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  1. Etonviper

    NA servers are unplayable

    Cant even play duel, server ping spikes to 900 for everyone. same with other gamemodes. This has been going on for over a week
  2. Etonviper

    Thread for ping spiking I guess

    NA servers are broke. Ping spikes to 900 and is unplayable
  3. Etonviper

    [Poll] Attack/Shooting while crouching available in Bannerlord

    Having reduced damage while being able to attack when crouched would give a lot of flexibility on group formations during battle events (front line crouched and stabbing with shield while line behind is spearing over their head). “Gimmicks” like this make the game have more depth in my opinion and should def be added. Though it would def buff archery
  4. Etonviper

    [Poll] Attack/Shooting while crouching available in Bannerlord

    This would be fun to have, I want to cut at peoples shins
  5. Etonviper

    I hate combat

    Not even being a ****ter but this is just a skill issue.
  6. Etonviper

    All NA servers disappeared

    TW sold multiplayer to Epic Games. servers are down to transfer to their servers. We droppin loot lake
  7. Etonviper

    Loot system is overly grindy and annoying

    I bought a couple items but kinda forgot about the loot system so there’s just 11k gold that will never be used unless they add cool skins
  8. Etonviper

    Would you watch Comp Skirm

    Hopefully when spectator mode comes out someone is willing to just commentate battle/skirm/captain games and put it on a channel. Sometimes the commentators make the game look more interesting than it actually is lol
  9. Etonviper

    Another niche mp game ruined by crybabies

    Kicks don't hit against someone moving backwards. The timing and range of kicks is so they can only be used defensively.
    Trust me, you can kick someone walking backwards with their shield is up. If you see me on duel, we can do it
  10. Etonviper

    Another niche mp game ruined by crybabies

    Not true. they've been progressing more and more towards nerfing feints and footsies in favor of people who turtle up with a shield, which is not better in terms of entertainment and isn't more skillful either.
    They buffed feints honestly with removing block delay. If they turtle up in a shield just kick the **** out of them. Re bind kick to shift
  11. Etonviper

    Another niche mp game ruined by crybabies

    It’s like when you first play super smash bros and they think Donkey Kong is the most OP character and then when you actually get good at the game and you realize he is ****. Same thing here, people just get killed by stuff that’s super easy to deal with but they just don’t know how to deal with it yet
  12. Etonviper

    Would you watch Comp Skirm

    Wondering if someone would watch live-streamed/recorded matches. Reading these threads shows the disconnect of players who play different game modes. Clearly the game is being mainly balanced around skirmish. Maybe people would like to watch why?
  13. Etonviper

    Another niche mp game ruined by crybabies

    Sounds like a skill problem
  14. Etonviper

    Proximity chat

    Wait I thought VoIP was gonna be in game???
    Voip will be in the game, proximity voip will not be in the game.
  15. Etonviper

    Proximity chat

    I agree that proximity VoIP would be awesome in Sieges and large Battles but unfortunately, it isn't something that we plan to do. :sad:
    Dang that’s sad. Thank you though!
  16. Etonviper

    Proximity chat

    Proximity chat is needed for battle, tdm and siege. skirmish and captains would be nice too. Just wondering if this is already brought up and planned.
  17. Etonviper

    WHY?? why swings have to be 180* angle?

    I can assure you that 95% of comp skirm players enjoy this feature. Once you understand how it works it’s a useful tool when handling multiple enemies.
  18. Etonviper

    Team Caveman > Team Dino

    Sounds like a skill problem
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