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  1. Warband enhancement mod

    I have a question myself, what do you mean by weighting animated helmets?
    Hi. I meant amending weights of vertex groups so that aventails/guards/curtains follow movements of the head/neck/shoulders/thorax when animated.
  2. Warband enhancement mod


    I found an optimal pattern for weighting animated helmets so they neither clip, nor they distort too much. Bow animations were an ultimate test. Also now I am somewhat skilled in modelling meshes, weighting and UV-mapping. What it made me understand is that textures matter, so the question: could anyone suggest any free resources with with medieval armour materials (plate, leather, etc.)?
  3. Warband enhancement mod

    What are _degraded textures for? Lods?

    Question: I imported my .brf with helms into a new .brf. I confirmed that all required materials and textures have also been imported and double checked that textures are present in Textures. I didn't change anything in module system, so references should be OK, i recompiled the module 2 times just in case. But now my helmets are not visible in the game (they clip char's hair, but no models shown). Any ideas what might have gone wrong.
    Answer: the name of one's .brf resource shouldn't match the name of any CommonRes .brf shipped with the game. If issues like this happen, it is generally a good idea to check rgl_log.txt in one's Warband folder for any insights.
  4. Warband enhancement mod

    Question: I imported my .brf with helms into a new .brf. I confirmed that all required materials and textures have also been imported and double checked that textures are present in Textures. I didn't change anything in module system, so references should be OK, i recompiled the module 2 times just in case. But now my helmets are not visible in the game (they clip char's hair, but no models shown). Any ideas what might have gone wrong.

    • before I imported models and deleted the .brf from which things have been imported everything was just fine.
    • I fixed the similar issue for armors by making sure that I have all the required materials/textures in my .brf, module.ini, and asset folders
    • in OpenBRF everything looks just fine

    I'd suggest you look at the helmets in the Crusader: Way to Expiation OSP/ also know as CWE OSP. Pretty sure they had rigged helmets you could use as reference
    Exactly what I needed. TY. I believe I have seen some of their assets in Explorer mod.
  5. Warband enhancement mod

    Ok. Question. Could you link any mods with good implementation of turbans/aventails (except "men at arms"). I've played with one of nordic helmets the whole day (and night), but it is still not quite clear to me how they weight those meshes. Maybe after some sleep? but in the meantime I'd like to check how more skilled people do that.

    By "good" I mean that they are properly animated. Also, I think I know why Vaegir helmets are implemented the way they are (cause it is a pain to weight them).
  6. Changing weapon origin

    Is there a way to do the same, but other way around: to transform tens of models whilst using the last selected one as a reference? Would have been handy.
  7. Warband enhancement mod

    Check OpenBRF's subforum to learn about the tool; there are many guides in there.
    TY. So far another update: I finally committed to finding out how to add additional polygons to an existing model and how to make it so that certain parts of helmets follow characher's head/shoulders movements. This would help some native helmets with aventails to look more natural.
  8. Warband enhancement mod

    Ty. Can textures be packed in a .brf? Or importing textures is only used to link texture files?
  9. Warband enhancement mod

    Are there any tools to merge .brf files?
  10. Warband enhancement mod

    I have some updates:
    • amended helm models have all been playtested and work correctly
    • the lategame has changed (because some helmets now add body armor, maximum 4+MODIFIER_BONUS)
    • the balance has changed negligibly (some lords wearing brigandines got tad weaker)
    What is left to do:
    • LoD models (the ones generated by openbrf are of terrible quaility), but I would need to learn to modell.
    • Scripts. This would be the biggest source of questions.
    • Is LoD generation configurable? Any options in hidden menus that make them work?
    • Are Lods supposed to use lower-resolution texture?
    • Any links? Anything that I should know about creating models for Warband?
  11. Warband enhancement mod

    Show the item entry so that we know that the bug is not at your side.
    Modulesys entries? I have already fixed this issue in modulesys, so it won't be helpful. To reproduce:
    1. install the game from steam (anywhere?)
    2. run unmodified Native module
    3. find War Hammer in game (in cheatmenu)
    4. see how it can't do side-swings and defaults to beak side even though the swing damage is blunt
    In unmodified module system v1.171 the weapon was missing a couple of flags that enable side attacks. I hope that helped.
  12. Warband enhancement mod

    Are you sure? Side attacks can normally be performed in Native.
    Yes. It can only thrust and swing top-bottom. The swing damage is blunt by default even though the weapon it using the beak side by default. It is a bug even if developers refuse to admit it :smile:
  13. Warband enhancement mod

    What is wrong with it?
    Was not able to do side attacks.
    You mean two-handed and polearm?
    No. Polearm (blunt) / polearm (piercing)
    I advise you not to spend time on making your mod but to make use of already-published mods which have all the features you mentioned.
    I am not happy with the implementation as it is. So I either forget it and quit or do something with it.
    Modding is very time-consuming so you may make use of many OSP/ LSP mods to begin with ( That way you will save lots of time and spare yourself unnecessary trouble you would have if you started with less-polished codebase. Make sure to credit OSP/ LSP authors after you have finished your mod.
    Will definitely check as a reference. Credit will certainly be given to anyone who helped directly or indirectly.\

    Regarding load order and "shadowing". ATM I don't have any issues with loading resources. I just discovered that it is a thing and wanted someone more competent to confirm this. Today've been learning about UV maps in blender. I wanna add some more polygons to those chainmail helmets. The script for generating item entries is also finished now.
  14. Warband enhancement mod

    that loads some resource with the same name

    that loads another .brf containing a resource with the same name* (see snippet in my previous comment).
  15. Warband enhancement mod

    I mean if after load_resource declaration in module.ini there is another declaration that loads some resource with the same name, the first declaration will prevail. Consider the following structure:

    // brf_a.brf 
    // brf_b.brf 
    // module.ini
    load_resource = brf_a
    load_resource = brf_b
    // What game loads
      texture_1 (brf_a) // becase texture_1 from brf_a was encountered first and shadows texture_1 from brf_b
      testure_2 (brf_b) // because testure_2 wasn't shadowed
  16. Warband enhancement mod

    Textures -> Materials -> Meshes
    Did I get it right that resources that are loaded first (at the top of module.ini) shadow everything that follows?

    Now I am writing a script that would generate records for new types of helmets for The idea is that versions padded with leather, gambeson, aketon, and hauberk offer a small increase to head and body armor rating, but also increase the weight, difficulty and price. The resulting stats of armors however should not exceed the stats of the strongest items of corresponding type.

    Also. I updated to the latest version of the openbrf which solved the problem with transparent textures.
  17. Warband enhancement mod

    Ok. It was a looong night. I have adjusted ~30 helmet meshes in blender. Unfortunately I don't know how to edit UVs in blender, so I ended up editing meshes only, trying to make sure that I don't distort them too much (however multiple times I wanted to add polygons here and there).

    the result looks OK.
    Are you perchance using windows 10? I have the same issue with that texture (helmets_b) showing transparent in openbrf but fine in-game.
    My solution was to edit the dds file itself in my Warband folder, just saving it as DXT1 format as suggested by Earendil, after using tools to remove the weird transparency from it.
    Yes. I am running win10. About your solution:
    - could you briefly explain to me what DXT1 format is, or maybe give some links?
    - how exactly do you remove "weird transparency"?
    - why some textures are .dds and they look fine in openbrf?
    - why all transparent helms have _new suffix at the end?

    Common question: what exactly is the order in which resources linked in module.ini are loaded?
  18. Warband enhancement mod

    Here is the screen from openbrf. I am using version 0.0.80e
  19. Warband enhancement mod

    Hi. I've seen both pavise implementations and shield bash implementation. I am going to iterate on both to make them playable (though here I would probably have most of questions). Regarding transparent models from the screenshot: that is how i see some models when I open Warband/CommonRes/helmets.brf, (e.g. spiked_helmet_new). It is unclear to me which texture path to use or which preparations are required prior to opening a standard .brf. Any more ideas?

    I tested everything in native (untouched) module.
  20. Warband enhancement mod

    Now I am working on remodelling ~34 native helmets that seem compatible with meshes from this mod. Among issues that I encountered is the one that causes some helmets to look transparent in openBRF. Any ideas why? Any recommendations regarding generation of LoDs for new meshes?
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