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  1. What happened to the updates?

    You should never compare the release of a game to its later EA-development. Sure, in the first weeks they updated pretty often but if you look an the content of this updates you see that this were mostly fixes for bugs and exploits. And of then also only the ones that were easiest to find were fixed at the beginning.
    Now the team has shifted from fixing the easy stuff and the worst crashes to producing real new content(Rebellions, Keep battles, battle terrain system, ...). And this development take more time because you don't just change a few lines of code to fix some silly spawnpoints or something you have to create tonns of new code, scenes and so on.
    Sure, they could still try a weekly update but then it would only annoy people because their Safegames get messed up all the time for perhaps 20 lines of patchnotes that include basicly nothing outside of one new helmet and two villages.
    I will not say that TW ist very efficient with their updates, but it is logical that we will not see the same pace we saw a year ago.
    I think I led you into a misconception. I should have specified that I picked up this game in the winter that just passed.
  2. What happened to the updates?

    What happened to the updates? When I first picked up this game, the updates were comming fast and furious, with about 2 updates to download a week or at least 1. Lately, they have slowed to a trickle. The momentum appears to have dropped considerably. This has me worried for the future of...
  3. 41 Lords in prison and still no peace? patch 1.5.10

    I have noticed that letting lords go after battle actually rewards you with a lot of relationship points. There may be something to winning peace via showing great honor and gaining their respect.
  4. Troop Auto-Sort (Party Screen)

    I would really like to see an auto sort feature as well. It is so frustrating to have to keep organizing my troops by type myself over and over again.
  5. Trebuchets completely overshadow all other aspects of siege warfare

    Trebuchet were really effective historical siege engines. This is why in game they made them slow to build compared to the other engines.
  6. Make us able to trade with companions.

    Good idea. Like you say, this would be useful when they are leading parties.
  7. In Progress Sister spawned without base attribute/skill points.

    Yes there are more people with this issue (me included :grin: )

    From my tests i did, this might have a connection with how they grow, i will explain:

    I used cheats on a playthrough to accelerate the process, so if you rescue your brothers from the hideout fast you wont have the issue with the points because you will be prompt that they need your attention to choose the options.

    Now is this case like in the image i took 2 years to go there and save them and this is the result of that when they grow up.

    It's not the first time this happened, but at first i thought that this issue could be similar to the brother's perks that you could choose the perks and sometimes not, but it seems not to be the case.

    What i didn't test:
    All factions - Sturgian, Battanian and Emperial it happens - missing Vlandian, Khuzait, Aserai ( didn't pay attention to this one )


    I have been activating cheats and using console commands to give them the correct number of attribute points as per what I see them possessing in earlier campaigns. Then disabling cheats and playing on as normal, as a work around. I hope they fix this soon and the DLSS banner issue These are the biggest issues I have trying to play this game.
  8. Bannerlord's Gameplay Has Gone Backwards In Multiple Areas From Warband

    All your suggestions are good. The game developers should listen to your suggestions.
    They all sound good.

    I'd like to see Sword Sisters added too. That would be a fun option.
  9. Suggestion: Add red blood effect to water around bodies. Visual FX.

    I suggest that a blood effect be added to turn the water progressively red after it is filled with bodies. I think visually it would look great and add to the brutal feel of medieval combat. I have fought battles around the small rivers and other bodies of water and have noticed how the water...
  10. Fewer Female Lords in Battles

    And this is exactly what I am after. The type of oppression we seem to inherit and exersice without beeing aware of it. The type of oppression we exersice because we believe we are superior to someone else because of gender, etnicity, age or basically anything you can think of. We think in terms of "protection" in some of the cases but the outcome is the same. It´s racism, sexism, discimination or outright oppression.
    Absolutely. Well said. Anytime you try to apply a population statistic in advance to a single individual or use it as an excuse to bar them from an activity or from equal chance to prove themselves and their abilities, then you are committing a prejudice that is morally reprehensible, inexcusable, and wrong.
  11. Fewer Female Lords in Battles

    Another thread dedicated to women. You have problems people.
    Totally agree with you. The misogyny in here is thick and very high cringe factor. There are almost no women in this game already and somehow a few people still manage to get their panties in a bunch over the extremely few that are there.
  12. Suggestion: Allow us to marry female members of our family to Wandering Companions.

    Hmm my sister and brother started with 0 attributes in 1.5.9, but the children surpass even the starting character regarding attribute and focus points(nearly all attributes on lvl 6 or 8 at level 0, but you have to level them).
    I reported that error about siblings spawning with missing attribute points in recent updates. They took a few of my saves and say they are working on the problem. I found a temporary workaround for this problem, by temporarily enabling cheats and using console commands to give my siblings their missing attributes, and then turning cheats off.

    If you want I can post the steps to do this.

    to reach the console in game you need to press: alt + ` , you do not need to download anything, some websites try to tell you that you do, but you do not need to.

    The command you need to use are:

    1. Enable Cheat mode with:

    config.cheat_mode 1

    2. Give points to the sibling. (For me I counted 13 missing points, compared to earlier play throughs, so I gave them 13 to make up for the missing points).

    campaign.add_attribute_points_to_hero 10 "HeroName".

    Change 10 to whatever number you intend to give to your sibling

    3. disable cheat mode from the console

    config.cheat_mode 0
  13. sandbox mode - lack of siblings

    Sandbox mode is basically the classic Mount&Blade experience where you're a lone adventurer, and I love it.
    Ok sure. But how would a choice to add siblings or not detract from that enjoyment? It sounds like a win-win for everyone.
    A sandbox with lots of options regarding how we want to play and how we want our character set up at the start sounds good to me.
  14. sandbox mode - lack of siblings

    so it seems in sandbox mode you dont have any brothers or sisters is there any way to add them myself or do we have to hope for the devs to implement the option
    Yes, I agree. They should allow us to choose siblings or not. That would make it more fun and enjoyable to play. Hope they get to work implementing this.

    Sandbox is fun, and we shouldn't feel hobbled by choosing that option. A true sandbox should allow us many free choices regarding how we want to play the game and how we want our character configured at the start of that game.
  15. We think co-op campaign for bannerlord is possible. and should be made

    fell for the fake rumors, me and my cousin were so excited when we heard "co-op in bannerlord" thing. we've been playing mount&blade games since almost from the releases. we got really sad n disappointed bcoz of the fake rumors. but , since from the bannerlord release and 'till now ı've been thinking about co-op campaign with its details, here:

    since 2 separate group of armies in same game impossible to make (not impossible but if you think a little about it, u'll understand why it wont work out),
    I thought 2 players can be in the same party, first player will be set as leader of the party, and second will stand like a companion, ALSO MAYBE leadership will be transferable at anytime, but ı dont suggest it since it will bring it's own problems.
    and as for the characters of players; it will be exact same character appearence and skill costumization in bannerlord, and since they'll be in the same clan and they'll want marry with npc nobles to have them as a companion in their party, there will be 2 options for bound between these 2 in-game characters:
    1. Siblings (male-male,male-female,female-female) - for having npc spouses.
    2. Couple (if death and birth enabled)

    the game save MAY stand as a server. which, one of the players will host.
    I suggest the game should only be continuable if both of the players have connected.
    OR which can be continuable only if at least one of the players have joined the world, {but what about the second player which is offline but in the party? - in battles, it stands as controllable npc like others}

    of course I might miss major or minor problems so;
    if you have any suggestions and questions, reply, and SHAPE THİS İDEA. this will be our work.
    Absolutely. it could work. A second player should simply be able to start playing the game by taking control of one of your companions during battles. This would be enough to allow a second player to play along and for two people to enjoy playing the game together. When the second player leaves the game then the AI should resume controlling the companion as normal.

    The first player should be party leader, and the second player takes control of a companion during battles.
  16. Suggestion: Allow us to marry female members of our family to Wandering Companions.

    I'd like to suggest adding the ability to marry female members of our family to wandering companions, proven loyal members of our trusted retinue. Making the companion take on a noble function within the clan and allowing us to maintain control of both characters. I would also suggest enabling...
  17. Is there a way to use console commands to add attribute and skill points to siblings in party?

    Example: campaign.add_attribute_points_to_hero 10 "HeroName".
    campaign.add_focus_points_to_hero 10 "HeroName"
    Thank you it worked. I am glad I have a work around for the bug until it is fixed. I could also disable cheats afterward to ensure I don't accidently trigger one of them while playing.
  18. Is there a way to use console commands to add attribute and skill points to siblings in party?

    Example: campaign.add_attribute_points_to_hero 10 "HeroName".
    campaign.add_focus_points_to_hero 10 "HeroName"
    Ok so will that give 10 attribute points to my sibling if I type in their name in the place of HeroName? Do I need quotations or remove them from the name when I type it?
  19. Is there a way to use console commands to add attribute and skill points to siblings in party?

    I have been suffering from a game glitch that is spawning my siblings with attribute and skill points missing. Is there a console command that I can use to give my siblings attribute and skills points, as a work around for this problem until it gets properly fixed? I found these commands...
  20. In Progress Sister spawned without base attribute/skill points.

    Got the file. Forwarded to QA. Thanks for the effort!
    The missing attributes for siblings is still a problem following the latest update. e1.5.9.266721

    I also noticed that the developmental choice text refers to my sister as being my daughter, which is wrong.

    Hope this attribute problem gets fixed, so that siblings get proper skills and attribute points, because this currently cripples any play through.
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