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  1. Benjamin Bones

    Beta Patch Notes e1.9.0

    @MostBlunted I'll see you on the other side brother.

  2. Benjamin Bones

    Beta Patch Notes e1.9.0

    Just wait for the "hotfix"...


    Not that I participate much in this forum but I do read the threads and damn, this guy comes here just to talk shi* all day long. I'm glad he was banned.
    But it's because he is... was, the most BLUNTed... It was his nature.
  3. Benjamin Bones

    Will TW do a No Mans Sky thing?

    Redemption? A rebirth?? A correction of much that is wrong???

    Come on @MostBlunted - first, they would have to feel that they didn't deliver, or that their product is far from what it should be.... Has anything they've said given you the impression that they think their game is FAR from what it should be? We all (or we should all) know that this IS the game, and many of our worst fears have come to pass: the real game will be found in the mods.

    **** off


    Really, just **** off!
    And if Lucius is the troll you think he is - don't feed him! Trolls don't need water, food or sunshine - they live off of attention, they thrive off of retorts to their comments. Though Lucius may just be an over enthusiastic enthusiast who really, really likes the game. In any case, let him troll, or fanboy... Whatever.
  4. Benjamin Bones

    Will TW do a No Mans Sky thing?

    This is what being in an abusive relationship looks like. You wait and hope for something to improve and it never really does. You have no agency although you try and this makes it even more frustrating. You just get old and bitter.
    I suggest finding a new and more exciting abusive relationship. :grin:
  5. Benjamin Bones

    How banners should be implemented in Bannerlord?

    I just hope we´ll get some options to customize our banners (size/shape), at least when we create our own kingdom.

    It will be really really hard for TW to **** up this feature and even I believe they won´t.
  6. Benjamin Bones

    11 years of development and still missing.....


    There already IS a possibility to create a full bald character in Bannerlord, this is me in the last open beta like two days before Early Access release. Here we are advocating for other types of haircuts that are ever-present in human population from ancient times to modern day, even in virtual fantasy settings. :wink:
  7. Benjamin Bones

    New Armağan Yavuz Interview


    I mean if this was a secret then either - A: you weren't paying close attention to development, or B: your critical thinking ability is somewhat hampered.

    It's rather obvious that this was the game plan from the start with all things considered... (Does anyone remember the addition of the radial menu that so obviously caters to console?)

    As of June 2021 there were 104 million active Playstation 4 users on PS Network (many additional players do not have PS Network). That's a lot of juicy customers just waiting to be sold to on just one of the last gen consoles. If you add the PS5 and Xbox owners.... That's a lot of juice!

    TW main goal isn't to make the best PC game they can make - it's to make the most money they can off of the product they've created (just like any company). Sadly, this reality means that the game we could've had will only (maybe) come with mods.
  8. Benjamin Bones

    My Thoughts After 780 Hours of Playtime

    Why are you telling people not to provide critical feedback on the game to Taleworlds so it can become more enjoyable?
    Yea. I think @Antaeus was saying the complaints don't really matter when you're going to continue to play the game regardless. It's like telling the chef that the food is too runny and not warm enough, yet you continue eat the plate of excrement in front of you instead of sending the plate back or walking out of the restaurant.
  9. Benjamin Bones

    GIVE THE MAJORITY OF PLAYERS WHAT THEY WANT: Fix Single-Player before doing anything else with multiplayer

    with every update that is done, the only actual improvements that are made are to multiplayer. STOP.
    You'd think that based on what little love SP has received but the fact of the matter is multiplayer has gotten far less.
    I have hundreds of hours on this game and enjoy what is available, but as stated before, it is lacking in depth and remains extremely shallow.
    The lack of depth and shallowness of the game is actually a feature - simple gameplay non-tactical battle simulator.
    How long do I have to wait for characters to show an ounce of personality that actually influences gameplay?
    Not happening - in Bannerlord individual characters don't matter it's about the clans.... and the clans aren't really different from one another. :confused:
    How long do I have to wait to tell my leaders as a vassal of a vulnerable castle that we should capture?
    Good question.
    How long do I need to wait to be able to throw a feast at my settlement?
    Forever... At least in the vanilla version - TW has decided to completely do away with feasts. That is not a lie or misinformation, they literally decided against implementing them because... TaleWorlds is disappointing.
    How long do I need to wait to have companions that actually care about what decisions I make? How long do I have to wait for the actual developers to put as much as an ounce of the effort modders do into their own game?

    I declare that the developers of this game have the DUTY of carrying on the incredible legacy that Warband left. The amount of time and continued unfocused efforts that are being made are disturbing and unacceptable. Swallow your pride and what you want and give those that pay you what they are asking for. Release the Bannerlord we were all hoping it would be.
  10. Benjamin Bones

    What Do You Guys Play For?


    Because there is no other game quite like it... Though it's been a while since I've last walked the hills and jaunted through the plains of Calradia...

    For Calradia feels as if a plague has swept through the land - killing almost all role playing possibilities, robbing NPCs of their vigor, and destroying the varying cultures of Calradia and reducing them to homogenous monochromatic nations where kings and queens will gladly SELL their daughters for 5 coppers and a bag of flour...
  11. Benjamin Bones

    Bloc is still on fire - Age of Bannerlords


    Yes!!! Sleek and svelte!
    This is why I really bought this game... The mods! Can't wait 'till TW releases this so the artists can get to work!
    With all the things TW didn't deliver on it's nice to see that the game is (at least nearly) as moddable as they said it would be.
  12. Benjamin Bones

    Feasts by Bloc

    Leaked conversation of an intern with a vet:
    + Yeah... we're not doing that
    - wth why not?
    + It will break the other systems.
    - what other systems
    + you know... the systems... like... gathering armies
    - That seems like something that can be solved
    + Okey look the code is very fragile
    - How fragile
    + As fragile as a high level armour against a looters rock, just one touch and it collasps
    - A modder can make it!
    + Yeah. Im not paid for thinking here mate, I just keep sending emails to the 2 art designers we have until the sheeps reach peak levels
    - What
    + Yeah I've been a week here as an intern and Armagan put me as second in command
    - But where's the rest of the team?
    + Some doing opium, some playing elden ring, some are doing both
    - And Callum?
    + Oh he's locked right there, huh remind me to feed him too, haven't touched that room in a while
    - And Dejan?
    + Oh he's in the lower one, you dont wanna get there, that **** is dark
    - And.. armagan?
    + The mobs
    - What
    + the mobs got him
    - ...
    + Because of the drug dealing? Pay attention! Armagan got really greedy after making millions out of a small project he started on his own, so he decided to start drug smuggling to the Kurds, you know, a tale old as time in Turkey. See the new building? We dont even need that! Its only two of us here man, its just to wash money.
    - Holy ****
    + And then the mobs got really angry because of the new equipment system in MP, apparently they had a big team in Warband and they really didnt like the changes
    - Thats why the mobs got him???
    + Hey dude Multiplayer may have a small community but they're really passionate about it.
    - This is unreal, then why you just dont change it back
    + Are you crazy? The new equipment system ™ took like 2 weeks to code and complete, who are you gonna sign up to work? NIN3? He worked like crazy and then got addicted to crack because of the stress.
    - And if we have that much money, why dont we even hire more people, and why the **** am I not being paid?!?!?
    + Welcome to the game industry mate *burns a 1000$ cuban with 500 liras in a strip club*

    OMG I think I died for a second. Hilarious!
  13. Benjamin Bones

    Feasts by Bloc

    Callum is not only alive... he's here on the forum ..... quick! Someone grab him + cuff him before he disappears into thin air for another 6 months.

    Actually, you know what? don't ........ let him go do whatever it is that he does.
    Lol which is pretty much nothing more than - “go check our year old roadmap”.
    Solid work.

  14. Benjamin Bones

    bannerlord coming to console?

    Yeah, but back then they also said the game will be released in about one year. So I assume they screwed up much harder as they thought they had back then. Ah good ol´ times when our biggest issue was the non working perks (remember Placeholderlord?), fun times.
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