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  1. Need More Info War Report UI

    Summary: How to Reproduce: Look at the war report while at war. Have you used cheats and if so which: I use mods Scene Name (if related): War Report Media (Screenshots & Video): Computer Specs: OS: Windows 10 V 10.0.19044 Build 19044 GPU: Nvidia GTX 1070 GPU Driver Version: 512.15 CPU: Ryzen 7...
  2. Looting tested

    So, I may be jumping to conclusions, but according to your data I would say the "looting" skill is either broken or useless. Getting looting to 5 even with a companion doesn't seem worthwhile to me. Can someone fix this? *crosses fingers that TheMageLord will show up soon*
  3. Who has the best archers?

    killer-blead said:
    how on earth did you thought i meant archers?
    Yes sir! How on earth could you possibly thought he meant archers? His writing is quite clear!

    On the actual subject, I believe that the Kingdom of Rhodocks has the best archers now.
  4. Baheshtur Is Gone

    MrCrotch said:
    Ask a traveller.
    They only know where he is if you've already hired and lost/fired him.
  5. Cattle

    Thanks again MageLord. This will help a lot.

    And to tl337Dude: when you choose "drive the cattle onward" they run away from your party, so you stay behind them relative to where you want them to go and things usually work out. The only problems arise when you're trying to get them to cross a bridge or go through a narrow mountain pass. Anyway, make the changes to the simple_triggers.txt and I hypothetically we shouldn't see any more problems finding cows. I don't know about the price. It seems to be completely random as I've found villages much later in the game that have 3-8 cattle and want 2000-3000 denars for them, and I've found villages that have 1 cow and want 22 denars for it. Maybe it just has to do with prosperity? I hardly pay attention to prosperity until I own a fief.
  6. Cattle

    Thanks a ton MageLord. Is there any way to alter the chances of loss on a 0-100 roll? It would be perfect if you could just change the roll range of loss from 10-49 to something like 10-25. That would probably balance it out pretty well. I'm considering changing the amount of cows lost from 3-8 to 1-3, and just lower the %gained to something like 100-105 and 106-111 so that things don't get out of hand. I'm assuming due to proximity that the first set of blue numbers is the additional increase for large growth. I'm also considering lowering the chance of losing all cows to either 0 or 1. Again, thank you.
  7. Who has the best archers?

    G36E said:
    See important point.
    Whoa, missed that... When the hell are you defending in a siege? I've never defended and I've taken over all of Vaeger territory.
  8. We are too rich

    You really think my post was "inane" and didn't contribute?
  9. Who has the best archers?

    ttsec said:
    How do you guys station your archers during siege defense for maximum effectiveness?  Do you tell them to hold position in front of the ladder? To the side? Or don't touch the commands and leave it to default from start?
    This may not work for you because I play with battle size on 200-300 (which makes sieges REALLY difficult by the way). The best thing to do is tell them to hold in front of the ladder, or underneath it when they/you have taken out most of the archers on the wall facing you. This is because the biggest problem after you take out the guys facing you is the guys on the towers facing the ladder. They make it VERY difficult to get up the ladder at all let alone combat the melee troops waiting for you at the top. Don't send your melee troops in with F3 at all, they just get slaughtered. Instead, you have to go up to the top of the ladder and take out as many people as you can until you clear a spot for your melee units to make a stand. Don't tell them to follow you either until you're really ready because they'll get in your way if you're combating troops at the top of the ladder.

    EDIT: BTW, a really long 2-hander or polearm helps a ton when you reach the top of the ladder.
  10. Cattle

    I'm saying that I can't even find a village that has any cattle, let alone one with cattle of reasonable prices. The problem isn't herding and the problem isn't just the price, it's that lords raid villages so much that all the cattle in Calradia end up slaughtered.
  11. Cattle

    killer-blead said:
    what is the point of this topic?
    Cattle quests are broken.
  12. We are too rich

    Alright... just throwin' it out there.

    From my view there definitely are not enough money sinks. Here are a few that would help regulate into later levels and not cause you tremendous grief at the beginning:

    1) Equipment Durability - Have the ability to have heroes have smithing skill and repair your items to an extent. Have all equipment permanently decay with use so that eventually they are unusable. HOLD ON; now obviously to balance this you need to reduce the cost of items significantly and have higher quality items decay more slowly (that's part of their quality). Smiths in towns/villages have maximum/slightly reduced ability to repair equipment. Everyone hates this suggestion but it's realistic and it will work, I promise. Only foreseeable problem is having to micromanage all of your heroes' equipment.

    2) Make Upgrading Troops Cost Denars - This just makes sense in my mind. Where the hell are they getting all their new equipment from? And why doesn't anyone seem to have to pay for it? You certainly don't provide them with enough in wages to afford their new gear. Make it reasonable; 30 D for T1->T2, 60 D for T2->T3, 100 D for T3->T4, and 150 D for T4->T5. Keep in mind that that's just an EXAMPLE. Adjust for balance.

    3) Troop Upkeep Costs - Troops already need food, but currently that's all. Why not have their equipment degrade from battle as well? You don't have to micromanage all their equipment, just keep it simple: give an XX% DUR rating to each troop type, and just to keep it really simple, have it just average out for all troops of that type at the end of each battle. Return to town/castle/village to recoup the DUR rating, perhaps spending a bit of time as well as denars. Obviously higher tier troops will cost more to upkeep. This even adds the sense of logistics to the game!

    Clearly, balancing it will be the main problem. Economies are always tough to manage, but if you want a good one you just have to bite the bullet and make it work.
  13. FF button

    Just a small, simple addition of a mapped key so that on the world map you can hold down, let's say Q or whatever, and the game progresses at the speed it does while you're camping, or maybe 3/4 that speed. There are so many times when I'm traveling across the entire map (and I play on the...
  14. Cattle

    So... I really don't know why no one has discussed this. Maybe no one but me does quests for the villages. In the beginning of the game, and probably all the way to level 6 or so, you can go to a small village and ride up to the "village elder" and when you ask to buy cattle from them they...
  15. 1.003 Tournaments, Worse than .960?

    Selothi said:
    As for your team charging off everywhere, just because you're the only human being therein, doesn't mean you're right. All AIs usually end up in a corner, poking at each other with their sticks. Either help them out at the start by joining in their charge, or go solo at first and then bail them out by whacking at the exterior of the brawl.
    Just FYI you can issue battle orders in the arena just like in the field, although, if you fit F2 right at the beginning of a fight your fellow gladiators tend to turn around and stare at you dumbly while being pummeled from behind by opponents' arrows/swords/axes/lances. Your best bet initially is to hit F1 and solo charge a small group of enemy combatants that are fighting each other. Using this strategy I only lose when someone gets a lucky hit on me.

    Edit: sorry for going over the same stuff people have. I'm a sloooow poster.
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