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    Islams Greatest Warrior

    Come watch and enjoy a highly edited epic/funny video short and sweet even your tik tok brain can enjoy!
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    Want to see how one of the games most popular mod named persistent empires feels like. Well here it is!
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    Resolved "Ride it like you stole it" achievement not working?

    lmao I knew Jason was gonna write something about that
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    Need More Info Commander trait bug

    Hey, i have forwarded the issue to the QA team but i want to confirm, did you encounter this issue on the v1.7 or v1. ?
    latest singleplayer update when I posted it so I dont remember exactly the number and dont want to give out a number thats incorrect
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    Need More Info Commander trait bug

    Summary: I was changing commanders in an army I joined in a siege, and now what you see on the screenshot whenever I press alt and move my cursor its as if I am in the pre siege commander phase. A very annoying bug for combat. How to Reproduce: Click on commanders to change them and click on...
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    Are You Gonna Fix Your Servers?

    Just a meme that explains the Bannerlord multiplayer situation exquisitely I do say.
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    In Progress Duel server crash

    Summary: I crash almost everytime when in duels and I have no idea why, I did have the crash report copied to clipboard in case that can help identify the problem. How to Reproduce: Playing in duel server and eventually it will crash in mid duel. Scene Name (if related): Duel servers Media...
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    NA Matchmaking (MMR Based) For Skirmish + Captains

    Bot good, players even better, and where all the great and influential players congregate. If you wanna be one of the "cool kids" in the community this is your chance.
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    NA Other Open The Knights of Vlandia NA Battle Event

    Clan name: The Swords of Damarius
    Role Requested
    : Cavalry
    Estimated Attendance: 10
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    Transparency on fixing the issues

    I haven't gotten a captain match in over a week on the EU servers this is getting silly now, any chance of some transparency from the dev team in regards to the plethora of issues this game is mired by?
    any kind of roadmap that we can get or a roadmap for the roadmap?
    Forget your father Basil the II and join the true order of the Roman Empire
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    In Progress East Coast Ping

    Summary: In the past 2 days including this day, my ping along with other west coasters have taken a huge hit. I have a constant spiking ping of about 100-180. And it does not just stay at one it constantly switches every second meaning this is server related as I also checked my discord to see...
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    In Progress Duel Disappearing Glitch

    Summary: This glitch has started happening ever since the new update. It just makes either duel participating disappear and this happened more then once to another person I was dueling. How to Reproduce: Just play duel Scene Name (if related): Media (Screenshots & Video): Video Proof Computer...
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    GK NA Battle Feedback

    We need it back but as stable as the Eu one
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    Revert to 1.7.1 update, focus on crashes and custom servers

    It will just take time, maybe 2028 seems reasonable
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