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  1. Vissy

    Chamber blocking is non-functional

    I'm at the point where I can chamber about 50% of side swings when stationary, but when moving it's still nearly impossible. Part of the reason is that I don't really know what the precise prerequisites for a chamber are. The time window for chambering also seems to be very small.
  2. Vissy

    Poll: Class System vs. Warband Loadout Customization

    I think that's a stretch to say competitive scene veterans specifically. I would say, most are dedicated fans of the series.
    You're right, I was too restrictive in that. What I mean is long-time players and fans of the series.
  3. Vissy

    Poll: Class System vs. Warband Loadout Customization

    Oh, stop playing Younes. You don't need to win this argument and you know full well that the active posters here are mostly Warband competitive scene veterans. We are definitely the minority, however skilled and experienced we are in this franchise of games. Most people I know who are excited about Bannerlord don't even care about multiplayer or even enjoy multiplayer in general.
  4. Vissy


    Each round is over way too quickly, and for whatever reason it boots you back into the lobby whenever a game is finished. How about at least ending it at 3-0 or 3-1 or 3-2 instead of just best of one?
  5. Vissy

    Advanced battles, combat and tactics

    Different tactics depending on culture
    At the moment, all factions behave largely the same in battle. They'll either charge with everything they have of stay put (and sometimes sent cavalry out) to defend.
    These are supposed to be different cultures, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. A factions who specializes in cavalry, should have mostly cavalry and use them (the Aserai in my game rarely have more than 15 horses in their army). A faction who specialized in ambushes and longbow men should try to surround their enemy with archers. A faction with brute warriors, should go full frontal. I want to be able to feel that I'm fighting a different faction, not just see it by their troops.

    this especially would add so much variety to the battles just on its own.
  6. Vissy

    My thoughts on the Faction Snowball effect. Campaigns should go on forever!

    I think Warband had too many wars too, really. And it was too easy to conquer the world on your own. The system should be an *improvement* on Warband, not a copy.
  7. Vissy

    Team Deathmatch

    I had the same idea, but my solution would be something like the Conquest gamemode from Battlefield.
  8. Vissy

    My thoughts on the Faction Snowball effect. Campaigns should go on forever!

    They also would need to implement an idea of 'borders' in the game, where kingdoms work with the landscape to fortify weak points in the map and fortify borders. The AI should then need to be able to recognise borders and what the best points are to defend them (build like a temporary fort (that could grow into a castle?) on the map where they think is required.

    Taking castles or cities would also need to have a penalty when they are surrounded by the enemy concerning supplies etc
    These should be surrounded by enemy and constantlyt harassed etc.

    That kind of complex AI sounds awesome, though I have to question if it is feasible to implement at the depth it would surely require with the resources TaleWorlds have at their disposal. It takes quite a surprisingly large amount of resources and time to design deep and engaging AI of this kind, and it doesn't seem like they were planning on implementing campaign AI to anywhere near that level.
  9. Vissy

    Yo were the black women at?

    If everyone who complained about too many women in Bannerlord got banned from the forums, these forums would have an infinitely better environment.
  10. Vissy

    My thoughts on the Faction Snowball effect. Campaigns should go on forever!

    There's way too much war, that's the problem. Every faction is a genocidal blood cult that wants to raze the entirety of Calradia to the ground. If you imagine a slider between war and peace, the arrow has slid all the way over to the "war" side and broken through the frame. I'd be personally a lot more satisfied if factions actually wanted to get more prosperous and maintain peace. Faction leaders' personalities don't matter at all, the factions have no identity. Everyone wants to kill each other. It's not fun at all, it basically makes the game look like a video game in the worst way possible.

    The balance should be a lot closer to peace than to war. Wars would still happen if there were actual legitimate disputes, but they shouldn't just declare war on each other over a stolen carafe of wine from a caravan like in Warband. World domination should be practically impossible on a consistent basis. Maybe you could conquer the entire map, but factions would keep coming back, new factions would form, rebellions would take place. Actually conquering the world should be a titanic task.
  11. Vissy

    Lets talk smithing.

    i don't think the smithing mods even work anymore... they just crash my game
  12. Vissy

    Horse hoofbeat audio is too quiet

    It's impossible to track a single horse via audio feedback (even roughly), let alone several at once which is likely in either multiplayer or singleplayer.
  13. Vissy

    Stances and their utility

    I agree. I think it's going to take time to adjust to stances, but there's some real potential to work them into a deep and engaging layer of the combat system. I like the variety they provide, even if currently their implementation mechanically is somewhat inconsistent.
  14. Vissy

    Delay on release of attacks

    Stabbing is more or less the only way to deal bearable damage on armoured opponents if you have a sword, but the delay on stabs and their narrow hitbox makes them a risky attack to use. I feel like swords in general are a bit underpowered.
  15. Vissy

    To many whining kids

    Hey guys, name me three games which were extremely buggy in early access but released with even the majority of those bugs fixed.

    Early access or not, the initial release is almost always more or less how the final game turns out. The reason so many people are so frustrated is that this was, statistically speaking, their last chance to fix things.

    Divinity Original Sin 2. I was personally a part of the Early Access and we had a _lot_ of criticisms and a lot of bugs to report. Most of the bugs are now fixed, the game balance is still pretty damn good (even though many of our balance criticisms were never addressed) and it's a popular, successful game.
  16. Vissy

    What is the leveling system in MP for?

    100 hours in a week is definitely way too much. Hell, even half that is way too much (that's more than 7 hours per day). Of course you'll get burned out.
  17. Vissy

    Cavalry - health, speed bonus and other suggestions to balance it

    It is possible to chamber somewhat reliably, at least from a standing position if there's not a big fight going on around you. Would be interesting to try if it is possible.
  18. Vissy

    Cavalry - health, speed bonus and other suggestions to balance it

    I haven't had the chance to test this out, but is it possible still to chamber couched lances?
  19. Vissy

    Menavlion Infantry

    A very strong class. Their combination of very fast movement speed and some of the highest damage in the entire game is probably a bit too much IMO. Need a nerf.
  20. Vissy

    [Guide] Optimising single-player performance - Stuttering? Got 8gb RAM? This might help

    I haven't seen this brought up before here, but before you install Bannerlord onto your SSD you should be well aware that it's more or less going to shorten its lifespan. Reading and writing data is the source of most of the wear on your drives, and a game as big as Bannerlord that's still in Early Access - meaning it's going to be updated very frequently and often quite large amounts of data can get rewritten - is going to cause a lot of wear. It will definitely shorten the lifespan of your SSD by some unspecific amount. Now, modern SSDs have a long lifespan regardless - you probably won't notice the loss and there's no reason to worry really. This notice is for those who have older SSDs or who don't for whatever reason want to place that extra burden on their SSDs.
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