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  1. Suggestion General Give modders ability to change MissionInitializerRecord properties after mission initialized


    So my request is simple:
    1. Add functionality to set only the scene's skybox texture.
    2. Add functionality to set only the scene's sun intensity.
    3. Add functionality to set only the scene's fog density.
    4. Make rain density scale visually according to its numerical value.
    I notice that the AtmosphereInfo class already has properties for the sun intensity and fog density which can be set, but there are no corresponding methods in the Scene class, at least not ones which set only the sun intensity and fog density. Please add those methods.

    I work at the engine team, I will give some information regarding the requests that you made. First of all, to have correct diffuse and specular ambient, PBR rendering systems (which we use) bake ambient data as Environment Cube Maps. These are gathered by rendering the whole scene though the position of the cube-map 6 times (for every cube face). Then, a comprehensive filtering occurs which can take similar time to rendering a frame. If this data is inconsistent with the atmosphere (light coming from sky and sun), the visual of the shadows and the reflections on the shinny surfaces will be wrong. This is currently done at the initial scene loading for the missions.

    Thus, any change to the lighting environment (1 and 2) will need a new environment map to be re-rendered. Which can not be done in real time and there will definitely be spikes.

    Secondly, the GI solution we use captures the transfer function between light incoming and the final ambient. This is needed to not bake different GI for every atmosphere we have. Thus, change to the lighting environment (1 and 2) will need a recoloring of the said GI data, which will probably create spikes as well. One last thing is that, in order to save runtime memory, we delete the transfer data after the initial recoloring is done. So, we need to read this file whenever the scene's lighting is changed or do not delete it at the fist place.

    So how do we do it for the campaign map? Firstly, we do not have GI for the campaign map. Secondly, since we use atmosphere curves, we know how the lighting environment will change beforehand (sun color, sun position, skybox etc for every time step in the day), we can pre-render the environment maps and save them to files. At runtime, we load the current and next one, and blend them together with respect to time.

    For your needs, if you know how the atmosphere will change with respect to the time or any other variables, the best way would be to create a curve atmosphere and apply it to the mission. Then, in runtime, you can change the blend value to get different atmospheres. However, since this is never done by a modder, there may be rough edges that we need to smooth out, like implementing proper interfaces. But those would not be a big task for us.

    For the 4. question, you can check the particle system's parameters to see if you can accomplish the effect you want by increasing/decreasing the used rain particle. The particle can be found within "rain_prefab_entity" the entity. If so, you can find the said entity at runtime via a name search within the scene and then find the particle system to override it parameters. If the interface is not clear for it, we can check it out and fix it. Also, you can override that prefab in your module to have different rain effects.

    Hope this shed some light into your questions. If you have further questions, I would be glad to answer those as well.
    Happy modding :smile:
  2. In Progress General Worldmap compressed_shader_cache

    These files only contains the compiled shaders of the terrain nodes. Thus, the number of unique terrain nodes (unique with respect to the layer combinations it use and some other properties), has a direct influence on the size of the of those files. Absence of these cache files should not incur crashes for the game, only downside would be long load times and spikes throughout the game. If there are crashes, I would need the logs to find out the reason.
  3. In Progress General Worldmap compressed_shader_cache

    The compiled shader cache files are added to the build at the publish stage of the game. It takes time to compile all shade combinations so we do not do it at save time. Also, since the terrain files are in most cases different, the re-save of the scene invalidates them. It is in our task list to add that shader compilation task to the publish button in the editor so that the finished mods will not have spikes or long loading times because of missing terrain shaders. If you have any other questions, I would gladly answer them too.
  4. Need More Info Ekran Kartı Hatası

    Merhabalar, durumu daha iyi anlamak için bir kaç soru soracağım.
    1. Oyun içindeki Options ekranından, Video tabındaki "Selected Adapter" kutucuğunun altında iki GPU'nuz da gözüküyor mu?
    2. Eğer gözüküyor ise, dedicated olanı (integrated olmayan) seçip, oyun restart ettiğinizde doğru memory değerini görebiliyor musunuz?
    Cevaplar için, şimdiden teşekkürler.
  5. In Progress General Space in scene path! Need to have underscore instead hatası

    "Space in scene path! Need to have underscore instead!"
    Bu hata sahne isminde boşluk olduğu için geliyor. Boiluk dışında bir karakter kullanmanız veya o boşluğu silmeniz durumunda düzelecektir.

    Terrain normal hatasını anlayabilmemiz için sahnenin edit datasını ve de sahne dosyasını bize yollayabilir misiniz?
  6. In Progress Scene Editor Disabling Winter effects in Scene Editor

    We ensure that our season selection algorithm does not select the "Winter" season below certain altitudes in the world map. If you place your scene in one of the settlements from the starting "Aserai" area, the game should not load that scene in winter season.
  7. Resolved Resource Browser Unable to Edit "Protected" Animations Using Resource Editor

    That folder is in the "Native" module. First, you need a module parent folder on your own, inside the Modules folder. Than you need specific folders inside that parent folder. If you have never done these, you can do it in the Windows explorer or if you have never created a new module, you can simply use the "Create New Module" button inside the File menu in the modding tool kit, it will create the necessary folders. Once all these are done and you re-open the game, you will see your own folders inside the resource browser and you will be able to do the operation I mentioned before. For more information on modules and folders of the mods, you can read the following docs page:
  8. Resolved Resource Browser Unable to Edit "Protected" Animations Using Resource Editor

    It is not a bug. You can use the override functionality to change an animation clip in the base game. To create an override in your module, press right click to empty space inside your module root or any child folder, choose 'Create Override', then 'Animation Clip'. You will enter the animation clip that you want to override. After that the overridden clip will be created in your module folder so that you can change any values inside that clip.
  9. In Progress Scene Editor Tools crashes on saving SceneEditData terrain_ed.bin for 512x512 worldmaps with detailed materialmaps

    For the importing part, whatever resolution you are using as a source texture, it will be upscaled or downscaled to the terrain resolution defined in engine. This is the reason why you are still experiencing the crash. For the error part, we can add a warning about the internal compression size limit.
  10. In Progress Scene Editor Tools crashes on saving SceneEditData terrain_ed.bin for 512x512 worldmaps with detailed materialmaps

    Using a 512*512 node resolution with 16*16 nodes would mean too much terrain data. 512*512 resolution is only meant for very big nodes which should be used deep inside the playable area and at most 1 or 2 nodes per scene. We do not make every node 512*512 in any scene, let alone 256. We always reduce the resolution of the outer nodes. With a simple math, the weightmap and heightmap data 16x16 nodes with 512*512 resolution of 4 layers is around 4GB. Which is the internal limit of our terrain data compression utility. If you go with, lets say 8 or more layers, it becomes even more. No mod should go this high with the numbers because the players will not have that much GPU memory. If the memory is enough, the runtime performance will be bad too. A better question would be, why do you need to go that high with the layer weightmap resolutions?
  11. In Progress plaza yol blogundaki garip degisim/yansıma & kaydırma simgesi

    1) Terrain mesh blend veya kış mevsimindeki otomatik karlanma featurelarından böyle olabilir. "Mesh Blend"'i açık ve o bölgede boyanmış bir terrain layer var mı kontrol edebilir misiniz? Bir de mevsim kış mı acaba?
    2) Çözünürlüğünüz nedir acaba? Windows UI scaling açık mı, default halinde mi?
  12. Suggestion General Incremental save button

    We already have a singular "Last Save" Backup system. You can find that scene folder inside the "ModuleName/SceneObj/Backups" folder. A "multiple backup" system sounds reasonable too. I have added it in my notes. Thanks for the feedback/suggestion. Happy modding.
  13. Need More Info Scene Editor Texture/Layer Issues

    We would like to know about that crash so that we can check whether we can make the editor give a warning instead of that crash. Will it be possible for you to send us the scene files? Thanks for the report.
  14. Resolved Model & Animation Viewer Model Viewer crashes when zooming in on Human Entity

    We could not replicate the issue. Can you try verifying both the game and the modding toolkit? Thanks in advance.
  15. Resolved Model & Animation Viewer Model Viewer crashes when zooming in on Human Entity

    Sorry for the inconvenience. We will be checking the issue to find out the bug and fix it in short time.
  16. Need More Info %100 GPU kullanımı

    Cevap için teşekkürler. Sorunu şirket içi oluşturup, en yakın zamanda çözmüş olacağız.
  17. Need More Info Scene Editor Can't Open Saved Scene Bannerlord Scene Editor

    You can simply change the scene name part in the "xscene" file. It is text based. You should find the following part near the beginning of the file:
    scene name="YOUR_SCENE_NAME"
    I also take note to have a functionality to not let the level designer to save a scene with whitespaces in its name.
    Thanks for the report.
  18. In Progress Scene Editor Paths/Prefabs Not Showing up When Selected

    They are registered in the "Helpers" visibility set. You can toggle this visibility set by pressing the "H" button or pressing the "Helpers" checkbox in the "Visibility" tab.
  19. Need More Info %100 GPU kullanımı

    GPU memory kullanımı artımının nerde olduğunu kontorl edebilir misiniz ? Sahne loadinglerinde veya "New Campaign" yaptığınızda kültür seçtiğinizde artım oluyor ise, şirket içi çalışma branchlerimizde, sorunu çözebilecek bir fix yaptık. En yakın patchlerden birinde göndermeyi umuyoruz.
  20. BL 3D Art Inverted materials on Head

    Sorry for the late response. Currently, there is a legacy system which tries to identify the folllowing sub meshes of the face by ordering them with respect to their triangle counts:
    The order is: Face > teeth > eye > eyelash.
    The game needs to fetch these sub meshes so that it can assign different materials to them. We will be fixing this issue by fetching these submeshes via tags. For a short term solution, you can try to change their triangle counts so that the ordering is correct.
    By the way, kudos for the new face, well done :smile:
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