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  1. Askey

    restricting map size instead of flag system for battle mode

    A decent sized map, get rid of the flag and have a small time limit. The time limit should force factions to fight each other before it runs out. This is as much as you can do on an official server.

    I'm just looking forward to private servers and factions fighting each other like the good old days.
  2. Askey

    TW why you hate Vlandia and Sturgia with such great pasion

    Vlandian and Sturgian cosmetics/skins, I think (I quickly scanned through the text).

    Currently, there are bigger problems than how the game looks regarding one faction or another.
  3. Askey

    Plz Battle Servers/Mode

    Wait you guys aren't talking bout bannerlord right? Or am I missing something here?
    I'm talking about the good old days playing Warband, and that I would like a similar experience for Bannerlord.
  4. Askey

    Battle mode has been released?

    .... It's literally skirmish with just 1 life....


    I hope you're wrong, the worst mode they could have based it on.

    ...So its not Battlemode then, at least to me its not.

    Wth is going on, we barely hear anything from TW for years in regards to MP updates (MP desperately needs some TLC!) and they magically appear and add s****y skins and sprinkle snow on maps and f off. Community asks for Battle mode and the devs go ":unsure: hmmmm Ba...Battle? ...another varient of Skirmish mode, for sure!".

    These can't be the same people that developed Warband, they come across as -snip-
    TW I want my money back, this game was originally sold to us as Warband 2.0 (you gave Warband players a discount); and somehow its miles worse, its like Warband beta!
  5. Askey

    Plz Battle Servers/Mode

    They can do custom/private servers for some game modes which a couple clans and discords do utilize

    My old clan, used to have a custom server - with a custom map, like a training area. We would do drills and practice melee together.

    Asking TW to use their crappy servers with a generic map isn't very appealing to people.
  6. Askey

    No spouse board games?

    No I meant people irl, like I've never played one in my life
    Nothing like a good D&D sesh, or a nice game of Catan.
  7. Askey

    Love for MP is on the way!

    I literally have a clan of 200 people waiting to buy the game the second they release private servers/mods are able to be made for multiplayer. They tried going the "popular" route with their stupid captain and skirmish modes or whatever the hell they are called, and it didn't work. Its garbage. Nobody likes it. The multiplayer is dead by them going down that route. Doubling down on battle passes and skins, the same route, would just make it flop even harder. Actually, now that I think about it, not really, since it can't flop and fall any more than it already has.


    A couple of my old clan leaders won't go near this game until it has private servers. I literally bought my friend and old clan buddy this game and he refuses to play it; imagine that, someone buys you the game and you refuse to play it!
  8. Askey

    Plz Battle Servers/Mode

    Private servers isnt avaible just yet, until the game is fully released. Clans? Idk if there are any atm that are active, depending where ya from. Haven't heard much bout battle mode soo gotta wait

    Whats the point of clans, if we don't have private servers. My old clan buddies hate this game so far.
  9. Askey

    No spouse board games?

    People play board games?

    Anyways, I remember speaking to my character's spouse and having the option there to play a boardgame with her.
  10. Askey

    The siege needs a better balance

    I have no problem with the balance, and I play attackers everytime (EU). Most losses are down to the team, not attacking certain flags, not helping each other or choosing too many archers or simply .....because Vlandia.

    I believe any inbalance has to do with the factions, especially as most people choose Vlandia. Vlandia is OP on Siege mode. The only faction I have seen that seems to be able to consistently and successfully take them on is Sturgia. I see a more even round when any other two factions are chosen.

    My suggestion to fix this, don't allow Vlandia to be chosen twice in a row and limit the archer/melee class ratio.
  11. Askey

    Battle Mode - a 10 year old appeal

    I expected Battle Mode to present in Early Access release and I have no idea why its difficult (or TW just can't be bothered) for it to be developed.
  12. Askey

    Concept for Battle mode and general gameplay discussion

    "Battle mode is the last major update for MP"... wtf!

    And no, just have Battle Mode like Warband. We don't need need anything fancy, a few rounds and one life. How the f is this not already in the game...

    I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.
  13. Askey

    No spouse board games?

    I wouldn't put put too much thought into it, Taleworlds haven't. I think the board game just increases relations, not the chance of pregnancy (you just need to be in the same area as your spouse - same fief or party).
    I liked how we could play boardgames with our characters spouse; didn't know they removed it though.
  14. Askey

    Plz Battle Servers/Mode

    I bought a new rig for this game, expecting to find Private Servers, Clans and Battle mode.

    Its the last time I purchase a Taleworld's game.
  15. Askey

    Permanent ban?

    Just look at this "man"
    I think we have to say goodbye to such people forever.
    Click (His nickname is "Death to Ukrainians")

    I said everything, I'm waiting for a reaction. China? So if you see something you dislike and it makes you upset; lets censor or remove them. Personally I'd prefer if we stay away from such things.
    (Btw, I support Ukraine in their war).
  16. Askey

    Bloc's warband missing features mod list (No Download/Showcase)

    Looks awesome. Would be nice if they added an ambush skill to the Battanians; perhaps making them invisible in forests when the group halts.
  17. Askey

    combat AI in Bannerlord suck!

    Honestly Bannerlord Ai is weak but strong at the same time.

    I am yet to recall any game that gives you the ability of fighting with 1K actors at the same time( each with their own AI and not an Herd). The processing power it would take to make all of them smart could melt any PC without proper performance improvement.
    And yes, the AI is getting better it's just a matter of time but this game doesn't work like Total War and you should keep that in mind
    You can remove your nose from Taleworlds bottom now.
  18. Askey

    How about replacing Smithing skill tree with a new Shield skill tree?

    Honestly, I can see modders completely reworking the skill system. I prefer the Warband one.
  19. Askey

    Forging Armor

    Smithing is currently FUBAR and is still in early Alpha condition.

    - Prices/materials/perks are imbalanced as ****.
    - The recently added smithing order system is half-baked as well - I can get a 500 denar reward for stat requirements of a tier 5 weapon, but some wrought iron hoe can yield literally thousands of coins and smithing EXP.
    - Smelting yields way too much resources. I don't even need to by iron ore. A couple of large battles and I have hundreds of ingots almost for free!
    Smithing part grinding is atrocious:
    - Wow, you have just smelt a tier 5 fine steel two-handed claymore?? WOW, good for you! Here, have a schematics of tier 0 crude iron pickaxe, pal!

    Currently the devs need to:
    - Rebalance the pricing of raw materials (hardwood and iron ore). As for now, these are dirt cheap, especially in specialized villages. These were strategically important resources of the time, and must be priced accordingly.
    - Rebalance the pricing of player-forged weapons according to final product qualities AND the price of used materials. This must scale with player's skill level.
    - Rebalance the prices of all weapons and armor, sold in city markets.
    - Redo the smithing material system. Some requirements are illogical (e.g. 2 fine steel ingots for a 1.5 meter blade and 2 ingots for a walnut sized pommel WUT??) Incorporate tanned leather, silver and gold (should be added in the game as well) into smithing materials.
    - Redo from the scratch the current smithing part discovery system. At least we should learn, what we actually smelt. Why the **** do I learn a dagger pommel, when I smelt iron hammers???
    - Decrease smelting yields. Wooden parts should not be recoverable.
    Maybe it is better to remove smelting at all - because I am pretty sure no one actually smelted and reused scrapped weapons and armor before 15-16 century at least. And only modern technology allows smelting and reforging of metals without substantial losses of quality and properties.
    - Instead they should give us the ability to restore weapons and armor with negative modifiers (cracked, bent, rusty etc.) to their normal state.
    - Remove the smithing stamina (and accompanying perks) completely. If all the mentioned above is properly balanced, there will be no need for an artificial limit. Besides, player character do not need to sleep in this game, can travel or fight without resting for days and months.

    IMHO armor crafting will be too much. I would like to see more customization options though.
    I fully agree with this. As much as I would like to see custom armour or the ability to slightly alter them, smithing is currently too messed up at the moment.
    I would be happy paying a smith to create a weapon to my specifications though.
  20. Askey

    Do you play M&B vanilla or with Mods

    Currently Single Player needs mods in my opinion. I understand why people choose not to use them though- out of fear that it could potentially make their game unstable or that they won't work with an Developer patch/update down the line.
    In fact, playing without mods has led me to feel frustrated at the half-baked features that the developers dump into the game. The amount of characters I have created without mods and not completed the game is insane.

    My advice to Taleworlds would be, don't add new features into the stable version of SP if they are half done - keep that s**t in the beta. Adding perks that didn't work, crossbow skill without a way to advance the skill because there wasn't a lower skill tiered xbow, half done questline, forcing us to play the s****y half-baked mainquest and only then later add sandbox mode, adding smithing skill half-baked, diplomacy etc etc on and on.

    Its like serving someone a raw burger without the bun, throwing it on the plate and pushing it in front of them expecting the eat it up and thank me for the effort.

    I also understand that yes this is early access, but why bother adding features that don't even work. This whole development process looks like a beta.
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