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  1. Jamrock

    the game is unplayable

    same problem with me
  2. Jamrock

    Bannerlord is now number 1 Global Top Seller.

    Bro bannerlord is booming right now.
  3. Jamrock

    Bannerlord SP First Reactions: Megathread

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL how Talewords just ddosed steam
  4. Jamrock


    Like you can buy it from anywhere
  5. Jamrock

    I dont know how, but this guy plays Singleplayer

    LOL the commentary throughout the combat doe
  6. Jamrock

    The final hour.

    Thought it was 2 hours
  7. Jamrock

    Release day tips?

    What's the price?
  8. Jamrock

    When does the game come out?

    2 hours from now if im sure
  9. Jamrock

    Bannerlord just released their theme song

    thank me later
  10. Jamrock

    Release day tips?

    skeeo bro, put on a movie do whatever it takes
  11. Jamrock


    goodnight, see you on the field tomorrow
  12. Jamrock

    Does TW gets more of my money if I buy it in their store, not on steam?

    Buy it in their store, they'll get the money faster.
  13. Jamrock

    Will you be able to conquer castles?

    It'll basically be like a normal standard native mode with a story line
  14. Jamrock

    Bannerlord Discount

    We'll see what happens tomorrow, embrace yourselves my gentlemen its time to make Taleworlds rich again. Johnny the long Nose, is on his way to collect dues right now.
  15. Jamrock

    Who else is excited as f***? What are you looking forward to?

    I'm looking forward to hit the play button.
  16. Jamrock


    Lol, to be more specific there's exactly 21 hours left.
  17. Jamrock

    Recommended Server Host?

    Yeah, not sure we're gonna see any host sevrers during EA
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