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  1. SP Antiquity Dark Ages 457 AD: Last Years of the Western Roman Empire

    No, I will do everything, no worries. This thread here will only get integrated at the old thread and your OP taken over to the old OP. I only need the confirmation of cartonofjuice that he is fine with that the OP gets reassigned to you, so that you can make future changes there by yourself.
    fine by me, merged can happen. The old thread is quite outdated anyways, in everything but the osp section
  2. SP Antiquity Dark Ages 457 AD: Last Years of the Western Roman Empire

    Jackson is not really known to give permission for his assets as other long-time modders can confirm. Hence my critical question for his assets in my quote.

    Your credit list is quite short, especially for a total overhaul mod. You basically credit some for helmets and tunicas to summarise them roughly. So I assume that all the other assets are either from Native or have been made by yourself. Is that correct?
    Made most of the assets in the mod, wlod has to upload the OSP's used from the old thread linked here. These credits/osps are accurate to the most recent version.
  3. LSP Other 2D Art Texture Resources For Modders

    Well, it was more of a politely rhetorical thing on my part, really. You know that you make me search for a ****load of things, right? :razz:

    EDIT: Right, okay, here we are. Most of the scale and lamellar textures, the leather textures, paper textures and mail are from this guys:
    The leopard fur is from this pack, which I tiled:

    The lamellar stuff from Warband are just tiled versions of textures by Sonyer, both of those.
    I'll add those to the credits when I update it in just a little bit
  4. SP Antiquity Dark Ages 457 AD: Last Years of the Western Roman Empire

    This is absolutely fantastic! It's by far my favourite period of history, and the reskin alone makes it beautiful. I have about two hundred days in a campaign, and it's the most fun I've had in Mount and Blade in over a year. I did use Freelancer, and since I'm slow to swear I've just started my vassalage to the West, but overall it's been great.
    I particularly like the attention to detail you've put in, not just with armors but with names and characters. I'm curious if you have a particular source you're working from, or a combination (like I said, favourite period, and I'm always looking for more material on it). In particular, I really like your decision to keep Soissons as part of the West rather than independent, as well as making Riothamus a Romano-Briton ruler, AND making Aspar a claimant to the East.

    I have no complaints about it, just wanted to let you know how much I've enjoyed it so far. I also wanted to ask if you have a way to submit a bug report; bandit camps are multiplying like crazy on my map, and I wanted to let you know/figure out if it's intentional. If there's a different forum/place for conversation, I'd be interested in that too.
    I'm glad you're enjoying the mod! There's a more recent version of the mod available on the discord server, which fixes many of the bugs as well as changes the start date to 457, to the reign of Majorian. I still have to update this thread at some point, expanding on some of the osps I left out as well as other mod-related details.
  5. LSP Other 2D Art Texture Resources For Modders

    These are all OSP textures that can be used for free (with credit depending on the creator). Credits for the textures are always in the spoiler name. Feel free to post your own if you'd like to contribute! ScaleLamellarMail Note: CWE team's lamellars...
  6. [e1.0.1] List of questionable items (armor & weapon) values

    Can't forget the overly op armored bearskin that I've won at tournaments. Its a shoulder armor that provides 28 defense for only being fur and a metal plate - compared to some of the metal lamellar shoulder armors that only provide 9-13 defense. Extremely broken and really easy to get.
  7. Are the banner bearers not implemented yet?

    They'll be back in a future update, they were only temporarily removed.
    that's good to hear, banners always make battles look better!
  8. A New Player's experience of Bannerlord

    I'm fascinated by the option of adjusting the speed of battle? Does that mean the AI just swings and blocks for longer before they get a kill? I suppose that would be an easy fix for now that could be done which could allow me to get stuck in a bit longer lol
    When it comes to speeds, there is combat speed, which controls the speed at which one swings weapons and blocks, as well as movement speed in battle.
    There's also combat AI which determines the difficulty of the AI in battle
  9. A New Player's experience of Bannerlord

    Ok might have to give it a go, are battles in warband different, much longer etc?

    It really depends on the mods you are playing. Warbands battles and sieges are much more basic/barebones than what is shown in bannerlord. However, if you're interested in larger battles in a historical setting, there is a warband mod called 1257AD which will suffice you.
  10. A New Player's experience of Bannerlord

    If you're interested in the series, if I were you I'd check out warband. Due to the current state of Bannerlord, there is quite a few shortcomings, which could lead new comers to bad taste with the series.
    The early access, as stated by the developers will continue to be developed over time, so many features and issues will be resolved in the future. If you're looking for a more complete project, as I mentioned before then purchase warband. Warband is a great game to play, especially while we wait for patches and hotfixes for bannerlord
  11. How do i export my character from multiplayer to singleplayer?

    In the character edit screen, hit control + C. Save what you copied in a text file if you'd like to use it again. Then go into the character you want to make/have, and press Control + V.
  12. Bannerlord 300 day campaign map timelapse

    I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who has Battania steamroll the other factions near it.
  13. Battania domination

    Battania wiped out both the Northern and Western Empures, only about 100 days in. No other faction has steamrolled that fast in my game. Pretty crazy
  14. SP Tutorial Module System Complete Guide to Adding Factions

    I've been able to add in the faction, lords, troops, etc. in to the game, however I'm running into a very odd situation. For whatever reason the new banners I added aren't loading in when selected, instead it loads the banner next in line to it. It happens at the end of the vanilla banners, right where I added the new ones
  15. Increasing Battle Map size?

    kalarhan said:

      # script_setup_random_scene
      # Input: arg1 = center_no, arg2 = mission_template_no
      # Output: none
          (party_get_current_terrain, ":terrain_type", "p_main_party"),
          (assign, ":scene_to_use", "scn_random_scene"),
            (eq, ":terrain_type", rt_steppe),
            (assign, ":scene_to_use", "scn_random_scene_steppe"),
            (eq, ":terrain_type", rt_plain),
            (assign, ":scene_to_use", "scn_random_scene_plain"),
            (eq, ":terrain_type", rt_snow),
            (assign, ":scene_to_use", "scn_random_scene_snow"),
            (eq, ":terrain_type", rt_desert),
            (assign, ":scene_to_use", "scn_random_scene_desert"),
            (eq, ":terrain_type", rt_steppe_forest),
            (assign, ":scene_to_use", "scn_random_scene_steppe_forest"),
            (eq, ":terrain_type", rt_forest),
            (assign, ":scene_to_use", "scn_random_scene_plain_forest"),
            (eq, ":terrain_type", rt_snow_forest),
            (assign, ":scene_to_use", "scn_random_scene_snow_forest"),
            (eq, ":terrain_type", rt_desert_forest),
            (assign, ":scene_to_use", "scn_random_scene_desert_forest"),
            (eq, ":terrain_type", rt_water),
            (assign, ":scene_to_use", "scn_water"),
            (eq, ":terrain_type", rt_bridge),
            (assign, ":scene_to_use", "scn_random_scene_plain"),

    check those scenes on

    note the terrain code used and the barrier used
    #  5) Min-pos {(float,float)}: minimum (x,y) coordinate. Player can't move beyond this limit.
    #  6) Max-pos {(float,float)}: maximum (x,y) coordinate. Player can't move beyond this limit.
    #  8) Terrain code {string}: You can obtain the terrain code by copying it from the terrain generator screen
    Thanks. Although, if I do make a larger map for them does it matter what the map type is like? Also what's the purpose of the random_scene_customs? And last question, the barriers. What is the max size I can set them up for?
  16. Increasing Battle Map size?

    kalarhan said:

    start by studying the guides/tutorials on scene working. You can find a list of them in the OP of this thread,163368.0.html
    I've made 2 scenes so far, not very good but they look okay for a start. My question really is how to increase the map size (x + y dimensions) of the random battlefield maps in warband. Would it be a good idea to ask on that page instead?
  17. Increasing Battle Map size?

    Is there any way to increase the size of the battle maps? I've been trying to figure out with no avail so far. Would such ability be located in module_scenes or module_scripts if it is available, or do I have to make seeds for it? I've seen large maps in mods like 1257 AD for example and would...
  18. Parse Elements?

    I've been trying to combine the Latest Diplomacy with the Latest Formations mod, however when I compile it I get and error that says, Checking module syntax... FAILED. MODULE `mission_templates` ERROR: failed to parse element #9   failed to parse element #4     cannot convert value -20.0 to...
  19. Broken Mesh?

    Seek n Destroy said:
    Your helmet needs the itp_attach_armature flag since it's a rigged model.

    For example if you are using the modsys:

    ["h_chapel_de_fer_1_padded", "Chapel de Fer with Padded Cloth", [("h_chapel_de_fer_1",0)],itp_merchandise|itp_type_head_armor|itp_attach_armature,0,
    564 , weight(1.75)|abundance(100)|head_armor(34)|body_armor(0)|leg_armor(0)|difficulty(7) ,imodbits_plate ,[(ti_on_init_item,[(cur_item_add_mesh, "@o_padded_coif_narf", 0, 0),])]],

    Or if you are using Morgh's Editor:
    That worked, thanks!
  20. Broken Mesh?

    So I've been trying to add in new armors, and so far the body, hand and leg armors work, however I'm running into issues regarding helmets. This is probably a common issue, but I haven't been able to find any guides on how to fix it. Is this the mesh's issue or something else?
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