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  1. Skill books

    Any plans for skill books or education system beyond what’s in the game currently?
  2. Mercenaries stop recruiting units

    As above. I'm far into my game now and have a kingdom and almost all mercenary factions are around 150 clan strength (except wolfskins for whatever reason). They all have plenty of parties but most have 10-20 units in them just roaming the map. I'm guessing they all ran out of money. I've tried...
  3. Mercenary clan hiring system needs rework!

    1000% needs a qol improvement.
  4. There's still a lot of unnecessary misery in the game...

    • Speaking of searching for missing companions, why do I have to go everywhere personally? Why can't I just send a messenger? Sure, as a peon I don't have a staff, but for Pete's sake, I'm the Kahn of the Khuzait! Rulers don't wander the country looking for their vassals, they summon them.
    This bothers me so much. I make a kingdom and am barely keeping it alive (having to cheese with savescuming and smithing) because I can't get lords to join my kingdom. I have to hunt down every individual clan leader just to get anything done.

    The worst thing though is mercenaries. I don't have the security net to wander off across Calradia to try and find a mercenary leader just for them to join and leave 10 minutes later. The best part about mercenaries too is that I can't improve relations with them. So if say the northern empire has every mercenary hired and you leave the northern empire while they are all there they'll all hate you and the only way to change it as far as I know is too capture and release them.

    I think messenger system would be great for the game for noobles, but for mercenaries there should be at least a few mercenary captains in taverns that you can hire, could even make it region specific like legion of the betrayed only in taverns with empire culture etc. There should also be a soft time limit they have to stay in your faction unless the other faction pays ungodly amounts of denars for their services.
  5. Forging Armor

    I feel like the smithing system needs some changes to say the least. After that is "fixed" and other more pressing improvements are impleemented I think armor forging should be implemented either as a mod, DLC, or addition to the game while still in EA. What do you guys think?
  6. Returning player, questions about Plans for Fief management changes

    I hope they add more. I kind of like making my fief the most prosperous but there aren’t many ways to actively do that
  7. Returning player, questions about Plans for Fief management changes

    Are there any? Right now I get to the point of fief management at late game and at that point have nothing to do so I wait in my city for projects to be done. I’m hoping they add some intrigue quests/events that make it more engaging but not to the point of adding a boring grind. Also kudos to...
  8. Happy Birthday mexxico!

    Happy birthday Mexxico! Hope this isn’t a troll post lol
  9. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.6

    I'm more curious how they managed to re-introduce memory leak once again after eliminating it (or at least reduced it to the point of it being a non-issue)
    in 1.5.5.

    But oh well. I for one find 1.5.6 enough of an improvement to warrant restarting the game every 2 hours. And most mods also jumped on 1.5.6 wagon so I'm good to go.
    It’s an interesting issue because the old memory leak was related to number of consecutive saves (at least the one I had iirc) and new memory leak seems similar. Could be totally off base though
  10. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.6

    If we are talking about the -3 (why -4?) that we can see on the screenshot it is not a bug.
    The -X level only happens when your units had enough experience for a promotion, but died in a battle.
    Let's say I have 10 recruits, I can upgrade them all into a tier 2 but I don't do it, and I lose 3 in a battle against looter, it will display -3 levels for my recruits.

    It only happens when you have a full stack of units ready for promotion, because if you don't, the game will kill units that did not have enough experience for a promotion, therefore you will never lose a level.
    Good eye!

    This -x experienced units bug happens very rarely since EA start. I looked its reason long time ago and could not find. About battle result it seems 28 looter killed your 24 mixed tier men. It can happen 1% (i guess) in simulations 0% in mission.

    Thanks for the reply! I'd never seen it happen before so I assumed it was new. Doesn't really matter though because the units are dead I suppose. Either way you're the best Mexxico!
  11. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.6

    I don't remember this happening in 1.5.5. Something's definitely broken here.
    Damn looters and their 150 skillpoints in leadership, I guess?
    Wow not only did you lose at terrible odds. 4 of your troops DECREASED in level. Wtf is happening
  12. Will there be a new year update 1.5.7 surprise?

    I live in Turkey so I have no idea when it comes but that would be awesome :grin:
    Fair. Well we can only hope lol
  13. Will there be a new year update 1.5.7 surprise?

    Maybe they worked so hard for us and they are planning to give a present who knows?
    Don’t those come on Christmas?
  14. Will there be a new year update 1.5.7 surprise?

    ^what he said. Though mexxxico did say it would possibly be less than a month. I wouldn’t hold my breath.

    TL;DR - Soon
  15. Suggestion: Mission Trees

    I feel like after adding rebellions in place two things should be added. 1) the ability for the player to adjust likelihood of rebellions popping. 2) Mission trees so that if a rebellion forms it could follow a mission tree that is culturally based to form a kingdom/reform a defeated kingdom...
  16. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.6

    New glitch/exploit I just found. You can form a caravan with a companion. And then afterwards assign them as governor, but the caravan will still move around the map until disbanded. Not sure if it’s trading or not
  17. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.6

    Today i tried to play 1.5.6 ....after trying start new campaing game crashes on deskop without any error massage so i tried old save and game crash as soon as i start battle.
    There is an active thread on the issue. Starting a custom battle then retreating fixes it for most. It’s a band aid but at least it’s only a one time thing because after that you can load the save fine
  18. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.6

    Anyone know what death rates are like in current beta? Seems like previously they were a bit much. Also i think it would be nice to have certain traits affect battlefield tactics and/or battle sims. Like valor gives increase chance to do more sim damage but more chance to die in battle or something. Would add another layer
  19. Beta Patch Notes e1.5.6

    Just turned this update on, what happened to sorting by price, the items are all over the place?
    Yeah they are. I am actually starting to agree with you and most blunted some about this game. Should I be concerned for my well being?
  20. In Progress [beta 1.5.6] Game crashed when trying to start a new campaign

    Rip this doesn't work for me? You just start a custom battle tap tab and retreat?
    Yeah. I did that after validating files on steam which was a 30gb download heads up. That fixes it.
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