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  1. Calamity

    Community Team Update

    Don't let the door hit you on your way out Callum :smile:
  2. Calamity


    Tournaments were there for some time and of decent quality, BEAST had 8 iterations. It's basically what kept the game alive so far.
    Limping along. Full release soon right? I can appreciate the attempt. My tournaments had 12+ teams.. on a private server with battle and you can choose your ******* equipment. Skirmish was DOA. I haven't seen someone on steam launch BL for like 2 months.

    TaleWorlds can't fix MP. Players can. As many said a LONG time ago the game will be dead by the time it happens.

    I do wish the BEAST (don't know anything about the tourney) the best luck.
  3. Calamity


    2 and a half years of early access and we still have the same problem from the beta
    Wondering what they have been doing all this time
    I really hope when We reach the 25th of the next month and they fixed it once and for all or will be changing my steam review into a negative.
    Update 1.7.2 killed multiplayer, introduced the broken ranking system and no one is playing their official game types.

    Big surprise. There are no clan tournaments from prominent Warbands community leaders. Enjoy the dead game. I bet on the wrong stock, oh well. Not directed at you by the way.
  4. Calamity

    Reminder that even with an overwhelming negative response to the MP, Taleworlds won't change any fundamental design decision.

    Didn't listen to us when we said the game was DOA with the class system, intentional block delay and no battle mode way before the beta came out. Didn't listen to us as beta testers. Looks like they aren't listening now.

    TaleWorlds has always prioritized single player. It's where they make the moolah. MP is an afterthought and if by some miracle they do fix it the majority of the community will be long gone.

  5. Calamity

    A question for forum moderators

    Yes, this is the main reason why we did IP checks before. It’s a pity we can’t do that anymore as we are now constantly bugging Janus every time we suspect of a dupe.

    Shame. One of the better tools available at the time.

    Brutus is still the best.
  6. Calamity

    Block Delay

    Was in beta for warband and taken out. Still in EA for Bannerlord... it’s bad and arguably is the number one combat issue.
  7. Calamity

    Serious Question

    The people who post on here and official forums giving feedback are a loud minority of passionate people. If TaleWords took feedback seriously they would have done so when the beta happened.

    Hard to blame the angry people who waited almost a decade for a half baked experience. luckily for them SP exists. It’s always been their focus and money maker.

    Basically what @Kentucky James VII said.
  8. Calamity

    Serious Question

    bannerlord is bad :xf-smile:

    Not forever if mods fix it but yeah.. it's definitely sunk in that the community will once again have to do the heavy lifting.

    Because the people who do pass it on. Discords become toxic, reddit, the steam forums, the steam reviews, in game chat. It trickles down.

    I mean whatever - you would be right to say that's TW fault; they should have made a better game if they wanted better reviews. But it still harms the game...

    So you want people to lie or something? The multiplayer has been absolutely terrible since alpha and has only mildly improved. Very few people enjoy an intentional block delay.

    Class system and skirmish are another story but without removing the block delay this game won't take off the ground in any way shape or form.
  9. Calamity

    [BL] Warbanner - Bringing Warband to Bannerlord

    Once mods are available I'll be paying a lot of attention to this. It's needed and was always going to happen.

    Good luck and hopefully it all works man!
  10. Calamity

    I hate Bannerlord

    This thread is pure gold. Ultimately the major problem with Bannerlord is class system & most importantly block delay. If you fix #2 you will gain back some support. If it doesn't work? Revert it back.. what have they lost? It was in Warband beta and didn't work so they removed it. TaleWorlds doesn't learn much from previous mistakes.
  11. Calamity

    Will you lose all hope if the next patch isnt HUGELY oriented towards MP ?

    Don't care about multiplayer tbh... Single Player has always been my primary interest since the original M&B. I hope they release the content they showed off and fix up all the mechanics and bugs to make the game play-worthy again. Multiplayer is just Mordhau without the gore and funny voices.

    So don't visit the MP forums and crap on people who actually care about it.

    SP forums have good company and plenty of players:
    The great majority of Bannerlord players are playing the campaign. Kinda like the last game except they blew a great opportunity.

    Look at the streams at the top and tell me how many are streaming multiplayer? lol
  12. Calamity

    Will you lose all hope if the next patch isnt HUGELY oriented towards MP ?

    Is this sarcasm or have you actually never played skirmish because honestly the latter would make more sense.

    Has to be.. it takes an extra click to go to TDM.
  13. Calamity

    Will you lose all hope if the next patch isnt HUGELY oriented towards MP ?

    There are and were so many suggestions and complains, that its easy to overlook the things TW actually took care of.

    Not really. All you have to do is play the game. The majority of peoples wants are ignored.

    -Add battle
    -Let people pick their own equipment
    -Remove blocking delay
    -Buff infantry (I haven't played since last patch, probably hasn't changed)

    There's a lot more you can gather but I don't have the patience or drive to care anymore.
  14. Calamity

    Will you lose all hope if the next patch isnt HUGELY oriented towards MP ?

    Have you forgotten about the alpha and beta, where the mp got constantly improverd for several months?

    Constantly "improverd"

    Game was updated but most of the suggestions were ignored by TW. Delayed blocking is STILL IN THIS GAME. Did they learn from Warband beta?

    You must not view these forums often because the game is under scrutiny by a large base of people. There are a few satisfied but that's not going to do much to serve the competitive scene or retain the player base.

    One good example is Gibby who has been outlining issues for the majority of this games awful beginning. Read his posts on the Bannerlord forums. They were even better during beta but you can't view those anymore.
  15. Calamity

    Statement Regarding Plans For MP

    Clan system I've been talking about for awhile.. good to see it being added.

    Echoing the above but combat needs the most help and should be highest on the priority list.
  16. Calamity

    how do u guys feel about warband dying and bannerlord being a tragic mess

    In German there is a very common saying that roughly translates to The way is the goal. I feel bad for those players that quit Warband in 2012 and said they would make their return for Bannerlord.

    They missed the best times. Now we're at the worst of times.

  17. Calamity

    NA Skirmish Completed BSL Discussion *NEW* $360.00 Prize! NA

    -No custom servers.
    -No quality spectator system
    -Nobody wants to watch a discord stream (means everyone needs to be in the same channel)
    -Game is far from balanced.

    Good luck. I thought about hosting a 1v1 but even that would be a nightmare currently.
  18. Calamity

    taleworlds does not care about the experienced players multiplayer scene

    Until they fix the combat system using massive advice from experienced players: the MP will be a failure. It was the number one game on twitch release day . It has basically been reduced to top 100 unless one big streamer is playing it (like right now) and its almost ALWAYS SP.

    Even then they have many things missing.

    - No identity (removed custom banners, removed custom loadouts, no clan system) How can you not include a clan system? It's in most games now, even Rocket League. The only improvement is a robust character creator. Yay.
    - Spectator system. Game won't be an esport at this rate but it would be nice if they wanted to promote tournaments.
    - Battle. Replaced by Skirmish which is meh. Flags are for siege.
    - Where's ranked? I'm sure it will be included but should have been launched on EA.

    Made by and for the single player community.
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