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  1. Make captain/skirm mode great again (console)

    Btw, does anyone know wether captain and skirmish are theoretically functioning at the moement? Last time I tried I didn't get a game and quit after five minutes. Last time I got a game the server quit before it even began.
    I sometimes play Captain on private servers and there the mode is still fun and reasonably well visited. Thus I would assume if TW fixed things and it were possible to play Captain 6v6 and get loot doing it, the mode would become quite popular once again.

    I still hope that Bannerlord might become a game that I can recommend to my friends to play together on evenings but as it stands things are not getting better from the official side. is the only way to play ranked Skirmish right now.
  2. Guys save multiplayer for xbox?

    I assume it's a lobby related bug? Come back in year or so, they will probably fix it. The same happened to PC players.
  3. Beta Patch Notes v1.1.0

    Nerf the stab in MP, it's been broken for too long. It can oneshot light/medium infantry and sometimes even heavy infantry.
  4. Intentional multiplayer imbalance

    Care to elaborate further?
    You've got no idea what you are talking about, all your suggestions are awful.
  5. Developers dont care about Multiplayer

    I log in and play 3 minutes and crash. Then I wait 30 minutes, log in, play 3 minutes and crash. Then I repeat that one more time and feel pretty stupid.
    There will 100% not be any fixing MP patches in the future anymore for this game. TW is done with it.
    Just play cRPG with far less crashes. Developers do care about the mod.
  6. Clan Tag changed by Taleworlds (Bug?)

    Update: They still haven't fixed it :party:
    Don't worry, they will fix it in 2 years.
  7. Devs and "Community" Employees Are Averaging Less than 1 Post Per Day - Where Is The Engagement?

    Having said that, the release plans do state that we intend to update the game for some time to come.
    I know that you are not working on multiplayer, but is it possible for you to forward(remind, apparently) MP team these threads?
    It is really a shame that these bugs weren't fixed for such long time. At this point all I want is a game without nasty bugs, nothing else I can hope for.
  8. In Progress Getting stuck for no reason

    It takes a while to fix this game breaking bug
  9. In Progress 1.8.0 Aim / mouse movement accelerated making precise aiming very difficult

    It takes a while to fix such little but important thing.
  10. A bug with shield.

    It's been in the game since its release.
  11. Official Release

    @Dejan Are you still planning on releasing spectator mode?
  12. Post-Release Plans for Multiplayer?

    Spectator mode with streaming tools please.
  13. In Progress All Moustaches come with a complementary (not wanted) goatee now :D

    The evil deed has been done to our moustache, brothers. We shall not tolerate it and rise up against this evil company!
  14. In Progress 1.8.0 Aim / mouse movement accelerated making precise aiming very difficult

    Just wanted to say I'm still having the same problem since 1.8.0 and curious if anyone anywhere has found something to fix it. I've already ran 2 or so campaigns melee only because of this but I just wanna use a ranged weapon again. Also I'm surprised I've seen so little complaints about this. Maybe it somehow only effect some people?
    It affects everyone, don't worry. I assume people can't be bothered to write anything on the forums.
  15. Need More Info Silent cav

    Right now this bug is literally ruining the experience for thousands of people playing crpg.
    MP is in already perfect state for them, mate. I've posted this thread more than 1 year ago, and the problem was discovered even earlier. They don't care enough about game breaking issue.
  16. Will Servers ever be Stable?

    Will servers ever be fixed?
    Never. Their lobby can't even handle 300 players, what a joke.
  17. In Progress Just fix the lobby, it's been 3 weeks.

    Summary: Your lobby servers can't handle a "big" amount of players. How to Reproduce: Get 300-400 or even more players to try to join the lobby at the same time and play the game.
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