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  1. Corndawg

    Need More Info Game freezes at scoreboard after death

    UPDATE: This appears to be happening outside of death as well. It has now occurred while fighting on a capture point and pressing Tab and at the class selection screen while pressing Tab. So far there is no pattern of rhyme or reason beyond occurring in multiplayer sieges.

    Thank you, and keep up the good work!
  2. Corndawg

    Need More Info Game freezes at scoreboard after death

    Summary: I've been experiencing a frustrating bug wherein the game freezes and won't pick back up again. So far this has been happening in Siege mode when I hold TAB directly after a death to check the scoreboard. I get only a frozen screen and the howling wind. I'll see if the issue persists in...
  3. Corndawg

    Lockdown ? Really ? (How much locked down are we ?)

    I'd imagine it's store preference. It's probably more economical for some places to just stick to takeout rather than spend the money/time to open up indoor dining at a limited capacity. The place I work for is a restaurant/bakery based in Gowanus with tight quarters and no street space; they'd only be able to seat a few folks at a time, and even then it's only locals coming in for food. Compare that to an Italian place off of Union Square I went to with a few friends the other week where they have a lot more indoor space to work with and semi-permanent outdoor seating that makes it much easier to adhere to safe practices.
  4. Corndawg

    Lockdown ? Really ? (How much locked down are we ?)

    Sounds quite liberal to me.

    Have you actually felt the difference in "new cases rate" since vaccination started? I saw its more than 25% of the population that have received the first dose in US. Wonder how this influenced the City.
    NYC has been at a pretty high daily caseload (currently going down, thankfully) since the January spike, but the death rate is drastically lower than it was at the beginning of the pandemic. Currently 25% in the city are fully vaccinated, myself included.

    Otherwise, things are pretty much how kurczak described them, though indoor dining has been a thing since Valentine's Day. They're very slowly increasing the capacity. Folks are definitely getting more comfortable, especially on warm days. I work some of the farmer's markets in the city and there's always crowds. I imagine the next big test of how the city is doing will be Pride, which comes about in June.
  5. Corndawg

    Who of the old guard are still around?

    I still poke my head in, but it's mostly to check Bannerlord notes/progress since I generally troll around in MP if I have an hour. Lots of memories to be found in this soapy den, though.
  6. Corndawg

    Resolved [e1.0.1] Siege Assault Crash

    I've been having a consistent problem where starting a siege assault with an army I'm leading causes the game to freeze and crash. This includes both leading the troops myself and sending troops into battle. This seems to only happen when I try to lead an assault against a settlement where I've...
  7. Corndawg

    Dating Thread, v. II

    Antonis said:
    ...Emotion Lotion?
    Is this an American thing?

    I know lube is a difficult concept, I believe the Greek call it "olive oil."
  8. Corndawg

    Dating Thread, v. II

    Evvv said:
    Be careful and make sure you know the limits of your own emotional availability. It is possible to stretch yourself too thin, or to feel like your partner(s) are stretched too thin to have time for you. Communication will be the most important thing for making sure all of that goes well. Have honest discussions about needs, and how you - and they - feel things are going.

    I'm definitely trying to keep this at the forefront of my mind when I think about us. I know for sure that I'd be happy to stay exclusive if that's what she wants; I really do like her. I'm one of those sensitive actor types, though, so the onus is really on me to bring it up because she's more of a logical, production-minded person.
  9. Corndawg

    Random Media v.4 (Comedy Optional, Interesting Optional)

  10. Corndawg

    Dating Thread, v. II

    My last update here was that I was banging a friend. That went well and was fun, she quite enjoyed it but eventually called it off because she's been having a rough time mental health wise.

    I reconnected with a friend of a friend a few months ago who I'd always been attracted to and we hit it off while we were all out and about. We've been seeing each other since then but have been taking it slow with labels and whatnot, but we're now at the point of "dating." She also mentioned, though, a friend from back home who's coming to visit soon that she has a history with and he didn't come last year because she was dating someone at the time. She asked if I was okay with him coming and I used that to bring up the possibility of an open relationship. It's a first for both of us, but we're giving it a go.

    Since that conversation I did go on a date with a guy who was very interested to the point of constantly inviting me over before we'd even gone on the date, so I let him down after giving him a shot. Meanwhile, she just had the conversation where she told the guy from home that she's been dating me so I'll have to see how he reacted to that. One other moving part is that I know her friend and friend's fiancee who introduced us are down to clown, but that hasn't come up just yet.

    Anyway, I'm pretty serious about this relationship and I'm pretty sure she is too, so as long as we keep the conversations open and a close eye on the open relationship thing - including stopping it if we need to - then I think it should all work out pretty nicely.
  11. Corndawg

    Say Cheese v2

    Lord Brutus said:
    I wouldn't tap that even with someone else's ****.


    @Seff: Yeah I've lost about 30 or so pounds in the past year plus growing out my hair means my head doesn't look as giant as it used to so I've been really feeling myself. And so have other people.
  12. Corndawg

    Say Cheese v2

    Ripped straight from the Insta just for y'all. Still camwhoring.

  13. Corndawg

    [DOWNLOAD] Prophesy of Pendor [v3.9.5 IS NOW OUT!!!]

    I just picked this back up a few days ago and see that this is evidently the final version. Bravo to all involved over the years. I remember writing a ****ty little short story about characters in Pendor and it was mentioned as a rumor in the next iteration. That was almost a decade ago. And it's never been anything short of amazing.
  14. Corndawg

    Aging, negativity, your prime or post prime... - your thoughts?

    Feragorn said:
    kurczak said:
    I know, I'm not happy (quelle surprise) about my reaction, but I can't seem to help it. The conditioning is too strong. Maybe it's just Brooklyn, or New York, maybe I'm just unlucky to be around basic Beckies.

    That's just how you have to act in New York these days just to keep from killing yourself.

    Can confirm. Am restaurant worker in New York.

    And did my friends and I traumatize you so bad that you just can't bear reminders of Boston?
  15. Corndawg

    Say Cheese v2

    Not as chubby anymore.

  16. Corndawg

    Dating Thread, v. II

    Corndawg said:

    Had good sex and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Just the way I like it. Apparently I give "solidly good head."

    @Arvenski: Might be overthinking. If it's been a while since you tried there's no harm in giving it another go now that time has passed (unless it was made clear otherwise). Just be honest about your intentions and take the shot.
  17. Corndawg

    Dating Thread, v. II

    A friend of mine (who I find quite attractive) reached out the other day and basically said "we're both in a dry spell down?" and now I have a booty call tonight and some boosted self-esteem. If all goes well then hopefully we can continue and get some regular sex out of it.
  18. Corndawg

    Screenshottery Thread Mk.2

    AC Odyssey photo dump. I pumped about 80 hours into it and enjoyed almost every second.




  19. Corndawg

    Say Cheese v2

    I'm not sure if everyone got hotter or if I'm just sluttier but damn if everyone hasn't been looking fine in here recently.
  20. Corndawg

    What made you happy today?

    They released a teaser trailer for Good Omens and I'm thrilled.
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