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  1. fladin

    Free Games - Recomendations and updates galore

    Metro Last Light Redux

  2. fladin

    SP Fantasy Tohlobaria (v0.8 is out!)

    Sorry for my absence, just wanted to get away from MB's universe (again) and try other games. I"ll try to pick up where I left off this weekend.

    Thank you for asking
  3. fladin

    Est-ce que Bannerlord est ou peu devenir ce que l'on attendait?

    Bannerlord est supérieur à Warband dans tout les aspects et pas seulement coté graphisme (je parle pas du multijoueurs).

    Par contre, pour l'instant c'est juste un "moteur" de jeux brute, mais sans un contenu intéressant et très mal équilibré; à par les batailles, le jeu est "vide".

    Comme Warband, la force du jeu se trouve dans sa communauté et les mods extraordinaires qui vont sortir dans les années à venir.

    La question ce n'est pas est-ce que tu devrais prendre Bannerlord, mais quand!
  4. fladin

    SP Fantasy Tohlobaria (v0.8 is out!)

    Very nice, welcome to the club :grin:
  5. fladin

    SP Fantasy Tohlobaria (v0.8 is out!)

    Thank you and good luck (y)
  6. fladin

    SP Fantasy Tohlobaria (v0.8 is out!)

    Bald troops syndrome, or invisible items, is usually caused by mismatch in meches naming.
    You may need to check if the "mesh name" of your item, in morgh's editor, matches the name of the mech in the brf ...
  7. fladin

    SP Fantasy Tohlobaria (v0.8 is out!)

    Aaah, that's easy (I think) : Add the itp_attach_armature flag to the helmet, or maybe "force attach armature" or something like that in Morgh's editor.
  8. fladin

    SP Fantasy Tohlobaria (v0.8 is out!)

    Hello Caliban, I resume the development of Tohlobaria this Saturday, if the Module System of the target mod is open source I can help you (if possible) to add the items of your choice in the said mod. I promise nothing but I will do my best to help ...
  9. fladin

    BL VF EA Bannerlord [Terminée]

    Bon courage à vos tous (y)
  10. fladin

    SP Dark Ages The Sword And The Axe

    Very nice :grin:
  11. fladin

    SP Fantasy Tohlobaria (v0.8 is out!)

    All I did was mess up Al Mansur's (?) work a little bit, but it's for a good cause :xf-grin:

    Edit : Weekend videos, part 5 et 6

    Edit 2 : and finally the siege scene

    Edit 3 : this list is starting to get long and boring :roll:
  12. fladin

    SP Fantasy Tohlobaria (v0.8 is out!)

    Sorry for this digression, but this case got stuck through my throat for a long time and it should come out :???:...

    Now "Let’s go back to our sheep ??" , the boring Ai mesh :
  13. fladin

    SP Fantasy Tohlobaria (v0.8 is out!)

    Very interesting, I haven't read any of Martin's books, I thought he took inspiration mainly from the War of the Roses, I only saw the tv show, the similarities that struck me while watching that serie:

    Two feudal rival houses : starks vs lannisters => atreides vs harkonnen
    A charismatic leader and father led to a trap and betrayed early in the story : Ned Stark => Leto Atreides
    Some secret societies here and there : Priestess of the Lord of Light => Bene Gesserit and Faceless Men => Bene Tleilax (it's this point, with that "Face Dancer" thing, which confirmed to me the relation between the two universes).
    And of course Bran Stark is literally Paul Muad'dib !
    I'm sure there's more complete topics about those similitudes, but these are my own conclusions based on the tv serie and not the books.
  14. fladin

    SP Fantasy Tohlobaria (v0.8 is out!)

    I read the whole serie, me too I confess that I barely understood the outline (I'm not even talking about the philosophical, ecological and other more "adult" themes), I was too young for that, not enough background to understand. But I was greatly impressed it was so good nevertheless. Maybe it's time to read it again, now that I'm old and cynical.

    BTW, I think A Song Of Ice And Fire was "inspired" by Dune (a little too much for my taste :shifty:)
  15. fladin

    SP Fantasy Tohlobaria (v0.8 is out!)

    Aha! another Dune's aficionado :grin:
    Thanks to both of you.
  16. fladin

    SP Fantasy Tohlobaria (v0.8 is out!)

    Thank you for your kindness, but I consider myself very bad at that, at least compared to FW, The Bowman, Alpha and all other more talented scenners and modders.
  17. fladin

    SP Fantasy Tohlobaria (v0.8 is out!)

    Hello and thanks OldGreyBeard (y)

    Third party :
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