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  1. Patch Notes v1.0.2

    What makes people to play with mods and having auto-update on?
    I want to be able to play MP as well here and there.

    So another 5 MB Update today? On Friday afternoon? Now I have to build shader cache for mod again. All few days. This takes about an hour, for some people even longer. Only because of constant updates, that seemingly don’t do much. It is absolutely annoying. Please help modders with the shader cache thingie or stop pumping out ghost updates Taleworlds.

    Thank you.
  2. Would you please just fix the matchmaking system ?

    The multiplayer feels like dead without it.
    Well, it‘s more than a feeling.
  3. [Poll] Attack/Shooting while crouching available in Bannerlord

    IMO more options are always better, especially for range it would also make sense to be able to do this. For melee I don’t really see the practical use (maybe vs. cav to dodge/stab?), but it feels unnatural that you can’t do it.

    Important for me would be that as you said if you move the action gets cancelled and also that for a standing opponent the block directions remain the same, otherwise you would have to crouch as well to block a lower stab I guess, which would be annoying.

    You would also need a command for AI troops in captain.

    At least it should definitely be moddable for mods in settings which need this kind of functionality.
  4. TW says that MP is in a "good" place in latest gamescom video

    Then why they didn’t show MP at gamescom? We all know why.
  5. Food Bug?

    Paradox please fix...?

    Yes Paradox pls, maybe you can save this game!
  6. Will players return to the Captain game mode, on full release date?

    Before the 1.7.2 update, people were playing the game, the mode had several issues like 1 or 2 faction being super strong compared to others, and eveveryone was waiting for faction balances, some A.I rework, better perk mechanics, better formation and new orders....
    But 1.7.2 came along and it killed it .... removed the option to f1+f1 your troops, removing some tactical aspects to the experience, (r.i.p placing your troops strategically to ambush enemy players and R.I.P rambo cav) .
    A.I became way worst, faction balance is also very bad, skirmishers are still useless after 2 years, heavy inf units are still garbage, cav was nerfed to hell.
    And this awful ranking system , having to solo queue into games, because god forbid playing with your friends in a party, and game will just crash because someone left the server...

    Yesterday I saw a video from the youtuber "Artem" where he interviewed a MP dev at GAMESCOM 2022
    The MP Dev response (at the minute 4:20) is baffling to say the least...I don't know where the MP is going but I pray for the release of private servers and that the modders are given the proper modding tools, I feel they're the only ones that can save MP.

    I agree with most of your points, except that I think the Cpt. leash is a good thing. I think the ranked mode did more damage to the playerbase then anything else. Funny that Taleworlds Vision for multiplayer seems to be a totally unbalanced, unstable, unplayable mess according to the dev in the vid. Now we know for sure we have to wait for the community to fix the game.

    I'm going to be trying to increase the size of the battles and implementing Realistic Battle Mod plugin at the very least.

    Worst comes worst, we'll be better off crowdfunding to make our own captains mode game xD

    1. Sounds like a great foundation to start with.
    2. Take my money!

    Edit: at OP missing the option „I will try but will be disappointed like everyone else and leave again because game will be broken and/or dead“
  7. Why is the word Blade censored?

    Don't worry, you'll be able to do that in M&B 3.

    I guess adding a complex feature like a morale bonus would sadly break the whole economy and other systems in the game. Lords wouldn’t have enough time for battles anymore if they could spend their time getting drunk with the boys. So I highly doubt this will happen. But we will probably get 16K ale textures!
  8. Why is the word Blade censored?

    Player can purchase wine and ale, and consume these in taverns.

    Damn 1,3 k hours and I didn’t know until today that you can actually drink these. 😳
  9. Can`t find match in captain mode (and still happens in v1.8)

    No one is playing anymore since they introduced that fantastic matchmaking. I played with some friends on a regular base, just drinking some beer and enjoying what we had. We weren’t interested in ranked or whatever BS and now we can’t play anymore because they implemented ranked in a ridiculous state. At least a separate non-ranked mode would have been enough, so people could switch to that until they fix this mess. My friends can’t play siege because their system is to weak and we can’t play Skirm because they don’t want to play against the comps/clans. I am absolutely disappointed that we haven’t seen a fix until today - it’s been like this for months now. Sometimes I get the feeling they want to kill MP on purpose for whatever reason.
  10. South American Servers

    Hay servers ya?

    AFAIK No, feeling sorry for you guys, maybe you will get SA server on release because they want to serve console crowd. But maybe it helps to know that they killed MP everywhere else too, so now none can play!
  11. Why is cav Knockdown in Multi ???

    Hey! As far as i understood these were added some months ago and never became active until this patch. I personally think this could be a nice feature for the MP but not at this current state, because obviously it is not balanced at all.
    Good thing is it only effects some lances for now, will talk with some people and decide what to do - technically - asap.

    Thanks for the feedbacks!

    Thanks for the reply! Good to know you are looking into it and that this change wasn’t intended.
  12. Multiplayer autoblock

    Probably most didnt know this , but yes autoblocked worked in multiplayer since start. All you had to do was to install Autoblock Mod for Singleplayer and for some reason it automatically worked for multiplayer as well . We tested it and it was working but it was just so obvious.

    Me Axder and few more tested it and it was reported like year ago but no idea if they fixed it or changed it.

    Ah I see, that is why u are so hard to beat…😄

    Jk, thanks for the enlightenment, didn’t know this as well.

    Seems they fixed it TW style and just implemented it as intended design, makes totally sense.
  13. Multiplayer autoblock

    You are kidding right? Can anyone else confirm this? This would be the funniest thing I‘ve ever heard about this game.
  14. Policies working as intended????

    Wow, I have expected a bug or two here, but this is hilarious.

    Players wasting their time reading the descriptions and try to pick the best options and most of them seem to be completely wrong.

    Thanks for making the effort to test and share this!
  15. Do you enjoy smithing?

    i do it since day 1, no stamina, no materials, no unlocks, grab my ****s and never ever bother with it again
    I played once as a smith and it was boring af, stopped this campaign right after hitting 300… Now I just use it for making 2h maces, because these aren’t sold in towns, at least in my most recent games
  16. Why is cav Knockdown in Multi ???

    Well you actually have a dmg treshold but its basiclyy just 60dmg and more, i belive to knock someone down you need to hit his torso shoulder or Chest, yet the problem still stands, it made light cav useless

    Don‘t get me wrong, I think it makes absolutely no sense to implement this for cav vs cav only, because imo there is just no need for it and it just makes cav vs cav more random. But I would like to see it implemented for Inf classes only where it makes sense for certain weapons and I am thinking more of a percentage dmg threshold, so if you hit a cav hard enough (80-85% hp) you should get a percentage chance to dismount the cav, which then still has the chance to beat you in melee, or sometimes not, but that is the game.
  17. Do you enjoy smithing?

    I would like it to work kind of the opposite as it is right now. You have all parts fully unlocked from the beginning and for example you try to smith a endgame sword with eagle head pommel and you will get a metal stick with deformed chicken head. With your progress it will become more like the weapon you actually want to craft and it would be awesome to finally see that shiny blade you made.

    But to be realistic

    +stamina reg while moving
    +NPC Smiths to order from
    +reasonable item prices

    and I guess it would be ok.
  18. Why is cav Knockdown in Multi ???

    also please dont add it on normal inf spears beacuse it will just result in inf droping the spears for cav, i think the most reasonable solution would be adding it for pike(as it cant be used on horseback) or just deleting it from the game

    This would indeed be a problem, so the solution would probably be to attach the mechanic on the perk which unlocks the weapon (Pike, Billhook and Heavy Inf Spear would be what I prefer) and also make it work only on a certain dmg threshold and certain bodyparts (head, chest, belly), since I like the idea of an additional possibility for Inf to take control advantage from cav, which wouldn’t punish cav to hard imo since a good cav player should avoid getting stabbed in the face anyway.

    While writing I recognized that is probably way to complex for the Vision, so just remove it yes….
  19. Randomly logged out of lobby over and over

    Funny, I really was absolutely sure it couldn’t get worse after 1.7.2, but they really did it.
  20. Patch Notes e1.8.0

    it works with lances only. and no, it does not have a place in multiplayer because you get stabbed in the back a lot on TDM.
    This is the most ridiculous implementation they could have come up with. Would have loved to see the mechanic for Inf with proper spears (no short spears/pilas), pikes or billhooks, so you would at least sometimes get the chance to take the control from cav, which is very tedious at times right now since you have only the options to kill the horse or the rider to do so.

    Btw I don‘t think TDM should be considered for balance changes in general because imo the mode is the most chaotic and braindead available.
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