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  1. RKStranger

    Unit collisions is an absolute nightmare

    Just adopt the realistic battle mod, that’s official to me
  2. RKStranger

    Impressions on Bannerlord 1.7.1 After a 1 year break

    Some mods can migrate most of your issues: Realistic Battle Mod and De Re Militari
  3. RKStranger

    What are your must-have mods you can't play without that you'd like Taleworlds to implement into the base game?

    - Diplomacy
    - Party AI and Overhaul Commands
    - Spear Rework
    - something about garrisons
    - Kaoses Tweaks (more xp for troops, arena and companions, higher bets at tournaments and higher workshop income)
    - RTS camera (control ally after death and ability to attack a certain formation)
    - Detailed Character Creation (I like the ability to edit companions)
    - Character Manager (some companions need a shift in skills)
    - RBM AI module
    - own changes to ranged weapons

    To RBM combat module I have my doubts. It has great features but in my opinion it makes armor too strong compared to the unrealistic high amount of well armored troops in the game. Swords are partly useless, maces are king, which is drastically contrary to what we see in the usual armament of comparable early medieval historical times. So, RBM combat module for me makes the game too much "plate armory", so to say. However, I did not test the latest versions because I liked to use Calradia Expanded Kingdoms and/or Eagle Rising, so maybe I should try it out again.
    I use RBM together with DRM which makes the overall armor rate lower. Together I feel it is more authentic and makes progression more fun and rewarding
  4. RKStranger

    What are your must-have mods you can't play without that you'd like Taleworlds to implement into the base game?

    The one who order the troops by type. Plus 100 more, I'm still in 1.6.4 just because Calardia expanded wasn't updated, I follow the mod not the game.
    How is calardia expanded compared to carafia at war?
  5. RKStranger

    What are your must-have mods you can't play without that you'd like Taleworlds to implement into the base game?

    Swords are side arms (as they were in RL) and useful to fight against low-mid tier units, higher tier ones will have very good armor so swords will do little damage to them compared to blunt weapons but they are still viable if you have a good quality one and high weapon skills just don't expect an arming sword to be as damaging to double maille + lamellar as a mace for example.

    And about faction inbalances i heartly disagree, the balance is much better than vanilla already but most people want their favorite faction to steamroll everyone instead of a system of weakness vs strengths in each faction so if they face an enemy were their favorite units don't do so well against they cry "unbalanced and unfair".

    By personal tastes i prefer even more the balance of the de re militari mod which used RBM as a base and make all weapons even more viable since it decreases the numbers of tiers and even lower tiers are still useful mid-late game instead of just cannon fodder you want to level ASAP.
    I didn't include de re militari in my post but yeah, I believe it is a must-have and am glad that someone else thinks so.
  6. RKStranger

    Lords and Companions on the Battlefield

    My solution to this is to combine realistic battle combat and de re militari, the former makes armor useful while the latter reduces armor rates overall
  7. RKStranger

    What happened to "building a criminal empire"?

    There is a mod there for all of you, Fourberie
  8. RKStranger

    What are your must-have mods you can't play without that you'd like Taleworlds to implement into the base game?

    I have a long list of mods. Here are the absolute essential ones (and whatever is necessary as pre-requsit)
    • realistic battle combat and ai
    • improved garrisons
    • party ai overhaul and commands rebuild
    • diplomacy
    • true relations
    • true noble opinion
    • serve as soldier
    • fourberie
    • don't stop me now
    • dismembermentplus
  9. RKStranger

    Beta Patch Notes e1.7.1

    I remember the game is planned for full release in H1 2022? Should we expect some roadmap before that?
  10. RKStranger

    What we have in Bannerlord pre-release dev diaries but not in game by now

    As of January 2022, lots of these are implemented, some have been half-implemented, a few are still missing
    It would be great to have some updates on this post:grin:
  11. RKStranger

    Whats next after 1.7?

    Voice acting, dialogues, background music, battle shots
  12. RKStranger

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.5

    any roadmap plan release as the year of 2021 approaches its end?
  13. RKStranger

    Bannerlord is way to colorful!

    The op is not wrong but he is not entirely right. So is Askorti, not wrong but not right. The basic problem comes down to a couple of factors:

    1. In the summer, there is never rain. In the autumn, there is never fog. No storms exist either. It is never cloudy except in winter. So for the 3 out of 4 seasons there is constant sunshine. It also bothers me, but Ill be patient until they add weather. We had several threads pointing this out already, none of them answered by the devs.

    2. The banners are tacky. The colours are indeed too bright for anything that could be considered realistic or even just pleasant to the eye. I mean having 1 sigil and 2 colours is an abomination, but coupled with uniformed Age of Empires-looking soldiers it just hits extra wrong. As you could notice, soldiers in Custom Battle use an older system of banner generation, which has a tertiary color slot, more sigils, shield divisions etc. It is more pleasant and toned down than the company logos we have now.

    3. Every item is coloured in the same colour as the banner. So imagine you have a red banner. Wear a scarf? Red. Tunic? Also red. Your soldiers? All red. Shield? Red. It is just ugly
    This is exactly what is lacking in the current BL. Hopefully, they all get resolved by TaleWorlds. But it looks like TaleWorlds is still focusing on game mechanisms, not graphics/art styles.
  14. RKStranger

    The game is actually worse. How?

    The main issue with Bannerlord is immersion, which, from a technical view, is a problem with game design.
  15. RKStranger

    Beta Patch Notes e1.6.1

    Great update, I have been away for months waiting for a proper update to come back. One repeated question though (hope for a different answer obviously), when will the banners come?
  16. RKStranger

    An Open Letter to TaleWorlds from the Kingdoms of Arda team, and the Total-Conversion Mod Community about our concerns and frustrations with Bannerlor

    Of course you cannot test this game, or any other piece of Software only with unit tests, as those only test units. You also need integration tests and finally various system tests, including end-to-end tests. However, I think "live testing" as he described involves running the entire software manually.

    Besides, an end-to-end test should never test the entire system (even though they are black-box system tests), they should only test relevant functionality. I.e. an end-to-end test should fail if and only if a component directly related to that functionality fails. Therefore, unless your software only has a single functionality; you should not be running your entire software for any end-to-end test.

    Outside some small points we pretty much agree on everything, including why and how TW failed to deliver a better game. I am not sure about the manpower bit because I do not know how many they are; but they had so many years. I believe the biggest issue, however, is know-how. Fundamental principles of SE have not been followed for this project. It is clear as day to me.

    By the way, the comparison between AlphaGo and M&B came from the argument that "M&B is a marvel of Software Engineering", which led me to give an example for an actual marvel there. Otherwise, of course I know they are not comparable by any means :smile: I mean imagine I dig a hole in my backyard and call it a marvel of Civil Engineering, and then you sarcastically ask "how about Eiffel Tower?" and I respond "sorry but it doesn't make sense to compare a ditch to a tower." Would you admit that the hole is actually a marvel? :razz:
    first time I've heard someone mentioned both context from computer science and civil engineering. Are you also a transferred SDE from CE?
  17. RKStranger

    The Final Release Date

    It probably won't matter. Even after the game releases its 1.0 version, the development will continue; core/moderate fans already bought it, there won't be another huge sale at release; there will not be significant content updates at release neither.
  18. RKStranger

    Beta Patch Notes e1.5.6

    Great work!
  19. RKStranger

    Ray Tracing and DLSS Confirmed for Bannerlord

    "Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord - Available now on Steam, Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord is a medieval combat simulator and role playing game. Players can explore, raid, and conquer their way across the vast continent of Calradia, making friends and enemies along the way. Support for DLSS will be coming to the game in November. "
    Only DLSS, i think. Raytracing needs to be supported by the engine, which is not.
    you are right, I kinda skipped that line. I would really love to have RT though, hopefully there comes RT mod.
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