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  1. HancockT35

    Patch Notes v1.1.2

    Is there any content coming to MP any time soon or is it just kinda on the backburner.
  2. HancockT35

    Statement Regarding Plans For MP Vol.5

    This was written a while ago. Are the devs done with mp, or are we going to get another "Statement regarding plans for mp"
  3. HancockT35


    Polearms (including javelins) with a length of 1.2 meters or less, no longer make mounts rear. This was posted in the beta. But what does that mean like is that like 80 reach in game 100, 120? just would like to get clarification
  4. HancockT35

    Option in Settings for Alliance Colors







    Great meme
  5. HancockT35

    Option in Settings for Alliance Colors

    I think there should be an option in your settings that lets you "Set" faction colours as you can in Warhammer for example. If you look at the left you can see you can choose Neutral, Ally, Enemy and Player colour for entities. I think a setting should exist in banner lord which naturally is...
  6. HancockT35

    Faction Color Setting

    I think there should be an option in your settings that lets you "Set" faction colours as you can in Warhammer for example. Let's take Aserai vs Aserai. If you had this setting enabled which should naturally be disabled you could choose your "Alliance" Color so your Aserai team could be green...
  7. HancockT35

    Love for MP is on the way!

    I'm assuming the devs are checking this Let's say 0 percent means the next patch just started its work. And 100 percent means it's going into beta now. What percentage is the next patch at for it to be completed?
  8. HancockT35

    Adding Previous Sigils

    I think it would be a relatively easy and well-supported idea, To add the banners of all the previous Warband/Viking conquest/F&S and NW as Sigils in BL. You could have different tabs separating these sigils, each for their own game. The AI wouldn't have access to these sigils. I think it would...
  9. HancockT35

    Would it be possible to get a preview

    Added new stats screens for each game mode. Would it be possible to get a pre-look at what it will look like for skirmish and other game modes?
  10. HancockT35

    Emblems/Sigils Bugged

    Yeah, I own the heart and have it equipped but every time I load into the game it loads the star. Maybe I'm alone but the Emblems aren't working for me
  11. HancockT35

    NA time zone player availability

    A new and even better crusader has showed up fantastic the old one sucked
  12. HancockT35

    In Praise of the new update

    The anti cav perks IMO need a slight nerf and then crush through needs a nerf. and It would be nice to be able to tell what perks people have, But outside that, I think the patch made the game better than previously.
  13. HancockT35

    Would it be possible to get a small leak?

    End of Match Screen Similarly, a new end-of-match screen is in the works which will give a more detailed summary of each game, including awards for players that achieve impressive feats during a match or otherwise excel in different areas of combat and the game mode. As a man who does stats...
  14. HancockT35

    When will the next Statement be released

    Now that 1.6.10 is about to come out and the duel mode came out when do we get the next statement on what will be upcoming and specifics on what will be coming.
  15. HancockT35

    Question on 1.6.1 Perks

    One of the perks for 1.6.1 Is named Generous Lord. If you have someone that is dead completely out of the round but your generous lord Vlandian Knight kills someone and they get enough gold to spawn let's say like a minute and a half of being dead, Will they be able to spawn again mid-round...
  16. HancockT35


    Please no stamina I beg TW.
  17. HancockT35

    [NADL] Faction/Map Matchups

    When Posting screenshots please format them in the way below.
    Team One (Round Score)(Match Score) - Team Two (Match Score)(Round Score)
    Post all Screenshots
  18. HancockT35

    [NADL] Faction/Map Matchups

    NADL Matchups Round One Loser Round One Round Two Loser Round Two Finals
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