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  1. Game being extremely easy

    I'm curious if you play iron man and if you don't use alt f4 if you lose (I know some people take this option and they cheat anyway) on the hardest level with the possibility of your and people's death not being so easy. Unless you join a faction and betray them, then it's easy. I beat the game on the hardest and when I lost the battle I kept playing. Who of you has played like this with your hand on your heart? I doubt everyone :wink:
    Playing my fourth save today because of my mistakes in the previous ones. Believe it or not, maybe call me a masochist, nothing is fun when achieved easily )
  2. AI is terrible

    Now i've been trying to keep my mouth shut to not offend anyone but its always the same, AI is terrible, as if it's from ninety cent steam game. I just witnessed sturgian spearman losing against sturgian hunter in a spear duel without landing a single hit while receiving nine to ten hits, this...
  3. Game being extremely easy

    Are you playing on the hardest difficulty without savescumming?
    Now this is just insulting m8, i am a warband vet ofc i never played anything rather than the bannerlord preset with ironman option enabled. In fact, i literally have my own game rule which is if lost to someone and become prisoner, i delete the save. Now i will give one simple example to back up my claim; in this game everything is predictable, especially when you are sieging or attacking a party, you know at least tens of parties will be after you, but you can avoid getting caught simply by not taking huge risks...
  4. Game being extremely easy

    Game is already too easy from the beginning and after reaching a certain strength you become unbeatable, making the gameplay boring because of the repetitive winning cycle. I think this should be given attention because it literally kills the reason to play campaign since there is literally no...
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