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  1. Siege tower issues, Siege issues in general *bit of satire to boot*

    My current tactic is to build siege towers, but not bring them into battle (free XP) and bum rush a wall with two ladders. Stand the ladders up first thing, position 40+ archers facing the ladders and mow down the enemy whist they try to poke the ladders down. once my skirmishers stop throwing javalins then climb up with all infantry, followed by archers. Archers are then sent to cut off the escape route whislt the conga line of death works it way round the walls.
  2. Siege tower issues, Siege issues in general *bit of satire to boot*

    I normally don't build siege towers, they are too slow and against siege equipment and AI accuracy they are a waste of time. I did try and use them in the deep south and found that not only are they too tall for some walls (causing troops to just stand on the platform and get stabbed in the...
  3. Some vital battle commands

    +1 siege commands vs field commands is a very good idea!
  4. Not Receiving Many Notifications of War or Peace Declared!?

    yes, its hit and miss. I see some war dec's, but not all. And I definately do not see peace dec's. I rely on red or white.
  5. Negative standing during war, NPC's refuse to fight or surrender.

    So I got tired of wiping stacks outside the same city for 50 days. I began executions to try and stem the constant army's vs my party ( I'm not a fan of using armies and prefare just my gang). Once you have killed a few, your standings are destroyed (thats a debate for another thread). I must be...
  6. Constant war and executing enemy heros, a newbie guide to ruining your save

    To preface, I'm working with the southern empire, I own 1 city with 3 villages. I got tired of stacked armies rolling up every day, so I decided to excecute enemy generals. My thoughts were that the enemy empire would no longer have rapid siege armies. What happened next has broken my game. The...
  7. Bannerlord SP First Reactions: Megathread

    The skill tree is a total mystery before you start, meaning you have to chose options before you understand them.
    Trying to find lords to pledge allegience to is next to impossible, where is so and so? 'last sighted here 2 days ago' travel to location, spiral out searching, find nothing. Not to mention if you sign up during an active war, you need troops, so you are either paying wages whilst trying to find them or have no army to in with their attacks.

    War status is not declared (anywhere Ive seen) only in the faction tab do you know if there is a war on. or when a war has been ended.

    Armys being disbanded, a few times now ive been in an army, we won every fight, then it gets led balls deep into a waring nation and disbands. Usually when in spitting distance of the waring nations armys.

    No ability to communicate with other lords in an army once it is joined. I might have wanted to **** talk them about their previous performance.

    Bandit camps = complete joke, let me take my army in or at very least an group of my chosing.

    Villiage missions:-
    Train these guys:- Looters and other mobs run too fast on the over world. This makes it easy to fail, given you can only really throw them at looters. I just failed this mission and im livid, 9/10 trained, 1/10 50% trained and out of pocket for trying to run down enough looters to level them up.

    Fued:- Lets start a fight point blank on horseback. Turn your horse the wrong way and its mission fail. Get off your horse, try and fight and pray the idiot is able to block 3 guys attacking him.

    Escort the caravan:- No option to actual follow, you just have to constantly click near it and semi orbit it. Zero danger, no group intentionally attacks. But can be used to bait looters and raiders.

    Take Goods to market:- Again no attacks on you whilst doing this. Mission does not stack with similar missions.

    Workshops:- no profit or loss information, no fast way to just buy a workshop.

    Town missions:- Ill be honest, after the **** show of the villiage missions I was not interested.

    There are so many pointless transitions. You run up on a target, transition in, choose fight, transition out, have to chose fight again, transition in. fight, transition out. All communication could be done on the overworld without transition.

    The Tutorial is pretty useless, its an after thought for a game made for vetran players.
    No info on how to trade
    No info on how trade caravans work
    No info on workshops (within the tutorial) and no profit loss for said workshops before buying them
    No info that you need to have pledged to a faction to join in wars
    No info on how to build your own faction
    No info on how you can own a villiage, town or castle
    No Info on how moral works (both on the overworld and within battles)
    No Info on how sieges work
    All of this info needs to be available to new players ingame (its not good enough to need the comunity to explain your game to itself)

    The lack off ingame detail about mechanics makes this game very frustrating.
    Its only down to the amazing work the community has put into guides and mods that im still playing.

    As for the 'its in EA' argument, I took that tact with 7 days to die and that game is a shambles.
  8. The newbie in multi player experience.

    So ive played the first mount and blade, got an idea of combat and what not to do. TDM= Is chaotic in the worst way imaginagable. Archers camp spawns, cavilry circles spawns and wrecking balls tumble weed around. Add to that the frequent spawns in the middle of the opposing team. Siege= I have...
  9. Nerfing cavalry

    I like the speed of the horses, thats about all. There needs to be consequenses for running headlong into things. Watching a horse pinball down an alley with impunity is just a bit silly.
  10. Team Deathmatch

    Im a newbie to the multiplayer hack and slash. The spawns are terrible. You either spawn in a wrecking ball of enemy players, or spawn in some random alley. If you got the far off spawn, half of the time you get 2 shot by some archers who are facing the spawn or 1 shot by a guy on a horse. Feels really hard to build momentum.
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