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  1. Need More Info Dragon Banner - supporting a kingdom when I'm the ruler

    Summary: I inherited rule of the Western Empire. In the Dragon Banner quest I am no longer "independent" and can't support myself. I would have to give up the whole kingdom to continue the quest How to Reproduce: Be in the situation above. Have you used cheats and if so which:N/A Scene Name...
  2. Much needed game suggestion - defeated kingdoms

    How much do you want things to be dumbed down?
    I don't think that asking for a realistic AI economy is "dumbing" anything down.
  3. Much needed game suggestion - defeated kingdoms

    The option to "instantly eliminate the kingdoms" isn't popular - I get that.

    But their economy definitely needs to be re-worked so that they erode over time if they can't recover...

    ...just like us.
  4. Much needed game suggestion - defeated kingdoms

    Hey, I hope you guys all get behind this. I'm sure every one of us is fed up of dealing with raiding lords of defeated factions. When they're gone, they should be gone. There needs to be some kinda change that allows a kingdom to finally, finally, be put to bed - without having to take out...
  5. In Progress [1.8.0.] Vassals randomly leaving kingdom.

    Bump, as it just happened to me too.

    I have just had a clan leave my kingdom with 4 members all at 99 relation. They went and joined the Aserai, who currently have zero castles and zero towns, on account of...diplomatic relations we've had.

    I'm trying to actually eliminate the Aserai, I manage to persuade their clan members to join me, they're at 99 relation, and a week later they defect to the Aserai again despite that kingdom having no settlements at all. How the hell are we supposed to win this game when we can't destroy a kingdom at all and clans pull this kinda crap?
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