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  1. Ramazon

    Need More Info Beta [1.8.0] Feedback and bug reports


    i tried to reproduce the issue with your save file but the army kept pushing after the tower and ram got destroyed. They assulted the walls via ladders and eventually won the siege. I will ask the design team about the fief elections. Thank you for your time.

    Now that I think about it a little more, I have an idea what could have happened in that particular siege. Is it possible that besides catapults destroying both the tower and the ram, they scored some lucky shots killing a lot of troops + archers adding even more kills, and completely broke their morale? And when new replacement waves arrived they didn't have enough troops/morale to continue attack. In which case the AI triggered guard mode and decided to hug their camp. Problem was that even though we were apparently winning I couldn't "Retreat" because I would lose, so I had to ride out to finish the job.
  2. Ramazon

    Need More Info Beta [1.8.0] Feedback and bug reports

    Hey, thanks for checking everything. Curious about that siege battle, if I ever see something like this happen again I will create a separate ticket and try to take more screenshots.

    As for fiefs, I can confirm that when I continued my playthrough, I received Onira on top of all the Khuzait settlements I had. However after another settlement was taken (Melion Castle I believe) it went to another clan so it looks like this explanation is plausible. Looks like all this time spent winning tournaments and doing quests for villages and lords paid off.
  3. Ramazon

    Need More Info Beta [1.8.0] Feedback and bug reports

    Thank you, I just did that and logged bugs.

    No worries about inconvenience. I just became the biggest landowner in Calradia in a span of few in-game months. It just didn't feel like I earned it :wink:
  4. Ramazon

    Need More Info Beta [1.8.0] Feedback and bug reports

    Summary: Hello, After some time playing in beta branch 1.8.0 I wanted to share my observations and possible bug reports. My save was started in 1.6.0 apparently, when trying to launch beta I was reminded of that. Had to rollback my game version to 1.7.0 and make new saves before launching...
  5. Ramazon

    [Discussion Area]Castle projects

    I was just going to post a thread in the suggestions forums about this. I am currently role playing a Templar faction and I don't want to join any kingdom, but to create my own instead. The problem with that approach is that I am too weak, and even if I manage to take a castle, I will have wrath of the whole kingdom upon me.

    My suggestion was to add one built site for every faction in the game, which can be used by players to build their own first castle and start a faction without pissing anyone off. It would make for a fun long term goal - gathering lots and lots of hardwood, clay, iron. But at least it would be something with visible progress and clear end. Much better than the current mid-game limbo of hunting bandits. It would also be a great goal for players that role play traders, statesmen and nobles, whose characters are not built for conquest in the first place.

    Finished castle would be pre-designed by the developers, so no need to spend too much time into making movable parts that we can customize. It would be great of course, but it can wait for when there is more time for that.
  6. Ramazon

    SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    Seipherwood said:
    What game version do you need to play this? 1.153 or 1.168? I see both mentioned on ModDB.
    So is it unplayable with 1.173 or should i not bother with it?

    I'm running latest version of WC on 1.168 client. The game crashed on 1.173.
  7. Ramazon

    SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    Vector-6 said:
    Hey, just started playing the mod again. What happened to Nippon, Vampires, Kieslev, and the Wood Elves? I loved playing with these factions and it looks like they're just gone.

    You must be playing old version of the game. Make sure you download this one:

    And patch:
  8. Ramazon

    SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    It seems that Queek have not found himself in the role of a Vampire Count  :lol:

  9. Ramazon

    SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    Nameless Warrior said:
    I have turned off the icon changing trigger when the space button is pressed and early reports are that the map lag has been reduced when fast travelling. I will look into further adjustments later.

    Hope phantasy is going well gsanders :smile:

    Thank you very much for update guys! Good to know all is well.

    I was quite surprised to hear about the Pirates being disbanded, but honestly I agree with this decision. The Pirate faction felt the least immersive of them all in this setting. In fact I have been roleplaying a Tilean mercenary of late (with Pirate human background chosen) and found myself recruiting only Leopard Company, Alcatani Fellowship, Braganzas Besiegers, Volands Venators and the Empire troops as core, not the Pirates. I think it will be even better if pirates are also mercenaries.

    Also if it means more power to Skaven, then that is great. In my Tomb King playthrough the Skaven and Beastmen are long forgotten, in fact now the High Elves are invading these lands, ruled by Bretonnians. In the meantime Kislev just recently has taken Mount Vanir from chaos, so our previous reports and your notes in this update are valid.

    Not sure if you have seen my post where I commented about removal of marriage, so I will mention it again as it bugs me. Is there chance to remove all the Ashiks and Bards and replace them with Travelers? This mod is very punishing when it comes to loosing battles (and that happens a lot) when our companions are scattered around the world taverns. It is always a choice between focusing on search for them, or going on for days and days with the hope that we well eventually stumble upon them. How about a single NPC (sort of Oracle) somewhere in the world who could tell us where our companions are.

    Also, just a thought. Have you guys ever considered adding the working areas like in the Viking Conquest - Farm,Lumber Yard, Salt Mine, Stone Mine? I was thinking these could be switched a bit to fit the Warhammer world so we could have a Farm in Empire, Lumber Yard in Kislev, a Gold Mine in the Dwarf Kingdom (I know one town occupied by goblins in Warhammer Total War 1, and I think by orcs in Warsword, had a legendary gold mine building option, I could look that up) and a Warpstone Mine in Skaven areas. Would be a great change of pace (I actually liked to go work in these places from time to time in Viking Conquest) and a small boost for money, especially at the start, or when being broke.
  10. Ramazon

    SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    Arsakes said:
    If one may ask what's the focus of development  right now?
    Is it scenes, modelling, scripting, items, effects?

    You can read about that in last two entries on ModDB "Chaos Rises" from Jan 26th 2018 and "It's a kind of magic" from Nov 3rd 2017:

  11. Ramazon

    SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    Wendek said:
    Hey guys, got a question

    I am by no means a lore expert, but I may have a nice suggestion. In Warhammer Total War the chaos warriors sometimes shout in name of various gods.

    Slaanesh perverse glory!
    Nurgle's pestilent glory!

    I don't recall any for Tzeentch. These are probably just made up for the TW:W, but still they are great. Besides, Games Workshop worked alongside CA on the game, so it can be considered as "canon". 

    Are you recording Chaos shouts for the new update? :smile:
  12. Ramazon

    SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    Foremole said:
    How do I install the newest update or is it not updated yet?

    It is not out yet. In fact we don't even know any estimated date of release.
  13. Ramazon

    SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    Ener said:
    I'll miss the kingdom ladies, I sorta liked having my wife riding along with me into battle even if I couldn't level or equip her with decents stuff.

    That was my first impression, but after a second thought I realized I never actually pursued a wife in any of my playthroughs.

    I wonder could that mean we will also get rid of Wandering Ashiks and save room for more important NPCs in taverns. I would love return of Travelers to locate my lost companions (the world is huge, so it really is a problem). I play with Saves allowed (after I had a corrupt save in one mod and lost a lot of progress), but I restrict myself from reloading the game even if I loose, so I get that problem all the time.
  14. Ramazon

    SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    Tyrgalon said:
    Any rough ideas about when the next realease might be?

    Wondering wether its worth starting any new games considering how much awesome new stuff is coming.

    If you missed it, there has been an  update on January 26th on ModDB:

    No release date yet at the time in that entry.
  15. Ramazon

    SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    Hey team,

    Would it be possible to add the female hair (blonde) from these packs:
    to elves in the next update, or make an elf companion with it? I reckon it would look amazing with White Lion armor, and also you could use it to make Everqueen as Lord later (I wonder how it would look on a chaos guy haha. After all Sigvald was sporting similar golden locks).

    It does seem like credits for it are Adeline, Waswar and Invasion 2 Team, but there is no note about re-using it. However it is used in these two packs after all, and according to both uploaders comments' these resources were a bit abandoned so I believe that adding the authors to credits should be ok.

    Managed to make it work on my own. Tried working with modules and skins files, but had lots of errors or duplicate meshes in game. Finally, by trial & error, I narrowed it down to simply using OpenBRF to replace the Gekokujo hairstyles with the ones from Virake's mod. It happens that 4 or 5 hairstyles are bugged anyway (black spots showing where hair meshes are not scaled/adjusted with head), so there is no loss.

    I have used this mod as source:
    Virake's Male and Female Face Replacer Compilation

    Here's result:
  16. Ramazon

    SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    Chaplain said:
    Oi, lads? Does anybody know where's grenades? It's mentioned in developer's list and in files but where 'em?

    What do you mean by grenades exactly? I don't recall them from notes. Literal grenades do not exist. However there are 3 types of throwables in game, accessible and buyable from cheat menu item browser:
    Liche Spell : 4 uses AoE throwable - used by Tomb King Liche Priest units
    Poison Ball thingie: 3 use AoE throwable - used by Skaven (probably globadiers if there are such)
    Naphta bomb: 2 use AoE throwable -  I think they are used by someone from Arabia, just saw big fireballs in fight with them, either master thieves or sand wraiths

    @Nameless, Polloio

    I have now played three different long games (200-300 days) I observed these balancing issues between factions:

    - Skaven were eliminated completely in 2 out of 3 games, in the third they were in bad position as well. They can't take Bretonia and Wood Elves at once.
    Update to above point: Bretonia is holding nearly whole Beastmen land, and most of Skaven lands. Today the High Elves declared war on them, and soon after Wood Elves did the same. That is very interesting and I love it. Proof that your scripts are working nicely. I was afraid that "good" factions will remain at peace and completely wipe out the "evil" ones.

    - Beastmen were eliminated in 1 game soon after Skaven, around 100 days, so that is very quick. Maybe the new tier units will help them.
    - Chaos is getting badly beaten by Kislev in each game, they take Askreved and nearly always everything down to Mount Vanir
    - High Elves vs Dark Elves are at a constant draw (I reported that earlier). They keep fighting for either Arnheim Fortress or Black Fortress.
    - Other factions are also at a draw, they loose one fort, they take one fort, rince&repeat.

    I think that infinite draw is actually desirable outcome from immersion point of view, at least from my experience. The only boring part is that its always the same forts being fought over, but you could say that this is where the player should come in. There is a certain charm to the fact that factions hold the lands we expect them to, I am not a big fan of Bretonian Skavenblight etc.
    I think that only Skaven really need some help, or maybe a buff. Maybe Chaos and Beastmen as well, but there is a chance they will get stronger with the new units you plan to give them.
  17. Ramazon

    Bugs in Phantasy 2018

    Hello, just started playing this verion so I will just keep going and report thing I find. Looks good so far, love the small nuances :smile:

    Should I just update this post, or create new ones? I am doing the "search" for terms on 1st page, but I am not going to browse all 32 pages each time to report something.

    1. Training Field - after talking with trainer to go through the 3x3 fight scenarios, player is facing against copy of himself, that is not moving or reacting. After defeating that copy we are returned to trainer master who behaves as if we just lost (which is technically true, the defeated actor has the same ID as player).

    GS Edit:  "Eventually I had to disable training fields.  The one other place training fields mattered was with Diplomacy Constable training, so I adjusted the constable training to act as if a valid training field was found within range every time one was searched for, despite my having disabled them.  This gives no errors for the user and buffs constable training. If the player themselves really needs help with Warband skills they could train in native mod until their eye hand coordination is built, but it is not a critical layer of Phantasy 2018 and is now removed."
  18. Ramazon

    SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    Wendek said:
    Maybe there's some ultra-strong bow among the special items sold by the wizards, can't remember right now as I haven't played the mod in a while. I know some of those weapons are pretty damn great, like a 1h sword that deals something like 45 piercing damage with its swing... if there's a bow among those it could let you deal stupid amounts of damage once you have enough power draw and proficiency.

    There is at least one artifact bow indeed (the Nippon themed one). I dont recall it's specific stats, but it is artifact so it is strong. There are also special arrows so all that complements nicely. My high elf Sea Guard roleplay was one of my least played characters, but it was not overwhelming. I was focusing on enemy archers anyway, and that is probably what you should be doing. For anti-plate the guns are where it is at. My second most player char was a Witch Hunter and damn that stuff is hot. There are multibarreled pistols in game (I think the dwarven artifact one is six-shot) that allow you to shot 2-3 times before you need to reload. And I went further and equipped two guns so I can swap quickly without reloading, and also to get that nice Viktor Saltzpyre feeling from Vermintide :smile:
  19. Ramazon

    SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    Nameless Warrior said:
    I am currently working out a new feature which if/when I get working I will post another update. Hopefully won't be too long.

    Okay thanks that is something to cling onto  :grin: I see I am not the only one waiting.
  20. Ramazon

    SP Fantasy Warsword Conquest - New Opening Post

    Hey Nameless and Polloio,

    I don't want to be annoying, but I have to be.

    In the Magic new update on ModDB you wrote that you should have an update about the progress around Christmas time. Are there any news? I want to play Warsword so badly again, but I am holding myself until the update is out.
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