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  1. New Warband expansion confirmed?

    Sherlock Holmes said:
    Apparently there was a small Q&A on the /mbg section of 4chan in which(among other things) it was first asked and then semi-confirmed there is a new expansion/DLC coming for Warband!

    The developers of Han Hun Total War went to Ankara to talk about the deal. This was first hinted on the Chinese forums when the modders posted pictures of the TW Office.

    In the Q&A, someone asked about the whole thing and got a response:

    Anonymous: "Can you comment on Han Hun Total War at all? Rumor has it on the Chinese forums that they flew in to Ankara to talk about being an official warband expansion"
    Frank: "Oh that. Wow... I can't talk about that at all! I'm surprised you even know about it. Impressed, even."


    Anonymous: "Also, with Han Hun being basically confirmed(and therefore leading the way to a proper rotk mod), whats the estimated date of DLC release, judging from early VC leaks?"

    Hope someone knows more information  :smile:

    Edit: There's some stuff on Reddit as well:

    Hope you don't mind, I used some of your wise words in the video below, gave you proper credit of course. Good detective work Sherlock!

    Excited for 12th, looks fantastic.


  2. Is there a Mount & Blade Warband/Bannerlord Discord?

    Hey Guys, Just wondering if there's any official or unofficial Discord Channels for Bannerlord/Warband or Mount and Blade? /Hugs RipperX
  3. An Ode to Mount and Musket Line Battles Feat. Vince & 5arge

    An Ode to Mount and Musket Line Battles, hope you lads enjoy.
  4. [Video] Napoleonic Wars with RipperX #1

    Hi Lads, I've missed this mod so much, and especially missed Vince..It's good to be back. Where can I find official Line Battles and Regs? I would love to record some bigger battles if there's anything planned. Hope you guys enjoy the vid, more coming soon. /Hugs RipperX
  5. [VIDEO] The Val De Saire Battle

    Hey Guys, Had great fun yesterday playing in the Val De Saire Event, including some random footage from the first and second maps, hope you all enjoy. PS - This will also be uploaded to -- and will be featured on the site Wednesday or...
  6. Ripper's Top 10 Skill Based PvP Games List for April 2015 - MMORPG.COM

    Windle said:
    Hi RipperX,

    You are one funny dude! I really enjoyed watching some of your videos.
    I was just wondering why you would pick "Melee Battlegrounds" and "Reign of Kings" above Warband for skill based?

    Melee Battlegrounds
    Looks like Melee just has a few more swing directions without any other classes. No game play or anything to be found about fighting or blocking or anything. Warband has clan matches and weekend cups with tons of strategy in mind. Also keeping in mind what to buy to beat opponents. Like in a 8 vs 8 clan match where the other team has 6 cav its a players skill to either get good with throwing javelins or have knowledge how cav work and use a spear or pike. Then there are different game modes within Warband that makes you get a different mindset in order to become better and hence changing you approach on skill. Melee Battlegrounds does not feature any of this...

    Reign of Kings
    Again a game with maybe more eye candy but from what I saw it just has a few more features to offer. Are there things like feints, counters, chambers, weapon speed perks, weapon lengths, ... that can alter how a melee fight is going down? Very curious how this game takes 1st based on skill.


    Hey Windle!

    Great questions man, and totally valid. I've been in the Melee Battlegrounds closed dev alpha for a while now, there is indeed 8 attacks and 8 blocks, and they have some new modes which are very exciting. I think to be completely honest here, Mount & Blade could be #1 on the list, but I do believe when a new game comes out or is coming out, sometimes it's good to put it up high on the list as to get people talking, discussion as well as critique as to why it "should be #1".

    I think at this point in time, Melee Battlegrounds has a huge amount of potential so that's why it's up high on the list. When Bannerlord comes out, Warband and Bannerlord will most likely be in the top 3, but again the list here is really about skill based player vs player combat and I believe all 3 titles, Melee, Bannerlord and Warband are doing it right.

    As for Reign of Kings, it's really Chivalry combat with Minecraft/Rust building elements. Why Reign of Kings takes the cake for April is A. It's a new release with very brutal PvP scenarios and B. There are some very cool and brand new features in this game which have not been seen in any other game, ie. taking over the throne, reigning as king, taxing the server, bullet time arrows, hanging players, beheading players, capturing players & putting them in player built cages, just a lot of hardcore griefing that again is skill based at the end of the day. I don't think Reign of Kings will be #1 forever, but for this Month, in my opinion at least it definitely takes the cake. :smile:

    Last but not least, yes, Reign of Kings has Feints, counters, chambers, weapon speeds and lengths, its very skill based, but the combat just takes a bit of getting used to. It will be similar to Chivalry where you use the mouse wheel for a top-down swing or thrust. I hope this helps a bit in answering your questions.

  7. Ripper's Top 10 Skill Based PvP Games List for April 2015 - MMORPG.COM

    Hey Lads, I'm continuing with my monthly Top 10 Skill Based PvP Games list for MMORPG.COM and sadly I'm getting barraged by trolls with YouTube dislikes. First off, I'd love your opinion on my list and if I'm missing any current games that are on it... Mount & Blade is #4 on the list and doubt...
  8. [Video] Jomsborg Event - GIANTS AMONG US!

    Hi Lads, A job well done today at the Jomsborg event. Was a blast! Hope to join you guys in more events for the future! Enjoy the video.
  9. Víkingr Jomsborg Event ( 23th February 2017) 18:00 GMT

    The video is up here:

  10. Víkingr Jomsborg Event ( 23th February 2017) 18:00 GMT

    Great event lads. Video is rendering down now and we should have a proper vid up from the event in the next few hours. I'll post a link here once it's up on the site.

    Thanks again for the fun!

    Ripper X
  11. When is the next Vikingr Event? Looking to film. - Ripper X

    Please let me know if you guys have any more events.

  12. When is the next Vikingr Event? Looking to film. - Ripper X

    Hey Lads, Hoping to join you for the next Vikingr event, usually they are Saturdays and Sundays so just wanted to see if anyone knew of any. I see there is something today but didnt find a time for it. If anyone has any more details and also any Teamspeak or Voice Comm info, please let me know...
  13. [Video] Napoleonic Wars Vol 1. with Ripper X (Feat. Vince)

    Hi Lads, The party begins! Few questions, where are the line battles, and who are the best and most crazy reg's out there? I'm starting a video series for Napoleonic Wars and hope to capture the moon, the stars, and Vince's skin flute fingers crossed. Has anyone seen 5arge? Kang Kao around...
  14. The Battle of Sulcoit Video Footage

    Yep Jan that was some great singing :razz:. Good times.

  15. The Battle of Sulcoit Video Footage

    Hey Lads, Came in a bit late but got some great 2nd half footage of the Vikingr Battle event today. It's uploaded and ready to go on YouTube for anyone interested. Thanks again for the invite and looking forward to more events! Best, Ripper X
  16. Sorry Bro :/ -Ripper X
  17. Napoleonic Wars Dev Q&A! [VIDEO]

    JankoSRB said:
    Ripper: " We are playing Napiana...Napolea...Napian..."
    Mika'il Yazbeck: " NAPOLEONIC WARS! Get straight or don't say it at all you son of a *****! "

    Lmao. :lol:

    Yaz has multiple personalities if you didn't know already...
  18. Napoleonic Wars Dev Q&A! [VIDEO]

    Vincenzo said:
    That was Mika'il Yazbeck with his awesome voice.  :smile:

    Was a good time! Just a basic intro video to the DLC. Focusing on gathering questions from you guys and getting sir Vince a list of questions he can answer in a future video. Also there is a lot more to Napoleonic Wars, just focused on some of the basic features. Will definitely be going into this more, it looks very promising. :smile:

    Ripper X
  19. Napoleonic Wars Dev Q&A! [VIDEO]

    I have the pleasure of hanging out with Vince and Yaz in the new upcoming DLC Napoleonic Wars! The DLC is amazing and will be coming out this Spring. I plan on doing a proper Q&A with Vince, so if you guys have any questions, please put them in the comments of the video and I will send them...
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