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  1. WhiteEyedSh4rk

    Resolved Campaign map earnings/expenses list not fully visable

    Summary: When having many earnings and expenses, the list goes beyond the screen so you cant fully overview it any longer. How to Reproduce: Own way too many Cities and castles Have you used cheats and if so which: No Computer Specs: OS: Win 7 GPU: Geforce GTX1060 6gb GPU Driver Version: CPU...
  2. WhiteEyedSh4rk

    Full Release - PC & Console

    My game crashes like 2 Minutes after starting, I dont see it anywhere close to finish, but I guess it has to be released some day..
  3. WhiteEyedSh4rk

    Bringing villages to live

    So... this a 2 years old topic, "top curated", with a good amount of votes (there are also 27 votes in my topic "social status effects")... Dear TW, are you going to listen to the community?
    I know there are a lot of other suggestions, problems and balance to change, but IMHO the game would need more immersion first of all.
    After now playing the singleplayer for about 300 hours, I really noticed how important this topic is for mid to late game.Eventually you will end up only playing the whole game on campaign map, because there is just no reason at all to walk into a city or town. TW put so much work into designing unique scenes for them, but basically noone will really even look at it. There need to be usefull activities, that are only accessable by walking into a city or town, we need reasons to go there you know..
  4. WhiteEyedSh4rk

    We! The followers in the name of the powers of Soon!!

    Just discovered this thread, is Soon dying ? I don't want to loose hope
    Is there any release date for full version yet? Is the game playable for 20 minutes without crashing? Is the rogery sistem implemented yet? Dont you worry, Soon is still very present to this day.
  5. WhiteEyedSh4rk

    Beta Patch Notes e1.8.0

    I hope criminal empire features get added. It would be nice to be able to influence settlements loyalty somehow to incite rebellions, making it easier to get your first settlement without being a vassal, and also good reason to add some needed gameplay inside the towns.

    Also, I noticed a vlandian lord in the town's keep with long woman dress O_O
    I too think we really need some gameplay fetures inside towns, castles and villages. I mean why putting so much efford into building the settings, if noone even sees it. In mid to late game, you literally never go into it and only play on campaign map.
  6. WhiteEyedSh4rk

    Beta Patch Notes e1.8.0

    My game freezes when encountering other lords since I updated to e1.8.0.

    (edit) Actually my whole save file is basically broken on that patch, I get blackscreen after opening Kingdom menu too..
  7. WhiteEyedSh4rk

    Patch Notes e1.7.2

    So my game basically crashes every 5 minutes now. Every second time some kind of menu opens basically.
  8. WhiteEyedSh4rk

    Statement regarding Singleplayer IV

    These are some great ideas, which surely will improve the gameplay experience. Keep going like that TaleWorlds.
  9. WhiteEyedSh4rk

    King without power

    It's worth the influence loss to prevent peerage. You'll get it back.

    Remember, the AI characters aren't thinking about this. They aren't planning your downfall. It's just a math equation whether it comes up or not.

    I've rarely seen it come up twice, let alone straight after. A third time would be quite the coincidence. So it's worth losing all your influence for, otherwise the next time you want to overrule them, you'll be looking at significantly more than that.

    Perhaps, as a counter, you might want to propose and pass Royal Privilege: For Kingdom decisions, the influence cost of the ruler overriding the popular decision outcome is reduced by 20%. If you have a saved game... might want to go back to before they tried Peerage and get in first.

    They try to push this policy noticeably often, like they clearly want to push this specific policy. Im sure there is some reason for that, but its not just a coincidence. Also there will be joining a lot more clans to my empire, who will only add to that cost and at some point it will just be too much to have any influence on any decision. Already now I have to accept everything else they demand and save my influence basically just to prevent that one policy. For me it seems really difficult to gain back that much influence, because I dont do 1vs1 or high odds battles often. Thanks for the suggestion of royal privilege, this will certainly help a bit for now.
  10. WhiteEyedSh4rk

    King without power

    Ok now its really getting out of hand. My vassalls want me to pay twice the influence cost and I have to use 1060 Influence to prevent this policy being established. Literally one minute later they make the same poll again and I have to pay 1060 Influence again. Obviously there is no way to hold up like that and eventually I will have no choice but accepting it and opposing their decisions will cost me no less then 2120 Influence, which is just absolutely insane!

    However I came up with a solution. How about every time you support the mojorities vote, you get a small amount of influence from each supporting vassal. For example when 8 vassals vote for yes and set up the majority, you get 10 influence points for each vassal. So you would get 80 influence points if you support their decision. That way it is still encouraged to support the majority, but you will have a better chance of opposing them in bad decisions. Also your influence gain would automatically grow with the numbers of vassals joining your empire, just like the cost of opposing them grows too.


  11. WhiteEyedSh4rk

    Quests are boring

    Also why even bother doing them? There doesent seem to be that much benefit when having high relation, its kinda just not worth the efford..
  12. WhiteEyedSh4rk

    King without power

    Yeah, it totally make sense that the more vassal you have, the more you lose control over your faction. But the game should give the option to counter measure to overcome this issue. Like forming alliances within the faction, being able to convincing them before they vote and most importantly an ai who thinks rationally when it comes to war/peace decisions.

    Bribing lords with money could be an option
  13. WhiteEyedSh4rk

    King without power

    Ok at this point my vasalls literally are trying to silence me

  14. WhiteEyedSh4rk

    King without power

    This is my situation in every recent game I play, I carry my faction while the vassals run wild and they try to **** me over and slow progress at ever chance.
    I got some tricks to keep getting my way anyways, but I would rather not have to hustle to pull one over my own vassals all the time.

    But also remember the satisfaction of locking in the honorable lords at 100 relations and never having to worry about it dropping again! The was a whole sub game of taking stinky lords (whp get a village and will leave someday)when you're starting out and slowly collecting the honorable ones over time!
    At least im not alone with that. I dont think there is a way to make vassals understand any kind of tactics, the solution would be quite easy though, there should be a fairly drastic limit for influence a king needs to spend to decide against the vassals. Lets say at max 200 influence, but depending on the number of votes against, there should be a penalty in relation, so that eventually the lords will consider leaving the faction if their king ignores them too often.
  15. WhiteEyedSh4rk

    King without power

    Remember the good old days when you would lose 10 relations with every vassal for granting somebody a village...
    That system was kinda wacky but at least you had some kind of power at all, I feel like being ruled by my vassals now..
  16. WhiteEyedSh4rk

    King without power

    Now I am waiting since 2 ingame weeks and there is literally not one thing to do when there is peace time. We are just loosing money because of all the trebute payments. If I want to start a war, I have to pay 740 influence!! I have about 3000, but if I spend 740, create an army for about 150 influence and have to sustain it long enough to concuer a city, they will constantly spam me with peace votums that each cost about 700 influence too so I very quickly just run out of influence. There is no way to get that much influence that quick, so I am bound to be in eternal peace time again and cant progress the game, its really frustrating! Am I the only one suffering from that?
  17. WhiteEyedSh4rk

    King without power

    The more my empire grows, the less power I seem to have. If there are any votes like making peace or granting fiefs, my council makes very bad decisions, but if I try to hinder them from ruining my plans, it costs me easily 400 influence and the more lords join my faction, the more it will cost...
  18. WhiteEyedSh4rk

    Need More Info No Peace against empire with no holdings?

    For me its the same as op said. The southern empire doesent have any fiefs since ages and ages and only 3 clans left, not even 100 strengh but still they demand money from me to make peace and never vanish.
  19. WhiteEyedSh4rk

    Make selling loot give trade skill

    Honestly it is very easy already to level up trading. I wasn't aiming to become a trader but im now on lvl 200+ without even trying. You just have to trade very big quantities at the same time, like buying 200 mules and sell them at a town thats low on mules. You easily get +7 trade from just one big sell like that. From beginning right until late game I allways had tonnes of loot to sell. If that also would give xp, I would have been lvl 300+ in early game already, that just makes it way too easy, because you will never run low on loot ever in this game.
  20. WhiteEyedSh4rk

    Resolved Freez bandit hideout 1.7.2

    My game is only freezing when im finishing a bandit lair alone without taking any troops with me, rather i win or loose the battle, at the battle overview it will freeze. When taking troops with me it doesent happen.
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