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  1. Some thoughts on why i think bannerlord should become VR compatible

    I was just watching this and thinking how amazing it would be in VR: There might not be a great demand for VR now but as headsets are becoming more affordable I think that will change soon. It's a potential way of attracting a wider audience to Bannerlord and buying the game. There already is...
  2. 12GB update problem.

    so just have to hold my breath and download it then?
  3. 12GB update problem.

    ugh, i really don't want to have to do that.
  4. 12GB update problem.

    i'm also having the same issue, i waited for a 12gb update and then it said it had to restart it!
  5. [BL] Post & Find Mod Ideas

    So here are several ideas I've been thinking about when playing the game, that I think would be a good addition.

    1. Morale chants during a battle' which enables perks for units nearby. This would be limited to a particular vicinity from you and sorrounding troops

    2. It would be amazing if there were lancing tournaments at the city arena tournaments. It could be in one round of the compeition and there could be a temporary wooden bannister along the middle like in a Kinights tale. There could be 3 or 4 rounds. Shield damage might be weaker for the sake of the tournament or the jousts are stronger so they could break to pieces leaving you more vulnerable. And You could become injured during the joust reducing your chances in the next round.

    3. Lance stuck in horse Your main weapon such as your lance, if there was a strong hit towards another horse, could get stuck. Forcing you to choose another weapon and having to get off horse and taking the spear out if you want it back or you could possibly be dismounted.

    4. I noticed that you can only fire the balistas that are on the siege walls facing out, but when troops break into castle you can no longer
    use the balista. It would be cool if the balista could spin 360 degrees so you could shoot at enemies in the castle.

    5. A selection of different war horns that you can take into battle like Borimirs horn in LOTR. You could potentially smithy some of varying sizes. They could give troops a morale boost or reduce morale in the other army.

    6. Think this is one already quite in demand: take the ladders to the castle instead of them already being placed down at the start of the game.

    7. Being able to wield two weapons one in each hand like battle axes, and maybe on a horse aswell.

    8.Having seen the recent update where NPC troops can be of varying bodyweight. I thought it might be cool if the army can gain or lose weight: lose weight if they don't have a varied diet like just eating grain and gain weight if not moving army around/being idle or just buying fatty foods.This could make them slower or faster on battlefield.

    9.Being able to carry fire torches at night which can light up fire arrows. I saw the recent mod with fire arrows but there was no limit to their use making them seem quite unrealistic. To improve on this mod I was thinking you would have to buy the oil when trading and dip the arrows into oil either in inventory before battle or when in battle. So you could either select a number of archers with oil arrows before battle or when in battle you could act a command to tell archers to dip them into a big oil bucket and then light them up with the fire beacon that's being held by a soldier. Oil and fire use could be extended such as tossing oil down the hole at the castle gate and lighting it causing troops to be set on fire and siege equipment. There could be potentially 'anti- fire' material that you could put on top of battering ram before battle.I appreciate that physics based stuff is always really difficult, but I read somewhere that the blood is physics based so maybe it could be similar?

    10. This one has already probably been covered, but making the penalty much severe when horses run into a shield wall. Making it harder for them to break through and where troops can really get behind a shield and only show a spear extended out. This is in plenty of films like 300.

    11. Scouting areas you scout with companions. There could be parts of the map that are simulated but not just for battle, this could be sites of novel interest such as landmarks that could offer potential perks or the remnants of a previously fought battle.For example troops could be found like leaning against a dilapidated old wall like or huddled up at a fireplace. You could engage in dialogue with them and potentially recruit them. This might be a better way of getting some troops who are a bit better than recruits at villages but are injured so might take them a few days to be of use. But they could potentially attack you instead.

    12. Attacks from packs of wild animals like werewolves or some beasts native to the map area, this could offer same difficulty for a new game like bandits except you would see them less frequently i.e a pack of wolves might try and hunt you down if you are in a densely wooded area.
    You could then either slaughter them for pelts/hides etc... or recruit them into your army which might also have a mechanic where you need a specific character 'animal tamer' in order to recruit them.Some animals native to areas could be wolves, boars, elephants.... and each could have
    a distinctive perk like wolves could be a useful scout before battle or for being a nuisance towards cavalry.Elephants on the other hand could be used as front line chargers which have army members siting on a perch on top of the elephant (there is special name for it but can't remember), there could be 3 one with polearm, other with bow and one with spears and 1 driver. This would be historically accurate for the types of troops that were used in India and by the Carthnagians.

    13. Maybe you could train to become a falconer like in ck2, This allows you at start of a battle simulation to go into 'eagle vision' similar to assassins creed odyssey so you could get a birds eye view of the army approaching.

    14. Potentially massive map walls that are similarly like a fort or city which you could capture. Themes could be like Hadrian wall for empire or great wall of china, You could only capture one part of the wall at a time i.e areas which are designed to be fortified and have garrisons of troops.

    15. Severing of limbs and broken bones causing people to limp or having to switch hand for weapon usage which has the penalty of making their strike weaker. For example, if you get hit in the shoulder when on horse or when you're health is really low you droop on your horse. This mioht be unrealisitc to implement as every single soldier would start limping when injured which could be really computer demanding. If anything just an indication when you are on your last few bars of health, some sort of animation where you are limping, drooped and les effective.

    16.When you siege a castle, you can go into simulation and ride around the camp where everyone is getting ready with all the tents pitched up, soldiers drinking beer at huge fire-pits etc..Maybe you could walk into a tent and there woul dbe your companions and a map showing all the different terrain. Allowing you to look at number of units of the enemy and your own and consider positioning before starting or giving you the option to position prior to start of game.

    17. More destructible walls in Sieges. I appreciate that it would be hard to make all the walls physics based even if they were very low poly, although perhaps there could be more weak spots that would trigger an animation of destruction. SImilarly, it would be cool if you first had to disrupt an area of the wall before you could move your siege towards the wall.
  6. [BL] Post & Find Mod Ideas

    I've been slowly adding ideas to the main thread, and while some are easier than others to integrate, when I reached this post of yours I had to stop and explain why I won't add this, in its current form, to the thread:
    1. It's too many unordered and uncategorized small ideas. Please group together the ideas that fall under a similar theme, ideally explaining what that theme is with a representative synopsis.
    2. I'm not going to go back to a post to check if anything is going to be changed or added in the future. Please make a new post with your new suggestions or new edits to old ones, so that I may know that I need to update the main thread.
    3. Some ideas are simply too vague or it's unclear how they would be integrated into the game. You don't need to go into massive detail: "more destructible walls in sieges" on its own is very clear, but others like "ck2 mods", "more effective shield wall", or "'call and response' oooraa chant" are very unclear to me. Do you want mods that recreate the CK2 experience? In what way? Or do you want mods that were in CK2 to be made in Bannerlord as well? What problem do you wish was resolved with the current shield wall? Do you have any suggestions on how? How would the Oorah chant work? Would it have any gameplay function? I'm not going to point out every suggestion that doesn't look very clear to me, please look for inspiration from the main thread or some of the more articulate posters here: just to give one excellent example (not the only one I may add), RookUS's post was brief yet extremely clear.
    Thank you for your contribution, though. I understand that it's not easy, but ideas are the cheapest part of making mods or games and the least we can do is be organized and easily understandable.

    PS: All the guidelines above apply to everyone else as well. I might be able to understand what you wrote but I shouldn't have a headache when I get there. Also please, guys, I beg you: use punctuation. Just enough so that people don't need to re-read your sentences several times. Spend those extra 5 minutes before posting, it saves me a lot more time than you'd think.

    okay, sure. I was initially going to post a post that was more polished i.e it didn't just look like some notes (with a bit more flesh) that i'd hurriedly written down but this was probably because of two reasons; one because I got over excited about it all and wanted any potential people who could take the idea somewhere (maybe including myself, unlikely though haha!) to see them sooner rather than later as if people start working on them now then more likely to be in the game, and two i'm completely new to this forum so i don't know what the kind of etiquette that is preferably suited, I initiatly actually wanted to 'flesh' my ideas out more and build upon them but thought this was a kind of fast 'experimental thought/ idea thingy that people toss back and forth ideas in a fast manner, but that's probably more suited for reddit.

    I'll resubmit a post and take out some of the vauge ones

  7. BL 3D Art if making models to import into game, what is the neccesary polycount?

    if you're importing models with height maps, specular etc.... what is the limit for vertex count of certain objects? I'm thinking about modeling and rigging a war elephant...
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