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  1. Razer

    MP Native cRPG

    Fix the bannerlord combat please
  2. Razer

    [WNL8] Sign Ups & Introduction

    We have no say in the forum being changed
    Where'd you find your name in my reply lilttle man
  3. Razer

    [WNL8] Sign Ups & Introduction

    Oh boi this is some ugly piece of ****.
    Well done lads. Not only you ****ed over BL but this forum too.
  4. Razer

    [MP Discussion] Bannerlord Release Date - March 2020

    Charlini said:
    Enough time for 2 big tournaments tbh, just wondering if any elder players who refugeed on their caves waiting for the never coming out game would actually be back for a final comp.

    Also they got a lot of months to work on the game, thats considering they work on the things that have to get worked on and not 'others' though.
  5. Razer

    The Athenaeum

    Damn boi
  6. Razer

    M and OGL's list thread

    Great list, looks like it took ages to finish.
  7. Razer

    Current battle player ratings

    No offense to Menethil at all but how is he at 94 and the rest is at 92?
    Just asking out of interest
  8. Razer

    SP Fantasy (Game of Thrones) A Clash of Kings (7.0 released 13th of May, 2019)

    Riverrun was taken by Westerlands quite early on. No faction based event happened..
    Reach took King's Landing and the Westerlands peaced it with North and Riverlands, which is not uncommon. Just don't understand why they peaced it with the Stormlands and Reach too now.
    Same with the Iron Islands, the North and the Riverlands making peace.

    It's really boring since there is nothing to do now..
    Also the essosi factions already declare war on the westerosi factions after just 80 days.
  9. Razer

    SP Fantasy (Game of Thrones) A Clash of Kings (7.0 released 13th of May, 2019)

    So I'm at day 85 and right now and basically everyone is at peace with eachother.
    Everyone is teaming up against the Dragonstone. The Westerlands peaced it with everyone but the Dragonstone.
    The North and Riverlands are not fighting anyone for some reason.
    King's Landing was taken and the Iron Islands already attacked the Riverlands and the North.
    Peaced with both after 1 week. Whats going on? Was the Diplomacy completely overhauled in 7.0?
  10. Razer

    SP Fantasy (Game of Thrones) A Clash of Kings (7.0 released 13th of May, 2019)

    Where them Karhold Longbowmen and Raventree archers at?  :???:
  11. Razer

    [WNL7] Congratulations & Thank Yous!

    Kloney said:
    Just like to hijack the post a bit to give a bit of info and say about Chapman,

    He was diagnosed roughly half a year ago with Leukemia, as far as we were aware at the time he was doing well through chemotherapy but sadly he died on the 8th of April in hospital surrounded by his loved ones after complications. I'm sure he'd be extremely embarassed by all the attention he's getting, he was always a shy guy! He was a part of our little group of friends called Sanguine for almost 8 years, we played lots of different games together but warband was always our main one. I made sure that we got in contact with his family, spoke to his mum and dad and also showed them all of the messages of good will which were put on his steam profile by all of his online friends. 10 of us (almost all of our small group of friends) managed to get down to his funeral on the 25th of April and say our final goodbyes, his mum was very pleased we could make it as were we, and his family was astounded by the amount of online support he got.

    So i'd like to thank the WNL team for posting a little memorium to him, he meant a lot to us and to see how much he meant to others also is just proof to how much of a great guy he was to be around and how great a life he led.

    I'll be sure to show any messages to his family and if anyone would like to donate we've been told that donations kindly made would go to CLIC Sargent, Macmillan & the Churchill Hospital.

    Thanks a lot, Kloney & The Sanguine boys
    Thats great mate. Thx for the info.
  12. Razer

    [WNL7] Livestreams

    Fietta said:
    Senate vs Dof should be streamed by bladecast on Sunday, best match this week for sure.
    Senate hype, can't wait to see walter knock it outta the park
  13. Razer

    [WNL7] Suggestions

    I cant oneshot kill archers with my longy after 2 seconds, nurf!!!! :mad: :mad:
  14. Razer

    [WNL7] Division A - Week 2 | Deadline: 17/03

    HKP said:
    game of thrones is actually so zzzz
  15. Razer

    Community Stats Patch and Competitive scene state

    Surkan said:
    tbh when im shooting i always take the nomad bow or default crossbow
    id rather be able to land more hits
    That's why you're cav I guess
  16. Razer

    [WNL7] Sign Ups & Introduction | Open

    Family. Duty. Honor.
    Riverrun may never fall.
  17. Razer

    [WBMM] Discussion & Suggestions

    6v6 worked perfectly fine. Everyone was enjoying it apart from the teambalance sometimes.Format is fine.
    Queueing took ages today and 8v8 is just a mess with most of the 'newbies'.
    6v6 is easier to carry for the good players and it's easier to kind of 'command' your team. No point of changing imo.
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