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  1. VvVlad

    I love you, TaleWorlds!

    Hello, I'm here to thank you TaleWorlds for Bannerlord, for all your work along the years in special for this beautiful game and I also want to thank you for the 10% drop in price in this bad times. I waited a looong time for Bannerlord and finally I own it! I've never been so happy in my life...
  2. VvVlad

    SP Dark Ages [SubMod] I like vikings (released 1.2) [OSP]

    Trogladonis said:
    While I like the premise there seems to be a few problems with some of the aspects. It seems to undo the Morrigan tweak to keep her in the party after her questline is over and it bugs out the dog, making a little naked man ride on top of him. Is there any way to get the portions only pertaining to the fief/city additions?

    Hello, do you have any other mods installed ? My mod is not made with another mod/submod at the base. I for one had no such bugs while I play. And yes, there's a way to get only the improvements. On the first page I realeased the source code of this mod so you can pick parts and use them for free for personal mods.
  3. VvVlad

    SP Dark Ages [SubMod] I like vikings (released 1.2) [OSP]

    shepard1707 said:
    So. I'm getting some wierd bugs when I install this mod where it does wierd things to dialogue options, or displays. Changes out text for other things, etc.

    Hello, over what mods did you installed this one ? Can you provide a print screen please ?
  4. VvVlad

    Se speculeaza luna sau macar anul lansari Bannerlord-lui?

  5. VvVlad

    SP Dark Ages [SubMod] I like vikings (released 1.2) [OSP]

    Tingyun said:
    VvVlad, if you decide to do so, you have permision to use and modify anything you like from Balance Mod, whether that consists of making a compatibility version, a merged version, or simply borrowing a couple of features that you like and importing them into your mod. Anything you find useful, please use. :smile:

    Thank you very much, Tingyun! You are too kind.
  6. VvVlad

    SP Dark Ages [SubMod] I like vikings (released 1.2) [OSP]

    I like vikings module system v1.2 (2036) added.
  7. VvVlad

    SP Dark Ages [SubMod] I like vikings (released 1.2) [OSP]

    Stasian911 said:
    You have a very good mod. Thank you. If you combine it with the Dark Age mod, it will be just a masterpiece.

    No, I thank you for taking the time to write something down and to play with this submod, sir. Soon I will share the source code of this submod so the people can use I like vikings in their own submod.
  8. VvVlad

    Toate tarile au un grup de steam, noi de ce sa nu avem?

    Salut, e o idee buna. Din pacate nu vad un motiv pentru care lumea s-ar muta pe steam cand noi nu avem prea multi aici. E bine ca s-a postat ceva deoarece am inceput sa cred ca forumul romanesc e cam mort. :smile:
  9. VvVlad

    SP Dark Ages [SubMod] I like vikings (released 1.2) [OSP]

    version 1.2 for VC RE 2.036 released.
  10. VvVlad

    LSP Other 3D Art New female body

    This is awesome. Looks really great!  :smile:
  11. VvVlad

    Modding Q&A [For Quick Questions and Answers]

    Thank you for your answers gentlemen and forgive me for being short of details. Now I understand.
  12. VvVlad

    Modding Q&A [For Quick Questions and Answers]

    Hello everyone. So I was playing a little with the village/castles/towns improvements and I have a question now. Does the code below really adds the 5% prosperity ? Because I tested it in-game and the village prosperity does not changes right after the improvement is complete but after some days. So, I'm not sure if it's the improvement(Mill) is affecting the prosperity or is something else.

            (is_between, ":center_no", villages_begin, villages_end),
            (party_slot_eq, ":center_no", slot_center_has_fish_pond, 1),
            (val_add, ":ideal", 5),
  13. VvVlad

    SP Dark Ages [SubMod] I like vikings (released 1.2) [OSP]

    What this mod do/adds « version 1.2 » » No longer the feeling that you spend coins in vain improving the villages. Now, you feel every of those improvements and have reason to not let it be raided(See the screenshots -> Improvements). » 6 new village/castle/town improvements. « version 1.1 »...
  14. VvVlad

    Posting problems

    I will read. Thank you for your quick reply, sir.
  15. VvVlad

    Posting problems

    Hello everyone, lately I was working on a small mod for VC, things that I thought are not enough so I did some more. I was thinking to share this small mod but I can't create a new topic in the Viking Conquest Released Mods board. Do I miss something or it's because this account is new ? Please...
  16. VvVlad

    [DOWNLOAD] Prophesy of Pendor [v3.9.5 IS NOW OUT!!!]

    Thank you for this beautiful mod!  :party:
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