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    Resolved Stuck in send out troops or attack menu after sallying out.

    This should be fixed with the latest hotfix update
  2. AcG

    Need More Info Owning an alley problems and perk issue

    You can always reset your perks by talking to the arena master if you have selected perks you would like to change.
  3. AcG

    Need More Info Owning an alley problems and perk issue

    2 problems I ran into dealing with alleys

    #1. If you receive a message saying to come help , and you go there, but the town is under siege by another faction, you can’t get in if neutral. The siege took longer than 8 days, so ultimately forced to forfeit the alley with some amazing high tier troops … which brings me to my next issue..

    #2. The troops you donate or leave to protect the alley… don’t do anything without you there, which in logic defeats the purpose of having troops there to “ protect “ the alley when under threat. But if I can’t get in, and my troops (high tier) can’t resolve it themselves.. you loose an alley and those troops with no battle.. and giving the resources it provides while finding a suitable alley leader, is not worth being a proud owner of an alley

    My relationship status has decreased by 1 from 99 to TaleWorlds due to this.

    Perks: some of these are useless… I thought maybe passive, but nope, just a waste of dead space. Specifically anything referring to governor of a town for your main hero … not even sure why that’s a thing for my main character, unless it’s passive or I could switch in between my heroes… but neither is the case .

    Am I missing something?
    You can utilize governor perks with your clan members. They can provide valuable effects on settlements you own, supporting your style of gameplay, keeping the towns safer from rebellions, improving town defences and economy etc.
  4. AcG

    Inconsistent polearm skill

    This is actually a description mistake, the implementation is as you would expect. Pikeman perk gives a +2% damage bonus to infantry troops. This issue will be fixed alongside some other perk bug fixes and improvements with an upcoming update.
  5. AcG

    In Progress Charm level 150 Effort of the people

    Your relation gain is dependent on many other factors such as your charm skill level, perks, your current relations with the other character etc. So it is expected for this value to be affected by these factors.
  6. AcG

    Resolved Pathfinder Perk Not Increasing Relations

    Hi, thanks for reporting this issue, I was able to reproduce and fix the problem. It should be fixed with the next major update.
  7. AcG

    Resolved Shepherd perk has opposite effect

    This is an issue we've fixed internally and will be sent with a future update. For now you can reset your perks through the arena master to avoid the extra speed penalty.
  8. AcG

    Resolved Stuck in send out troops or attack menu after sallying out.

    We're working on a fix for this issue which should be included in an upcoming update.
  9. AcG

    MobileParty.Army.DisperseArmy not found [1.1.0]

    DisperseArmy functionality has been moved to DisbandArmyAction.Apply methods.
    for example:
  10. AcG

    In Progress Perk "Bow Controller" not working.

    The perk effects for this perk are applied however it's not being shown on the order of battle screen due to a minor bug. We're resolving similar perk related issues.
  11. AcG

    Beta Patch Notes v1.1.0

    Noticed that in C# the method SetMoveEngageParty has been removed. What should I use instead ?
    It's been moved to MobilePartyAi as part of a refactor.
  12. AcG

    Beta Patch Notes v1.1.0

    Some issues with beta:

    I'm getting both perks @ 100 skill in trade for some reason.

    Also, when taking prisoners, it no longer auto-selects the highest value troops to fill prisoner capacity.

    I like the shoulder changes so far, and banner knights look better with the new cloak.
    Could you elaborate on your issue with getting both perks? Is this from an old save or a new game?
  13. AcG

    Beta Patch Notes v1.1.0

    By the by, has anyone tried the retirement mechanic yet? What happens to your PC, if you decide to choose an heir? Is he/she becomes an companion-like NPC, who could be assigned to govern some city, or just vanishes from the game world for good?
    When you retire your current character, they are effectively removed from the game world, probably enjoying the views around Calradia.
  14. AcG

    Thrown out of Castle During Siege?

    This is a known bug caused when peace declarations happen and should be fixed with future patches.
  15. AcG

    Why were t7+ troop levels removed?

    DefaultPartyTroopUpgradeModel can be overridden by modders to change the maximum troop tier. Since the base game doesn't have any troops above tier 6 it's capped at 6 in the default model.
  16. AcG

    Beta Patch Notes e1.9.0

    Thanks. That explains a lot actually. By the way, do you know if and does this have something to do with BodyProperties object "weight" and "build" fields not actually having any effect on anything in the code? Because when I was checking these objects in C# code, for every hero in the game it was just 0.5f and I couldn't seem to figure out what determined someone's height or weight.
    There was an issue with BodyProperties being incorrectly used causing the "0.5f" issue. The heroes should have a wider range of body properties now.
  17. AcG

    In Progress 1.80 Armies and Parties hoarding grain

    We'll be sending a fix for this issue with the next hotfix
  18. AcG

    Supremacy 1914 | Web tabanlı strateji oyunu

    Geçen girip baktım. En son 2014'de oynamışım. Ara ara gelen promosyonlardan 190.000 gold birikmiş. Gözümden bir damla yaş geldi RP günlerimizde üç beş gold peşinde koştuğumuz zamanları düşününce.
  19. AcG

    Modding Conversations - research

    Very interesting. Thanks for the research and detailed explanation!

    Curious that the English version of the text wasn’t simply used as the unique key for the other localizations.

    Using two versions of the English text is taking on unnecessary risk too. That’s a recipe for mismatch.

    How do you generate the keys (i.e. {hUrFfhji} ) for your mod text? Are there tools within code to prevent or identify collisions?

    {=*} will dynamically create a unique ID so you don't have to come up with your own ID
  20. AcG

    Oyun Dünyası Genel Sohbet

    Propaganda said:
    Bu warface deki meka nedir yahu?Hayatımda ilk defa bir şeyi bozuka ile taradım ve ölmedi.En az 100 defa sıktık,mermi falan hiç bir şey kalmayınca bıçakla oyana bu yana koşturdum,27 dakikada öldürdük ya komedi :razz:

    Belirli zamanlarda açılan zayıf noktaları var oralara vurmanız gerek
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