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  1. will TW balance MP anymore? or are they done with it

    Title, IMO Vlandia needs a nerf, specifically the seargents and removal of the looter perk from the game. I dont think they should have better Infantry than sturgia and battania, they should be slightly weaker. heavy cav is supposed to be there thing, backed up by decent infantry. also remove...
  2. MP Community Survey

    just seems to get worse with every patch...

    what is the idea behind removing the death count? its a way of marking how successful you were in a match, may as well remove the kill count too.

    really hate the armour customization idea that is completely asthetic. just allow different gear choices in each class that is slightly better in terms of armour depending on how much you spend, but it slows your movement. you can even use the loot system then, as heavier armour has a disadvantage (slows you down)

    really hate the perk system adding stupid percentages and abilities (choose this and you get more gold per kill! choose this and you do more damage as you get hit! choose this and an already op class becomes a one hit killing machine!) just have clear advantages and disadvantages in the stats of each class.
  3. How will battle mode work with class system and balance

    The way it is now, it wouldn't work. what I'm saying though is that each class in battle mode should not be defined by its price alone.

    each class needs to bring something that other classes don't. I don't know how you would go about balancing it. I think the idea of the class system is to try to enforce battlefield roles rather than just infantry, archer and cavalry, it tries to to give some variety if only a little. I think it would be good if there was more variety in gear choice among the classes, rather than just a 2 perk system, but not straying far from the classes assigned role, whatever that is.

    well looks like I am wrong there then, they are basing it around gold, "TDM like"
  4. How will battle mode work with class system and balance

    How will the class system work in battle mode as it is currently? In BATTLE MODE, you get 1 life and can choose any class, so why would anyone choose light infantry skirmishers or light cav? the system kind of works in skirmish because of the spawn system, having multiple spawns of cheaper...
  5. Laggy on Duel servers after awhile

    This will probably fall on deaf ears, or is already known. But the EU duel servers become increasingly laggy as the time progresses, I think due to an excessive amount of corpses on the ground (you also get a weird flickering light bug where they turn gold too). any chance/possibility that you...
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