargo must give much much higher speed penalties so that a Lord escaping with loot can be easily intercepted.
    A few mods in warband did this to an extent but I cant remember what ones. Pretty much they gave you the option to scavenge the battlefield and collect weapons and the dead. A few also had the option for you to burry your dead as well as the enemy dead. Doing either of these granted your party a small moral boost for treating fallen comrades with respect as well as an honor boost for showing respect to fallen adversaries. All the options had pros and cons with them and it was a pretty fun mechanic in my opinion. Kill 4 looters? No need to bother picking through their pockets or even burry them, move on. Kill 200 enemy soldiers and a lord? You had better take the time to scavenge the field and give the lord, his men and your fallen men the respect they deserve with an honorable burial, the nobles of Calradia will respect that for sure.

    Either way, Its something I would like to see brought back in.
  3. Higgs007

    Sally out and Siege Overhaul?

    Just curious when or if the sally out mechanic is fixed or in the works. It was super cool to see in the older Gamescom coverage. Also the street fighting and throne room final stands were a feature that I am looking forward to. Anyone have any new info on any of these mechanics?
  4. Higgs007

    Option Loot Towns and Castles.

    Yes, please.

    Just let me scoop and loot the whole town market.
    I think if we are able to take the whole town inventory that may be a bit game breaking as well as not entirely realistic. For example one cool thing I think another thing to consider or implement is the longer towns and castles are sieged the less supplies they have to give. Think of it this way, sieges take a heavy tole on food rations, after those are gone soon the horses and livestock begin to plummet. As for non edible resources, weapons and armor may go down because they armed the garrison and milita and were perhaps damaged in the defense. Hard wood would have gone to the defenses, silks, cotton and textiles would have gone to nursing wounded. Not to mention if it were a real siege, locals and lords would have time to hide their valuables away from the invaders.

    So I think that time sieging should obviously have something to do with how much loot you receive but perhaps to counter this the players roguery skills can help them acquire more plunder with perks and level. Either way I think this could add much more interesting gameplay.
  5. Higgs007

    📁 Creative Unit Aesthetics - archive

    I think Vlandian cavalry could use more in the area of shoulder armor, and one thing I've noticed in some modern illustrations of knights is a flat object attached to the knight's arm, displaying some heraldry or coat of arms. Here's some examples of what I'm talking about:
    You can see in both images how it's positioned on the knight's right shoulder or upper arm. I like the idea of Vlandian knights also having this and it could display the heraldry of the clan they're fighting for, much like how shields and banners do.
    Would love to see this implemented. I think the custom aspect would be awesome.
  6. Higgs007

    Beta Patch Notes e1.4.3

    Awesome! keep up the good work!
  7. Higgs007

    Option Loot Towns and Castles.

    This would be another of the mechanics that are "missing" and should be part of Bannerlord seen as a natural evolution of the franchise. I sorry for the salty touch but in VC after beating the enemy of a population center we have the options of:

    Conquer: You or your faction will be the new owner of the settlement.

    Plunder: The owner of the settlement wont change. You dont get the settlement. But you will get some money and destroy the prosperity of this place a little bit. You should choose this option if you simply want to plunder this place again and again.

    Devastate:same like plunder but you get more money, more slaves and you will really ruin the prosperity of this settlement. This is something like a "scorched earth policy".


    I believe that this type of mechanic, brought to Bannerlord, would due to wonders where the traits, reputation, influence, settlement statistics, economy, etc... where dancing in harmony.
    I forgot that it was in VC!
  8. Higgs007

    Loot Castles and Towns

    I think the short term payoff of the mass amounts of loot vs the negative relations with traders, merchants and influencers of the town would be pretty cool to play with.
  9. Higgs007

    Loot Castles and Towns

    I think it would be a cool game mechanic if once an army conquers a town or castle they have the option to plunder it the same way we can raid small settlements. I don't like that I am forced to occupy or own a town or castle once I take it as sometimes it may be strategically undefendable being...
  10. Higgs007

    Option Loot Towns and Castles.

    I think it would be a cool game mechanic if once an army conquers a town or castle they have the option to plunder it the same way we can raid small settlements. I don't like that I am forced to occupy or own a town or castle once I take it as sometimes it may be strategically undefendable being...
  11. Higgs007

    Cover Art Helmet?

    Yeah I really hope they add a lot more helmets and armour.

    Crafting armour would be nice.
    I think Vlandia is in need of a unit overhaul. Its like they are stuck in between looking Norman and Carolingian. Over time I hope it gets smoothed out with more gambesons and nasal helms.
  12. Higgs007

    Which new factions would you like to see added/modded into the game ?

    I would like to see a legitimate Nordic faction as well. I hate, hate, hate that the Sturgian special troop is mounted considering people during the Viking age would use horses to ride to battles and then dismount to fight. I would love, love, love for there to be a troop tree with Houscarls instead of mounted skirmishers. Maybe not an entire new faction but one of the minor groups. I believe there already is a Nordic inspired minor faction. Maybe even add another one to one of the Empire factions similar to the Varangian guard.

    It would also be pretty badass to get a North African or Indian inspired faction with War Elephants.

    I'd imagine a Japanese inspired faction with Samurai would be fairly popular as well.

    Maybe even create some Aztec or Iroquois factions.
    I think that they should split the Sturgian into two separate factions such as the Nords and Vaegirs. Nords get the turf they are on now and the Vaegirs get more northeastern territory . Right now Sturgia just kinda feels like an awkward mish-mash of culture.
  13. Higgs007

    Which new factions would you like to see added/modded into the game ?

    I think a North African Moorish like faction would be cool. It would add a bit more variety to the game in terms of culture, armor and weapons.
  14. Higgs007

    Cover Art Helmet?

    Just hoping that they add the Italian-Norman helmet to the game that is featured on the cover art. I think its pretty cool. Also wouldn't mind to see a few more heater shields but hey, I understand polish and bug fixes come first before additional items. And yeah yeah I know, "Modders will Add...
  15. Higgs007

    We need more shields with bosses

    I recently started a sturgian playthrough, and started using their round shields with a different grip, and they do feel very good to use, they seem to be faster than the rest. I think we should have more shield with this type of grip, and some of existing shields must be redone to have this grip IMO, like oval shields and new battanian hexaghonal shileds added in 1.4.1
    I want a few more curved heater shields but I think that may be a bit to late for the time period.
  16. Higgs007

    We need more shields with bosses

    0:50 = shield with bosses?
    Makes me want to put my grasses on...
  17. Higgs007

    Do people like Smithing as a concept

    I would rather pay a blacksmith in game to make my custom built weapon.
  18. Higgs007

    Statement regarding Plans for Singleplayer and Engine

    Keep up the awesome work!
  19. Higgs007

    Patch Notes e1.2.0 & Beta e1.3.0

    We are no longer able to "Ctrl V" in our own custom banners. Not sure if this was intentional or not but it really is a bummer that I cant fly my own custom banner in a game called Bannerlord. :sad:
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