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  1. pRaX

    Seriously, what happened?

    Money happened. Why even bother with effort if there are idiots like me paying up before getting the goods.
  2. pRaX

    Please support the Console version!

    Oh yeah sure, for the right price I'd support it.
  3. pRaX

    whats the brother good for lol?

    Why would you lock that behind the tutorial. This shouldn't be locked at all or at most be the other way around.
    1.0 but actually still in EarlyAccess.
  4. pRaX

    TaleWorlds Should Consider Paying Modders

    They already did. That's where Viking Conquest came from for example. But I guess they got stingy with the budget because I still think the only thing impressive about VQ was the ship mechanics etc. while in everything else I deem Brytenwalda being superior.
  5. pRaX

    what the exactly the "Gang" role in game?

    What you should actually find weird is how there is an unfinished Gang feature in a game that supposedly left EarlyAccess and went 1.0.
    That's the question you should ask yourself and then start to think even further and wider.
  6. pRaX

    Reading the Console Reviews coming in is simply mind boggling

    This is easy to explain. They are blinded and high on novelty. Not having much actual knowledge and experience about M&B in it's entirety, that includes mods, also adds to that.

    Just gotta wait. Eventually, they will come to the same conclusions.
  7. pRaX

    Releasing the game in this state feels like a slap in the face

    I think you are all overreacting a bit. Guys, rejoy, the game is stable and is a very solid base for modders. And that is all we need. Don't ask to much of this company, they did what was the best for us in the end.
    No one is overreacting. People were actually under reacting. Coping hard. Using EA as a shield for legit concerns every time and the whole time. Yet here we are. They did what was best for themselves and no one else.
  8. pRaX

    Releasing the game in this state feels like a slap in the face

    We've been slapped in the face since the start.
  9. pRaX

    ***Community Feedback ROADMAP - What Taleworlds still needs to fix!***

    Game is out of EA and everything played out exactly as expected. Who could've seen that coming? The vindication I feel now isn't worth it. What a waste.
  10. pRaX

    Game is out on PC now

    Well, at least we got closure now...
  11. pRaX

    Q2 of 2022 has flown by and.....nothin'

    He took a new job. I miss his honesty and his ability to speak his mind. But most of all I miss knowing a dev was actually listening to what these forums had to say instead of just repeating the Taleworlds mantra of "not our vision", "too complicated" or "we'll look into it".
    FFS... but I hope he will be appreciated and wish him alot of success wherever he went.
    That news is a gut punch to me though.
  12. pRaX

    Anyone else actually enjoying the absence of devs here on the forum?

    I'm so defeated in regards to Bannerlord, I would've been happier if they just remastered Warband with this engine. But they didn't even manage to accomplish that either.
    It's such a surreal journey...
  13. pRaX

    Q2 of 2022 has flown by and.....nothin'

    Yeah, everything started going downhill once mexxico left imo :/
    Left? Like, the forums or did he quit?
    I guess either way he was guilty for trying to make the customer happy. Which is a big no no in the money industry.
  14. pRaX

    To the developers about NFT usage

    Calm down guys, this guy is a scene maker, a valuable asset to the modding community.
    So this is Lucious Confucious's second account I reckon?
  15. pRaX

    POLL: what do you want as first DLC for bannerlord? 2 votes

    I love when people just can't wait for the next dopamine shot they get from buying stuff.
  16. pRaX

    To the developers about NFT usage

    @kweassa @pRaX
    Thanks for the info, the youtube video is very informative.
    Keep in mind that the idea/concept behind it isn't that bad. The problem is how people are (ab)using it.

    Oh and if you, or anyone else, is interested to get a bit more depth on the subject, I'll recommend the following aswell:
  17. pRaX

    To the developers about NFT usage

    by the way...what's an NFT?

    (sorry for the late bloomer!)
  18. pRaX

    To the developers about NFT usage

    seems to me the OP is trying to scam the TW devs
    You're just too close minded bro. You gotta think more outside the box.
  19. pRaX

    To the developers about NFT usage

    OP is just trying to hustle some suckers. We're all just too close minded to line his wallet but maybe Taleworlds isn't. Respect the hustle guys. Respect the hustle.
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