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  1. Runcop

    [BRE] Sunday 500 slots Roleplay Event [Weekly Event]

    Team Name : High-Kingdom of Númenor

    Team Tag : KoN

    Type of unit : Infantry

    Average number of players (+/-2) : 15-25

    Type of registration (Regular or Once) : Ones

    Leader Steam Id :

    I have read and agree to the rules. I'll accept any form of sanctions if i'll should broke the rules.
  2. Runcop

    Can't connect to lobby

    Thank you everyone for sending the logs, we're investigating the issue. If you haven't sent the logs yet, please do.
    sent logs now
  3. Runcop

    Bannerlord Highlight Vids - By Mr Leon

    Bit of warband but still leon
  4. Runcop

    Self-written cheats for multiplayer Mount and blade 2: Bannerlord?

    i can set u up on the side with my boy argentum if u want?
  5. Runcop

    [BEAST 7] Statistics

    Dasginta > Nikola
  6. Runcop

    When will you start actively dealing with cheaters in multiplayer?

    Guys what about the red dot problem thats the worse cheat of them all
  7. Runcop

    When will you start actively dealing with cheaters in multiplayer?

    Like the red dot dont forget about that cheat, i say we ban everyone
  8. Runcop

    EU Skirmish Completed Beast 8 Sign ups

    September would be best, but if u get enough clans signing up u should still go ahead don't see all the people messaging as "crying" they are just stating opinions
  9. Runcop

    Should shield bash be in the game?

    well i cant edit it so go cry, and tbh i just wanted to see opinions and solutions to the shield bash, the poll was just a easy way to see and it seems split
  10. Runcop

    Should shield bash be in the game?

    doesnt seem to allow me but ye was a post to see what people think about the mechanic seems split rn and its interesting to see peoples opinions
  11. Runcop

    Should shield bash be in the game?

    I am curious what people think about the shield bash mechanic? I can see the uses of pushing someone away when someone holds or when you want to switch weapons but the recent 2v2 tourney has opened my eyes on how it destroys a lot of skill based moments as one person can shield bash and the...
  12. Runcop

    Voices from the Community

    Where is dovmont's opinion?!?
  13. Runcop

    EU Other Open 2v2 Groupfighting Tournament

    No mic 20 vs Brilliant duelist 15

  14. Runcop

    EU Other Open 2v2 Groupfighting Tournament

    Jusfasto/Shema 0 vs No mic 20 Default
  15. Runcop

    EU Other Open 2v2 Groupfighting Tournament

    default from Obelix to my team
    **** man obelix is coming to kill me and cosimo
  16. Runcop

    EU Other Open 2v2 Groupfighting Tournament

    Team name: Team no mic
    Contact Information: ME
  17. Runcop

    WHY?? why swings have to be 180* angle?

    Idm the swing arcs I have a problem with chambers from behind which I guess could relate to swing arcs
  18. Runcop

    Love for MP is on the way!

    I literally have a clan of 200 people waiting to buy the game the second they release private servers/mods are able to be made for multiplayer. They tried going the "popular" route with their stupid captain and skirmish modes or whatever the hell they are called, and it didn't work. Its garbage. Nobody likes it. The multiplayer is dead by them going down that route. Doubling down on battle passes and skins, the same route, would just make it flop even harder. Actually, now that I think about it, not really, since it can't flop and fall any more than it already has.
    For some reason the past 3 days, the multiplayer has been alive idk wats changed but people are playing atleast skirm, siege and tdm again i dont go on captain cos thats for gaes
  19. Runcop

    TW had time to give us edgy Dinoasaur and Caveman names but not enough time to make the game better

    Seriously wtf?

    Bossgrug still needs a whole lotta work and turning everyone into unga bunga charaacters is the last thing they should be doing
    WAAHH unga bunga
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