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  1. Elephant DLC?

    I don't know if elephants would be any good in this game. With how wonky the damage is, a larger target is just a shorter lifespan.

    Unless they give the mount the same amount of health as siege equipment. Also attacking from the elephant will be a nightmare.

    If there is actually a acquirable unit that uses this then that would be awesome.
  2. POLL: DLCs from Taleworlds

    LoTR mod will be considered vaporware for a long time.
    Probably and it saddens me.
    be monetized in one way or another
    How would you even monetized a mod?
  3. POLL: DLCs from Taleworlds

    He is not interested. Unless someone competent assembles a team and offers to do it for him.
    But why do a lot of hard work for someone else if you can create your own mod? Brand recognition only goes so far and once new full conversion mods start coming up, the old ones will be consigned to history.
    Neat, thank you MadVader. It will be really interesting to see what kind full conversions mods there will be and how many. I know there's a lord of the rings one but I wonder how many original worlds will pop up.

    Was Prophesy of Pendor based off a book or tv? Or was it the mod dev's personal creation?
  4. POLL: DLCs from Taleworlds

    I don't think that will happen, and it won't be Taleworlds' fault. I hope for better original full conversion mods that would build upon the gameplay of old classics such as PoP, but also other mods that did well.
    Why wouldn't it happen? Did the mod dev, quite modding or something?
  5. POLL: DLCs from Taleworlds

    I picked other as in, I will only get one if they're free. Otherwise I don't care about the dlcs in this dull game
  6. Bannerlord was a grift

    All this suffering and grief from earlier access players will be forgotten once the game was fully released and reached it full potential. It may takes a year or 10 years but profits and new players will come, old players will return.
    Or Taleworld releases it as is and go to their next game. Either way really.

    And sure they do have "unlimited" time but the game industry is a fast pace type of industry. The face that this took so long already is just ridiculous. At this rate, if they do finish this game in 10 years or whatever. Bannerlord will probably have been forgotten.

    In fact the only reason Bannerlord is still being played is probably due to the fact that there are no competitors for this type of game.
  7. Infinite Armies

    Also if lords kept getting capped by looters - then bandits shouldn't scale on player level FFS... they should scale based on things like raids and security and prosperity. That might have been part of the problem.
    Good idea, it would make sense if there are more raiders in more prosperous lands. Instead the current way where the entire land gets more and more bandits despite nothing changing at all.
  8. Thoughts on the Late Game? Any Benefit of being a King?

    In Bannerlord's late game I spend most of my time wandering the map looking for new clans to recruit.
    Makes me wish for the days when the lords would come to you in hopes for more power.
  9. Question for Modders and those who read code

    if (weaponComponentData.WeaponClass == WeaponClass.ThrowingKnife || weaponComponentData.WeaponClass == WeaponClass.ThrowingKnife || weaponComponentData.WeaponClass == WeaponClass.Javelin)
    num4 *= 1.2f;
    I understand some of this but what is "num4 *=1.2f?
    @qwerrecd42 I'm asking to give an excuse on EA or even complain about it. I'm just curious on the whys and hows. It entertains me for a hour or two. Especially when I have to figure out what the fudge is being typed.
  10. Question for Modders and those who read code

    And why exactly you want to know this?
    Just curious and bored basically. Plus I find the TALK of code fascinating. Even if I dislike actually using code myself.
  11. Question for Modders and those who read code

    How is Bannerlord code so messy? And any idea WHY it is so messy? I been reading text after text saying that the code is just a jumbled messed. And I want to know why. Please and thank you. Edit: Examples are nice. I'm bored here!!
  12. ***Community Feedback ROADMAP - What Taleworlds still needs to fix!***

    The actual truth here is that development has gone far longer than your average game, and this is mainly because Taleworlds is disorganized, as former employees have said in reviews on Glassdoor.
    Taleworlds works as they go, lacking an overall long-term plan (further indicated by the fact it's been over a month since they said "we'll share our long-term plan soon!"- clearly they still have to work out what it actually is).
    Thank you for posting these reviews. Been looking for them for a while now. And it honestly sounds like they're going the same route as "Steam" where people basically go at their own rate. Which in turn makes communication and deadline an actual nightmare. Pros and Cons I against.

    Though it seems Taleworlds is more strict in some areas.
  13. ***Community Feedback ROADMAP - What Taleworlds still needs to fix!***

    8-9 years is what actual most games take to develop and that is considering they tend to all ready have an engine to run off of.
    I'm sorry but what? If this was true for "most" games then the game industry wouldn't be the giant titan that it is now. There would only be very very niche games. (Like this one)
  14. What we have in Bannerlord pre-release dev diaries but not in game by now

    To be honest this is some sort of exercices you give to train your students for the first half of any undergraduate degree on computer science.
    It's far from being complicated per se, like always incorporating onto the existent codebase is another task by itself.
    If the crap I want is so easy to code then why don't I have the crap I want! I want muh crap!

    In all seriousness. This makes me wonder how different all the mods will be. Half them will probably be adding things into the game that should've been there since the start.
  15. What we have in Bannerlord pre-release dev diaries but not in game by now

    Won't you approach it by first listing out all the possible interactions then provide code that handles each case?

    What would be the best way to solve this type of problem? I'd very much love to see a mod like this with working relations. Do you guys actually study the whole code before you begin coding?

    Is it possible for someone who has never coded to learn how to mod?
    If you do make this mod. Message me, I'm still around. I would love to play it. Goodness knows that this game needs to have more life breathe into it.
  16. What's the actual point of "I have a quick question?"

    Establish dominance by asking a quick question. Over and over again. The lords will just succumb to your ignorance
  17. Why cant I make an army when I'm not in a faction?

    I personally like the 100 party and companion mod. So if you do go for the solo clan thing, it still feels like you're part of something. Though the message tab becomes spammed with notifications of levels up and the like.
  18. What we have in Bannerlord pre-release dev diaries but not in game by now

    We are talking about implementing a hierarchy of nobles with fiefs etc., right? The bug prone part is what happens when a noble dies or defects or is otherwise removed. The code needs to handle all the possibilities.
    Also what are the possible interactions between liege and vassal: AI-AI, AI-player and player-AI? This could complicate things and add more time/effort for coding.
    Yeah a hierarchy is the best way of explaining it. Thanks for the info MadVader, just one last thing. For interactions with player and the minor subjects. (Petty lords? Minor lords? Village lords? Idk) I figure they would act as if they were part of your clan. But to the kingdom overall, they would probably be treated as permeant mercenary? And if they do receive a fief of their own, they forfeit the village. With another noble taking their place. Hell, maybe you can promote your companions into these roles?
  19. What we have in Bannerlord pre-release dev diaries but not in game by now

    it's just bug-prone
    I'm curious, do you have any ideas what type of bugs that could be a problem with the lords and village idea?

    And I figured battle ai would be a different beast altogether. Pathing, enemies, dangers, weapons, and more. I do not envy the people who code that part.
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