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  1. In Progress Why is Sargot in the South in Vlandia and not North?!

    Intention doesnt matter here, my point is that there is already a massive continuity break with warband, and if the developers who made the lore in the first place don't care then why should we.
    I dont know why you should care, but I know why I care and its upsetting how devs do not care about the world theyve built as you said. But I see no reason to stop caring about the game world and its lore from my pov.
  2. In Progress Why is Sargot in the South in Vlandia and not North?!

    Bruh there's an entire extra ocean and hundreds of new mpuntain ranges in Bannerlord that weren't in warband at all. As silly as the Sargot change is, its clear they just wanted a new map.
    The "change" is a confirmed bug. Everyone understands the layout changes regarding mountains, rivers, overall geography, but as I said, this is a confirmed bug and one dev explained how this was a mistake, an oversight, in another topic. If Sargot wasnt in the game at all that wouldnt have been a problem since it would make sense for people to build the town later between timelines of BL and WB, but taking the name of a known town from up north in your other game and giving it to another town down south is a bug. Unintentional changes are bugs, intentional ones are not, and this is not intentional, bruh.
  3. Resolved [BETA 1.1.0]Missing character descriptions

    Same issue for me even on my main character.

    Playing on sandbox mode by the way.

    It seems inconsistent for me though, some have the description and some don't.
    I explained why its inconsistent. The main heroes (not rng'ed) do not have descriptions, those who are randomly generated at the game start or later in campaign do have descriptions.
  4. In Progress Why is Sargot in the South in Vlandia and not North?!

    They can easily turn it into cannon: Sargot was destroyed by some Vikingr/Nords, and the surviving garrison and townsfolk were chased/harassed through Battania until they finally emerged on the oth3reside, and rebuilt Sargot.

    That wouldnt be an ideal explanation since we wouldnt see/experience that actively in-game, that'd need a time jump. An abrupt and passive lore-change that'd ultimately change the campaign map looks very ameteurish, this shouldve been fixed day 1.

    "It's probably low priority because fixing it takes time, and would detract from the other more pressing issues i.e The neverending -100 war progress bug. Which I hope they fix soon."

    And no, it doesn't take time, its literally a 2 minute fix that some modders (including me) have done using XMLS and XSLTs, its a name change there is no way it can be justified by saying its low priority when its detrimental to world building and lore. Instead of adding absurd Vlandian 15th century pauldrons to the game, one could quickly fix this issue. The fact that it took them 2 years to properly address the issue by responding is worrying, especially since the replies look a lot like automated messages.
  5. In Progress [BETA 1.1.0] Cloth simulation is NOT active

    Summary: You guys keep insisting that this is a modded game bug and insist on marking the bug as resolved. It is NOT resolved and it has nothing to do with mods. How to Reproduce: Go to a Vlandian scene for god's sake, Ocs Hall, Drapand and Verecsand are all bugged, siege scenes included. Have...
  6. In Progress Why is Sargot in the South in Vlandia and not North?!

    Your valuable feedback is low priority and doesn't scare them. Anyone else wants to get low priority or are we done complaining??
    Not sure If I should laugh or get pissed at this point.
  7. In Progress Why is Sargot in the South in Vlandia and not North?!

    Hi all. We are aware of this one and that it's been marked "in progress" for quite some time as it's one of the low prio issues. Really sorry for that. However, I can finally say that the fix for this issue is planned to be released with the upcoming patches.
    Sorry to break it to you but.. do you guys realize you released companion app dlc with Sargot at south.. so is this a bug turned into feature now? And how come it took you 2 years to even properly respond to this let alone fixing this? This is a 2 minute fix. This bug broke lots of lore info between older M&B titles and Bannerlord. I'm curious if the fix will arrive if so when and how are you going to fix the lore now.
  8. Resolved Cloth simulation is not enabled in town scenes and keeps

    Hey, the decline of the level of detail on the banners are intended design to better the performance. The banners close to you will have activated physycs, while the further ones will stop it to improve the performance. I could not reproduce the issue with cloth physycs on the v1.0.3 as well. I will mark the thread as solved. Please let me know if the issue is persistent on an unmodded, new campaign after manually removing the mod files and verifying the integrity of the game files.
    Here, it took me 2 minutes to reproduce it on an unmodded 1.1.0 BETA (the bug is in all the versions post 1.9.0) I specifically said Vlandian scenes the imgur images you sent are from imperial scenes. And I bet some of them are bugged too, you have to find all of them as most - but not all are bugged. So please tell your QA team to just enter all the keep scenes and find which ones are bugged (siege scenes are bugged too).

    Example, Ocs Hall BETA 1.1.0 NO mods (video link)

    As you can see from the video above, Ocs Hall keep scene does not have cloth physics active, I also entered tavern to show the difference in case you still cant notice whats wrong. Again this bug is almost everywhere in Vlandian scenes including castles, siege scenes and all their levels. And probably many more scenes that I couldnt test.
  9. Resolved Cloth simulation is not enabled in town scenes and keeps

    Hey, No It is not resolved, Jesus Christ.. I already reported the same bug on 1.1.0 NOT modded game in another thread, this happens in most scenes whether youre close to banner/flag or not, this also happens on cloaks and capes. This happens on ALL Bannerlord versions including 1.0.3 and 1.1.0 just go to Ocs Hall, Verecsand, Drapand.. almost all the scenes are bugged and do not have cloth physics active. Spear banners, capes, cloaks are bugged.
  10. Need More Info Several bug reports - BETA 1.1.0

    What was the caslte/town you were siegeing?
    I dont really remember, but that happens all the time in all sieges, the attacker do not raise their shields at all while waiting to climb the ladders, they just stand there looking at different directions.
  11. Need More Info [BETA 1.1.0] Parley bug

    Could this be intentional? I may be remembering it wrong, I thought the AI would lift the siege if you successfully parley/banter with them by offering money. Or do they just let the player go?
  12. Need More Info [BETA 1.1.0] Parley bug

    Summary: If you try to parley with the besiegers while you are in your own castle and they accept the money to lift the siege, youre getting thrown out of your castle and the attacker does not lift the siege and they take your money. You can not break in to help since it says "youre sworn to not...
  13. Resolved Cloth simulation is not enabled in town scenes and keeps

    Yes this is not a modded game issue (mod I used here no way can cause such issue as I added modded banner icon myself), its still in 1.1.0 as I also reported it again.
  14. Fog Of War Improvement

    Now that we have the fog of war feature, a follow up, complementary feature should be asking where the people are. We should be able to ask a lord where their clan members are, we should be able to ask a king where his vassal clan leaders are, and tavern keepers where the wanderers are. This...
  15. Resolved erorr im keeps

    If you actually play your game, you will find it everywhere, it is true that it is not a bug, but it affects the immersion
    No unfortunately its a bug, and its a very old one, its there since 1.6 probably way before. I mean there is literally no reason to enter keeps, but when I do once in a while to speak to king or anyone its incredibly annoying to see 15+ npcs spawning on top of each other at the corner of a room, I wouldnt say its not a bug, it definitely is.
  16. Need More Info [BETA 1.1.0] Latest hotfix crash

    Summary: Crash while siege attack How to Reproduce: Play a siege attack while in an army. Have you used cheats and if so which: Scene Name (if related): Marunath but dont think its that specific siege. I couldnt generate the crash report so it just says "Bannerlord faced a problem". started...
  17. In Progress [BETA 1.1.0] Dirty banner textures

    Summary: Banner textures in castles and towns have dirt texture all over, covering the whole banner, same goes for shields as well, also the cloth simulation is not activated in several scenes such as Ocs Hall, Drapand Castle, Verecsand Castle (siege scenes included). How to Reproduce: Visit a...
  18. In Progress [BETA 1.1.0] Crossbows do not shoot bolts in tournaments

    Summary: Sometimes crossbows equipped in tournaments do not shoot bolts, I dont know about battles. How to Reproduce: Join a tournament with a crossbow. As you can see in the video below, first bolt is correctly shot, but the second and third are not.
  19. Need More Info [BETA 1.1.0] AI sit at the edge of the battlefield as a huge blob

    Unfortunately no, I'll try to reproduce the issue and send you a save file. In addition to that, friendly AI constantly issues cavalry orders as you can see at the left hand side on the screenshot.
  20. Need More Info [BETA 1.1.0] AI sit at the edge of the battlefield as a huge blob

    Summary: AI when outnumbered, sits at the very edge of the battle map, merges every formation into one huge blob even crossing the battlefield limit. How to Reproduce: Play a defensive battle while outnumbered Have you used cheats and if so which: NO Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots...
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