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  1. Resolved License key not working - Warband

    Found the solution.
    I installed Floris through the installer that I found in moddb. I installed it on top of the steam installation and the mod works like a charm.
    The Floris mod that is available through steam workshop does not work and the installation instructions mention the use of WSE, which is not needed.
    Mentioning this in case someone else has the same problem.

    Thanks for the help
  2. Resolved License key not working - Warband

    Did you try to subscribe to mods at the steam workshop?

    And did you try to install a mod without WSE?
    No. Didn't know it was possible.
    The TW developers have in general not the obligation to guarantee that every mod works, especially the ones which requires WSE (which caused most probably the "incorrect serial key" issue). That's an external tool developed by modders. If you can play the Native game via steam, it's working fine. The rest is not a real technical problem of TW.
    OK, I get this, but why can't I play the game from the TW downloadable, without any mod? Isn't steam serial compatible with the game downloaded from TW?
  3. Resolved License key not working - Warband

    The standalone game from taleworlds download (vanilla) does not work (Incorrect serial key). The game through steam works.

    Mods, specifically Floris (that's the only one I want) does not work either on steam or standalone. On steam through WSE I get the same error (Incorrect serial key) and on standalone installation I can't even register vanilla (didn't proceed to install Floris at all).

    I hope this clarifies a bit the situation.
  4. Resolved License key not working - Warband

    Hello, I bought the game (Warband) back in 2013 through steam. I want to start playing again and install some mods. I downloaded the standalone game from taleworlds and tried to activate with steam key (read in this forum that they are compatible). I only get the error "Incorrect serial key"...
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