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  1. PaanDeGod

    Resolved Ai is bugged and cant find path in siege battles including leaders.

    It's a known issue that's been there since forever ago. That said, are we even sure siege towers are meant to allow your guys to climb up enemy walls? This documentary seems to think otherwise
    Yup, for now, I use a mod to remove siege ladders. It kinda fixes the problem a bit.
  2. PaanDeGod

    Resolved Ai is bugged and cant find path in siege battles including leaders.

    Summary: I was fighting siege battle 500 of us vs 200 of them. We killed them all except 2 of the enemies up in the siege towers with the ballistas. All of My allies got stuck at the base of ladders and just rotate and stand still don't know how to climb ladders ( they did know how to do it...
  3. PaanDeGod

    In Progress Siege | Nevyansk Castle | Attackers wont properly climb ladders and towers

    I can second that on V1.60
    Like 300-400 soldiers are stuck at the base of the ladder while 2 enemies on siege tower shoot them with baristas lol.
    And like 100-150 of allies are stuck when they get up the stairs and just stand and rotate and cant find 2 remaining enemies on siege towers, lost battle because ai path finding is bugged.
  4. PaanDeGod

    I Have No Control Over My Vassals - I accidently started an Oligarchy

    I wonder how much influence the "decision makers" had to spend to veto all these ideas. lol
    Some of those decision makers needs to be fired in My opinion :grin:
  5. PaanDeGod

    I Have No Control Over My Vassals - I accidently started an Oligarchy

    Lol, developers should learn from modders what people want to see in-game...shame
    Party AI Overhaul and Commands mod made the managing kingdom actually enjoyable.

    Developers...please check mods and see what people like to see in-game...I mean if modder with no payroll can make something better than one on the payroll...that's just lame.
  6. PaanDeGod

    death rate too high

    Lower death rate(and enabled death in non-player battles/simulated battles) + the occasional rare death from old age by default sounds ok... But really there should be a way to configure this stuff yourself

    That is a good idea. I mean if there would be a slider option with percentage right?
    But I doubt they will implement that option for players as it sounds too hard to code.
  7. PaanDeGod

    Resolved Quest: Spy Among Us Freezes Game

    I'm not sure if this is fixed in 1.5.6 But I'm playing on 1.5.5 Spy Among Us is bugged and freezes up the game. I tried this quest twice with the same results: 1) I accepted the quest ( No matter of quest giver ) 2) Take a walk around the city 3) I asked 1st npc living there about the...
  8. PaanDeGod

    Resolved Issues with renaming Your character

    Hello, i have forwarded the issue to the QA team. Thank you for reporting it in and for your time.

    Appreciate how fast You respond to bugs. Thank You.
  9. PaanDeGod

    Resolved Traits are bugged and dont work at all.

    Hello, i have informed the devs about the issue. Thank you for reporting it in.

    Thank You. :smile:
  10. PaanDeGod

    I Got the "Pureblood" Horse Legitimately.

    How can You know that I'm wrong? You don't know Me.
    It's My style and I like to do it that way, I do it for Myself kiddo.
    Sue Me :grin:
  11. PaanDeGod

    fighting as your governor in a defensive siege

    I totally understand your point, the problem is the lack of options with kingdom management. The mods Party AI and improved garissons improve this situation a lot.
    I do not think My suggestion takes away from your other points. Kingdoms management, quality of garrison, and strategic usage of your army would still be as important, the only difference is you would be there to see the engagement through the eyes of your clanmember.

    The problem with Improved garrisons is that they get big and a lot of people have reported that 50-100 man big patrols got wiped out by few looters, and since they don't have the option to resupply men, they are pointless as they get destroyed in a short time.

    But yeah. I get that the game is about battles, but after like 10 battles it gets repetitive and dull, You do same thing over and over again really.
    I can get 100 Khuzait horse archers and woop any army really.

    I'm a big fan of strategy and diplomacy and kingdom management.
    Would be cool to see non-aggression pacts, defensive pacts implemented. And it makes no sense for example Khuzaits declare war on Vladia on the other side of the map..for that would be really amazing if they implement the territorial system, and that You need Military access to cross another kingdom or if You violate that faction gets relation penalty no?
    But let's wait and see how the finished game turns out and have expanded modding tools to implement features like that. :smile:
    Ps. I really miss ship battles from Vikings Conquest, fingers crossed they put that in here too...I mean You can't give people amazing feature in older version and not implement it in the newer one. :grin:

  12. PaanDeGod

    death rate too high

    Make Calradia great again and please keep it on 5.
  13. PaanDeGod

    I Got the "Pureblood" Horse Legitimately.

    I really like your writing style

    Hah. I just like all aligned and bold letters as its easier to read. :smile:
  14. PaanDeGod

    I Got the "Pureblood" Horse Legitimately.

    It will be deleted in the future. I think it was a placeholder they used until they added culture specific noble horses.

    I strongly hope that they keep it. I mean simple horse charge is 12 it's pathetic.
    Horses should be deadly at a charge, in My opinion, still, pikes can stop them in square.
    And its regarding to get something rare after a big hard battle.
  15. PaanDeGod

    I Got the "Pureblood" Horse Legitimately.

    what's your rogue skill?
    My Rogue skill is 19 lol
    But I got it after 400 vs 400 battle with Asserai, I'm playing as empire.
  16. PaanDeGod

    I Got the "Pureblood" Horse Legitimately.

    I got one after big battle on 1.5.5
    Developers please leave rare items in game. ?
  17. PaanDeGod

    Best Horse In Game

    I got one after big battle with Asserai.
    I love that horse and I think its really great that You can by small chance get special items.
    I hope this stays in game.
    Version 1.5.5
  18. PaanDeGod

    Resolved Armies and Lords taking all consumables from towns

    I am playing 1.4.3 beta branch fully updated to 11/08 hotfix

    My bad I thought You said 1.4.3
    Perhaps some mod messes it up or try reinstalling because all is fine in My game.
  19. PaanDeGod

    fighting as your governor in a defensive siege

    It definitely should be a option. Like a message appearing that a siege attack is happening and if you want te be participate as your governor. It is not meant to be realistic, but as the focus in Bannerlord is on the clan rather than only on the main character, for me, this would not be to far fetched. The main fun at the moment is fighting battles. The kingdom management is lacking. It is a known problem that the player barely has an opportunity to participate in an defensive siege. This is being worked on in the new patch, but I would stil not like to sacrifice a % of troops to bolster a garrison. This way you get a better connection to your clan members and you get to fight in more high stakes battles, as a player you normally have the ability to avoid unfavourable confrontations.

    On other hand, it takes away the strategic aspect of the game. If You have the kingdom. Learn to manage, when, and where to lead Your army or stay in defense where it's needed. The better option would be to let Your companion armies to defend/patrol strategically vulnerable positions. Another option is to place more quality men defending stronghold or city.
    I never had the issue with losing some castle.. after all, it a war You gain and lose stuff depending on Your strategic decision-making. :smile:
  20. PaanDeGod

    Resolved 1.5.5 Art of the Trade Quest Bugged

    I play the same version as You and haven't run in this issue. Perhaps its not global but only on some villages or some mod messes it up?
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