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  1. Szentgyörgyi

    Make Cav Stronger Again

    Please make (at least lower tier) cavalry more available. As it stands now, cavalry players are forced to play other roles, and we have to be good at those for a chance of playing with our preferred class once we accumulate enough coin.

    Contrast this to naked 2 handers, another high impact class, which has a much lower barrier to entry (ie. lower initial cost, easier to find a 2h laying on the ground than finding a good lance + chasing down a horse).
  2. Szentgyörgyi

    EU will review daylight saving time

    kurczak said:
    having sunrise at 7:30 instead of 8:30

    You know daylight cycle is constant, the way we measure time of day is arbitrary. So it should be 'having 7:30 instead of 8:30 at sunrise'.
    I'm all for keeping either time all year round, whoever isn't happy with it can adjust their schedule.
    Though the best solution would be to abolish all silly time constructs like daylight saving time, timezones, counting the year based on some dude's birthday, months etc. and adopt the one true solution, Unix time. Then we can move on to more meaningful debates, like what to do about leap seconds.
  3. Szentgyörgyi

    Dev Blog 18/01/18

    low-fantasy setting

    I would debate Mount&Blade franchise being low-fantasy. Fictional yes, but in no case low-fantasy, as that would require having supernatural elements, which I'm pretty confident have no presence whatsoever in M&B. And that is for the better, in my book anyway, that for me was the biggest selling point back when I was introduced to this game, pure medieval warfare with no spells attached. It filled a niche that was so overlooked back in the day, ultimately becoming the pioneer of a new genre.

    Anyone's welcome to debate my argument. Though I remember reading about the alpha versions of the original M&B having some kind of supernatural elements, someone can probably correct me on that, it doesn't really count any more. Also you could attribute Harlaus' obsession with butter to some supernatural force, but that is just speculation  :lol:

    Regarding critique of why you guys are writing about 'stuff we already know', people don't realize these developer blog entries aren't exclusively meant for the existing fan base. These posts get shared on other websites, and they're a good source of information for people unfamiliar with the franchise. They also give insight on inner workings of the development team, which I doubt most of us were familiar with before these blog posts. I think it's good PR work, I enjoy them a lot, please keep them coming.
  4. Szentgyörgyi

    Latest stable version?

    After a long brake from M&B I'm eager to jump back in and play some Viking Conquest. But reading through recent threads, it seems a lot of stuff is broken after  v2.03X, so I'm reluctant to start a new playthrough. Does anyone know what the last stable version is?
  5. Szentgyörgyi

    Dev Blog 23/11/17

    578 said:
    Taleworlds, you really need to put more effort in names. I have noticed some of the city names sound too generic or stupid and it also extends further to character names. I saw the Battanian leader is called ''Caladog''. Do you expect me to take seriously anyone with 'dog' in his name?

    Maybe his name is written right to left, and it's actually 'Godalac'.
  6. Szentgyörgyi

    Helicopter money

    Temujin said:
    they could have given that money to Greece and thus relieve the suffering Greek people of their misery! the short run, then watch them and everyone else who didn't learn from their mistakes fall to the same misery. Well worth the investment :twisted:

    On a more serious note there was a lengthy debate on the subject that went unnoticed (compared to other less meaningful debates).
  7. Szentgyörgyi

    World News Today, brought to you by TW

    To Russia's west, Poland, Hungary and Romania will seek to recover regions lost to the Russians at various points. They will work to bring Belarus and Ukraine into this fold.

    Stopped scanning after this point. Most of said 'lost regions to Russians' are now part of Belarus and Ukraine. Whoever wrote that prediction should keep to Civ V and stay away from geopolitics.

    Bromden said:
    The ****? Hungary lost a lot of things to the Russians, like lives, virginities and freedoms, but not land.

    It did actually, during WWII Kárpátalja was reclaimed and annexed by Hungary, then lost to the Soviet Union. Although you could argue that no peace treaty recognized the region as part of Hungary, it was de facto part of it, and the USSR took it from Hungary, not Czechoslovakia.
  8. Szentgyörgyi

    The Refugee Kafuffle

    Untitled. said:
    You all should strive to be more like stray dogs.

    Does being cynical count?
  9. Szentgyörgyi

    The Refugee Kafuffle

    Comrade Temuzu said:

    A peasants’ revolt broke out in 5,000-population Ardud, in Satu Mare County, against the national government and the European Union after locals discovered a Church project to house the elderly was actually a secret migrant centre. The deception only came to light when the organisation running the camp started interviewing locals for jobs, and applicants were explicitly told they would be caring for migrants, reports Romanian national television news channel B1.
    A peasants’ revolt
    inb4 Romanian Reactionaries.

    Peasant's revolt - and if you think that is exotic/anachronistic, read up on the shepherds besieging parliament when they tried to regulate the number of dogs they could own.
  10. Szentgyörgyi

    [Read 1st post] Viking Conquest RE: Issues

    I don't use cheats, so you can rule that out.
  11. Szentgyörgyi

    [Read 1st post] Viking Conquest RE: Issues

    Around 800 or so in-game days with VC and I encountered the first error. It was right after finishing a 'provoke war' quest as a vassal (the one where you need to raid village/attack caravan), I think talking to the king triggered it. Here's a screenshot of the logs.


    Also, don't know it this is a bug, or just a convenient way of getting rid of quest-related locations, but the Aescesdun Battlefield location is overlapping Ulf's Farmstead, see image below. This is long after I finished the main quest, but only noticed it now.

  12. Szentgyörgyi

    B Tutorial Other How to modify/add music in Viking Conquest (by dissecting music.txt)

    I always change warband music, according to mod/dlc's setting. Most of it comes from other games (mostly total war series, CK2, KoH - old game this last one) or medieval bands/musicians.

    In the case of Viking Conquest, even though the original soundtrack is wonderful as it is, I knew I just had to include some tracks from the Banner Saga ever since I played that game (forgettable  as far as gameplay  goes,  but has a captivating story and memorable soundtrack). Fits the viking theme rather well, I recommend it highly to anyone looking to add a bit of variety.

    Here's the full playlist, the particular song is one of my favorites. If you don't have the game, you can still get the soundtrack for like 5$ or so.
  13. Szentgyörgyi

    Reforged Edition news: Join the open beta!

    This guy is brutal, a fully armored pict warlord with an insatiable bloodlust and a gaze that will fill your soul with dread...mounted on an adorable pony.
    'Make fun of Rosie and I'll skin you with my bare hands and make a saddle out of your hide, weakling!'

  14. Szentgyörgyi

    about the map

    Ask Russians. They fix.
  15. Szentgyörgyi

    Comments: 3.0 Released

    Could someone please upload the patch to another file sharing site? I always get stuck at around 50% resulting in a damaged archive.
  16. Szentgyörgyi

    PREVIOUS EVENT: Battle of Eoferwic (21/7/13)

    *scratches beard*

    Count me in. I'll join whichever public host gets more loot has room.
  17. Szentgyörgyi

    SP Fantasy [WB] The Imperial Simulacrum: An Elder Scrolls Mod (Orcish Armor p.57)

    ThaneWulfgharn said:
    The Mythic Dawn will be in? Will we have the possibility of meeting/fighting Mehrunes Dagon in the mod, or visiting the Deadlands Plane of Oblivion?

    I doubt, seeing as the crisis started in 3E 433, while the mod starts in 396.

    Anyway, implementing oblivion gates and oblivion could be possible, pirate dens would fit them perfectly, since they appear randomly, can be destroyed, and they offer the possibility to spawn small groups, which would be filled with dremora.
  18. Szentgyörgyi

    SP Fantasy (Game of Thrones) A Clash of Kings (7.0 released 13th of May, 2019)

    alanos said:
    Well considering that at no time in history any army could ever afford to put all of its soldiers in plate armor it's hard to imagine how rich Tywin Lannister could possibly be.
    I mean dude, the only people throughout history who COULD afford plate armor were nobles, rich and influential nobles.

    In history...ASOIAF is fiction, not history.
  19. Szentgyörgyi

    Reward for conquering Calradia

    I might release this as an OSP resource, since it can't even be considered a mini-mod. The aim is to add insult to injury reward the player for conquering Calradia. Texture and normal map already finished, just need to include it in the module system, and it's ready for beta testing.
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