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  1. Resolved Imperial Legionary/Triarii No Longer Throwing Pila

    Alright, thanks.

    Why do they carry around a weapon they can't use?
  2. Resolved Imperial Legionary/Triarii No Longer Throwing Pila

    Summary: These troops no longer use their pila as throwable weapons, they just carry them around. Toggling hold fire doesn't seem to change the behavior. How to Reproduce: Custom battle, triarii vs legionaries, neither side throws one pilum. Have you used cheats and if so which: None. Scene Name...
  3. Cannot get attribute points in Storyline Campaign

    Idibil said:
    Ok, I will add one note in attributes.

    For skills, you have it in 1.02.

  4. Cannot get attribute points in Storyline Campaign

    Idibil said:
    Rob The Robot said:
    I just started playing the storyline mode and it's quite fun. The problem is when I level up I only get skill points and not attribute points. Is this a feature  in storyline mode where you get attributes points a different way or it's just a bug??

    You get 1 attribute point each 5 levels. VC levels work in different way to native  :grin:

    Would it be possible to actually write this somewhere on the character screen, as well as the tweaked skill caps?
  5. Buying Viking Conquest.

    Be sure to at least give Warband a try when VC doesn't work! It's a good game.
  6. not gaining attribute points?

    You only get attribute points every couple of levels. That isn't mentioned anywhere in the game because... because.

    Also the attribute cap on skills is not the same as Native, which also isn't explained anywhere.
  7. How does one make money from the baker/toolmaker/other enterprises?

    All options are estimated to lose me money each week. How does one actually make these profitable?
  8. Stones deal more damage than longbows

    Looks like 16, compared to the Long Bow's 14. The Ruffian group members, who don't take armor, require about 8 shots or more to kill. How did this happen? Even if all of the bugs get patched, we're still left with bizarre design choices. This looks kind of hopeless.
  9. Steam Sale!

    Unfortunately I have a 4x4 serial and when I enter it into this tool, nothing happens.

    Thanks though!
  10. Steam Sale!

    I bought this game ages ago and have it registered via the TaleWorlds site.

    Is there any way to trade that in for a Steam key?
  11. Steam 5x5 Keys solution

    Kleidophoros said:
    One of the developers answered a similar post here;

    katastrophi said:
    I just bought the War & Blade: Collection from And none of the keys will validate on steam. I've been given 4x4 keys that will not work. I've email the support but people are saying it is fixed? When i am having the problem still. :neutral:

    Ragnor said:
    @katastrophi: Because your problem is something different than this one. But don't worry we are on it.

    I have the same problem. :/
  12. Where is the key located on my computer?

    Awesome, thanks! Trying to figure out how to activate this on Steam. It's a 4x4 key, so I think I may be out of luck but we'll see what happens.
  13. Where is the key located on my computer?

    Bought this game forever ago and it still works, just wondering where I can find the key on my computer so I can activate it on Steam/remember where it is for safekeeping. Thanks!
  14. Adding Banners

    Digging this one up from the grave, because I'm trying to do this again in 1.011.

    Should I just use the same process that I used for .960? Has anything changed?
  15. Firearms

    Awesome, thanks!

    Now how do I go about adding the musket model to a merchant's inventory and set the price?
  16. Adding Banners

    Aha! I've got it! You have to change module_constants.

    # Banner constants
    banner_meshes_begin = "mesh_banner_a01"
    banner_meshes_end_minus_one = "mesh_banner_f13"
    custom_banner_charges_begin = "mesh_custom_banner_charge_01"
    custom_banner_charges_end = "mesh_tableau_mesh_custom_banner"
    custom_banner_backgrounds_begin = "mesh_custom_banner_bg"
    custom_banner_backgrounds_end = custom_banner_charges_begin
    custom_banner_flag_types_begin = "mesh_custom_banner_01"
    custom_banner_flag_types_end = custom_banner_backgrounds_begin
    custom_banner_flag_map_types_begin = "mesh_custom_map_banner_01"
    custom_banner_flag_map_types_end = custom_banner_flag_types_begin
    custom_banner_flag_scene_props_begin = "spr_custom_banner_01"
    custom_banner_flag_scene_props_end = "spr_banner_a"
    custom_banner_map_icons_begin = "icon_custom_banner_01"
    custom_banner_map_icons_end = "icon_banner_01"
    banner_map_icons_begin = "icon_banner_01"
    banner_map_icons_end_minus_one = "icon_banner_f13"
    banner_scene_props_begin = "spr_banner_a"
    banner_scene_props_end_minus_one = "spr_banner_eu"
    khergit_banners_begin_offset = 63
    khergit_banners_end_offset = 84

    Did the trick. Thanks so much for the help!
  17. Adding Banners

    It's almost as if there's an artificial limit as to the number of flags available at the select screen and the game won't let me go over it.

    I know the banner works correctly, as I was able to overwrite a standard banner with the mesh name and icon of my custom one and it displayed just fine at the banner select screen. The only problem is getting these banners in addition to the standard ones without making replacements.
  18. Adding Banners

    Aha! Got that part, and now there's eight pages of banners, but none of my recently added banners made it. Did I put the code in correctly?
  19. Adding Banners

    Aha. That makes perfect sense. Only problem is python just doesn't seem to want to work.

    I added

    ";C:\Python25" to my environmental variables, and still I get the internal or external command error.
  20. Adding Banners

    Actually... I think I may have found the problem. Do I put the ModuleSystem folder in my Native folder or in the M&B folder?
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