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  1. >> 0.99 M ...the O L D -P U B L I C- Version of 1860s <<

    So I decided to fire up the old Warband after quite some time of not playing it. First thing that came up was 1860's v.81 i think or .8(something). So i decided to come here and see if there was a new version... .99? Wow! You guys are machines.
    I will attempt to be, as you say, patiente while this gets up on Moddb.
  2. Mount and Blade Kinect

    Not sure if anyone has posted this or not but I thought it was pretty cool what this guy managed to do.
  3. Oh now this is boring...

    tarakan said:
    Erminas7 said:
    Heh. Piracy can have it's hooks on everyone. Don't do Piracy kids! Piracy is bad

    Pirating indie companies is bad. Pirating companies like EA is 1. a challenge (for the crackers), 2. a chance to protest the corporative gaming industry and 3. a way to try the damn thing out before putting money in it.
    I Agree. And sometimes I have to resort to downloading a torrent for a game that simply is no longer on shelves and not available from online stores because they are too old or did not receive good praise from the majority of the gaming community and did not sell well. (seriously WTH is so wrong with MOO3?)
  4. VRAM usage, performance questions.

    xenoargh said:
    Now if the game is not going to use the other GPU on the board then that should make texture memory at least 1024 with 990 available. Should it?
    That is different.  Both of those boards are 512s, or 1024s?  And I didn't know you couldn't run the game with Crossfire... that's a bummer.
    Its not exactly two cards in crossfire.  Its one card with two GPU's on it. Both are 1024's I assume since the log only shows 700 or so for memory that it is only using 1 GPU.

    If this game uses linked GPU's I would be very surprised.
  5. NEW version 3.2 OPEN BETA available

    Oh thank god its almost here.  I am running out of pr0n sites to occupy my time with  :lol:


    Or am I....  :wink:
  6. VRAM usage, performance questions.

    On the subject of VRAM.  I just recently had a graphics crash in a mod.  RGL ERROR too many vertices or some such.  So I go look at the rgl_log and noticed this:

    Starting new log file.
    Version:  1.134

    -- OS: Microsoft Windows Vista  Service Pack 2 (build 6002), 64-bit
    -- RAM: Available physical RAM: 4054MB/4096MB
    -- CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU        920  @ 2.67GHz (GenuineIntel)
    - L2 cache size: 256K
    - Number of CPUs: 8 ( Speed: ~2672MHz / ~2672MHz / ~2672MHz / ~2672MHz / ~2672MHz / ~2672MHz / ~2672MHz / ~2672MHz )

    -- GPU:
    - D3D9 Adapter: 0 / Driver: aticfx32.dll / Description: ATI Radeon HD 4870 X2
    - Texture Memory: 744 ( Available Texture Memory: 723 )

    Now if the game is not going to use the other GPU on the board then that should make texture memory at least 1024 with 990 available. Should it?
  7. NEW version 3.2 OPEN BETA available

    There were no Sepoy Regiments in America during this time.

    Only Indians were Native Americans, whom are not really Indians.
  8. Get it sorted TaleWorlds

    Adijazz1706 said:
    Gerin said:
    The only reason I'm patient with these guys is because they're a small unit.  If it were EA or one of the other myriads of corporate software houses, I'd be ruthless.  But yeah, there's more they could have done prior to release.
    Ruthless? Just what could you do about it?

    He must get  "ruthless" a lot because some of the crap EA churns out is worse then this.
  9. BECOME A SUPPORTER!! (1755/1776/1860s Supporter Pics)

    :shock: I don't mean to age you but Cuireach, you are older then my Dad.

    Not that it is a bad thing, I love seeing the older folks playing games and they are always super nice and don't smack talk when I beat them or get beat by them.
  10. NEW version 3.2 OPEN BETA available

    Well darn. I was looking forward to playing this tonight.
  11. NEW version 3.2 OPEN BETA available

    I don't think I have ever been this excited for a mod before. This is like Diablo 2 or Starcraft 2 level excitement I am having.
  12. NEW version 3.2 OPEN BETA available


    Oh but it does scare you.
  13. Shader crash

    shadowarcher said:
    Dammit i got Ninja'd out of doing my job,well judging by the information you provided i'd say it is a graphics issue which can be solved by either updating your graphics drivers or toning down your settings in game. 1755 has a nasty habit of sapping a lot of RAM which can diminish performance greatly so try the program Alan suggested, it helps by stopping useless programs running in the background so all the RAM can focus on the game only.

    Well i have some good news for you.  It happened again.  Again when entering a city just before the menu popped up.  Shader Error: Out of Memory.

    I have 6gb of ram.
    4870x2 with 2gb of ram

    Memory? I don't think so.  Actually I had the same issue with Floris mod that I tried and it would give me the exact same error before even loading the menu screen.  What actually fixed it was that one of the Mod devs (i think) found it to be the sounds.txt file that was causing it... yeah doesn't make any sense to me either.  Anyway downloaded the fixed sounds.txt file for that mod and it has run smoothly ever since.

    So even though it has come up with an error that makes it seem like it should be a video  problem... it might not be? And why would it make this sort of error when going into a city? As far as i know city menus are not very graphics intensive.

    I will wait for the next 1755 version to come out and if it is still doing it then I will try setting it to DirectX7 if I can bear the ugliness long enough to see if my problem really is a video problem.

    I will not roll back my video drivers.  As much as i would love to play this mod for a good long time I will play something else before I do that as other games I have benefit from the current version i have.
  14. Shader crash

    crumbs said:
    SunofVich said:
    I don't know if it was one or the other or both but installing the game from Taleworlds and removing it off of steam and lowering textures to 90% I have been able to play this mod for 3 and half hours and no problems.

    Thanks for posting back with what worked for you.  Lots of people say steam interferes and your experiences further prove that.
    No problem if it will help save someone else from frustration.
  15. What about D'Shar?

    I guess I am just impartial to Persian/Arabian type culture.  Although if everything but their swordsmen suck then that is a shame.  I like archers.
  16. What about D'Shar?

    I see tons of posts, Ravenstern this, Empire that.  What about the other factions? Specifically D'Shar I have seen mention of the others a few times. Since I started, plan to restart, in D'Shar is there something glaringly wrong with them that I am missing?
  17. Vicky in History

    Nierra said:
    Well, they always could use some of these...
    OMG... I want an entire regiment of those.
  18. Steam patch

    I just downloaded and installed both Warband and WFaS from Taleworlds and used the Steam CD-key to activate them and deleted my Steam versions.

    Total cost - Free
  19. how do i ask for feasage?

    I do not believe that word exists in the English language.
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