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  1. KidKoala

    Quintillius ... a lamentation...

    I come back and play this every now and then, but I never got the feeling it was unfinished. In his place I'd probably add some stuff to make the early game more interesting, but there's nothing that makes it feel that it wasn't completed.
    It was uncompleted, I spoke with Quintillius about this mod at one time or another when he was last actively developing it about what his plans were for it. Many of the features that make this mod stand out are still undeveloped (though you don't really notice as it all blends together so well), i.e. the Religion in game, you'll notice there are a ton to chose from, the only ones that actually do anything beyond change an individual stat are Catholicism and Islam, there had been plans to make these have a greater impact on the world.
  2. KidKoala

    SP Nova Aetas v5 Submod

    Still one of my top mods, Nova Aetas is better than Bannerlord in my opinion. Will give this a try.
  3. KidKoala

    Is this module still alive?

    I am still able to run it fine, with the Steam version...

    If you're running any of the beta versions, I think I recall they don't include WSE. The latest 'stable' version includes the correct version of WSE.

    So sad this mod is dead. IMO this mod is like, the base of what every other mod should be built on lol. It just adds a plethora of awesome features which I end up missing when I play other Warband mods.
    Even though Windyplanes is no longer developing it, the last stable version is completely playable and the only thing it is really missing are a Sarranid expanded troop tree and a few of the un-developed advanced village options. I agree, the mere quality of life changes this mod includes for Quests, inventory management, recruitment, gear mean that whenever I play another mod, once I realise I have to buy food again for my party and can't fob the job off on a companion I start to get annoyed at the inconvenience.
  4. KidKoala

    Tailor Foreman /exploration of new world

    I've really got into the crafting features, I have a Blacksmith, Carpenter, Church and Tailor on the go, I was wondering where the Tailor foreman/overseer is located as I can't seem to find anyone but the apprentice sat in the corner weaving away. I've looked all around the tannery and can't...
  5. KidKoala

    SP Fantasy (Game of Thrones) A Clash of Kings (7.0 released 13th of May, 2019)

    I nearly lept out of my chair when I saw an "Ironwood Shield", and then investigated to find Ironwrath and Highpoint on the maps! i'm near the end of Telltale's Game of Thrones, I can now start a game as Asher Forrester!
  6. KidKoala

    SP Native Diplomacy 4.litdum (v1.7 has been released - 28.02.2023)

    Great job, this is the perfect cross between native and enhanced features & visuals. It doesn't "over alter" the core gameplay and is very playable.
  7. KidKoala


    Thanks for posting the traits list, I haven't come across the issue again since the hotfix you posted  :party:.
  8. KidKoala

    Crossbow Meshes Seem to be Mixed Up

    Quintillius said:
    Low fantasy concepts like the Catholic church fit much better.
    I think the Catholic church is reality for most people.  :razz:

    Well, fantasy concepts don't shock me as adding modern life with skycrapers, highways and such...

    When you get down to the nitty gritty of most theological debates i've found working for the Anglican Church that there is more than a little bit of fantasy and postulation behind them! I've probably become a bit desensitised to it though as I spend a good part of each day quoting Canon Laws to people in emails and such, which were very much written by men. Unlike most good histories they don't come with references and a bibliography, i'll save my knowledge on this for when someone starts a topic on picking "Anglican" from Nova Aetas' religion list ha ha.
  9. KidKoala


    Stavros said:
    The thing is about quarrying and mining and farming is that it can be avoided really easily. For example,from the beginning of the game I looked for cities that held feasts and you can do around 3-5 tournaments on them,that means around 30-40k money.I pilled up the $ and bought houses that gave me prestige,that way I really had nothing to do with the peasant things. I suggest you put a restriction on the participation of tournaments.You should be at least middle class before entering a tournament. Imagine a tournaments where most of the lords participate and then a peasant shows up and he actually gets the first place in that tournament. Another bad thing about the difficulty of tournaments( I have not looked into options,maybe there is a way) is that after you get some companions, which will be low level anyway,you won't have any kind of difficulty if you want to try the fastest way to get money out of the tournament,that being 3 teams of 2 players with max bets( you need to get 4 points ) which is really easy, I finish a round in 30 seconds.
    I bet if you put a restriction on this,more people will be annoyed for sure,but they would test the stuff you put out in the game,having to rely on it,not just test them.

    I personally find tournaments restrictively hard, partly because I don't usually put more than 9 - 12 points in Strength/Agility, the opponents all seem to be really high levels. Playing on 125% difficulty also means one hit knocks me out when it takes about 4 - 5 of mine to take down an opponent. Also if you don't reload your save when knocked out of a tournament it doesn't make it very viable to keep betting all that money.

    If you're just grinding tournaments you may as well just import a load of money on your character sheet and mark it down as inheritance.
  10. KidKoala

    Crossbow Meshes Seem to be Mixed Up

    Quintillius said:
    KidKoala said:
    Thanks for reducing the size of the crossbows they always did look a bit cartoonish in the previous versions!
    Yeah they come from the Warhammer mod, which's set in a ridiculous fantasy world. Had to edit the Renaissance costumes as well... removing skulls, esoteric pendents and such.

    pah I never understand why people try and put "High Fantasy" elements into Warband, it's clearly not designed to facilitate for such nonsense. Low fantasy concepts like the Catholic church fit much better.
  11. KidKoala


    If you're just after profit i've found selling the ores far more profitable than selling the ingots, I made 15,000 gold from a single trip by selling the ores. I had built of my trade skill to 8 though.
  12. KidKoala

    Ideas & Suggestions

    I have a suggestion regarding forrestry/mining rights:

    At present, you have to find the Lord of the relevent nearby settlement to acquire mining/felling rights to mines and forests, I had a bit of trouble getting rights to the Forest near Tevarin Castle recently as Lord Cristopel was taken captive by the Merchant Republic of Zendar and kept in the dungeon of Zendar, after trying to bribe the prison guard to let me in (he took my money but I was unable to access the cell!) I eventually gave up.

    Would it be possible to have a separate option on visiting the Lord's Castle e.g. "Speak to Castle Steward" who will be able to grant a licence in his lords name to players under a certain rank (Surely a Lord can find better use for his time than speaking to Peasants).

    The Castle Steward could also offer a few minor quests for low-level players, varients on kill bandits, escort peasants, or even Gather weapons for the Armoury etc.
  13. KidKoala

    Crossbow Meshes Seem to be Mixed Up

    Thanks for reducing the size of the crossbows they always did look a bit cartoonish in the previous versions!
  14. KidKoala


    AnandaShanti said:
    Well I usually don't marry anyways, but I've never played this mod before, hopefully it's not to important.

    Don't worry about it, it's not gamebraking in any sense of the word and you shouldn't avoid this mod because it call's you ugly :razz: you'd be missing all the fantastic features!

    Well i'm 4 months into my game now, I have two set of clothes/armour: Casual/business wear - 1. a fancy hat, novice outfit, bear paw shoes and hardened leather gloves; then my battle armour which i equip from the inventory box on entering a battle - 2. Open Sallet, Splinted Greaves, Gauntlets and Brigandine.

    My "Ugly" trait appears to have downgraded itself to "Unsightly" after advancing a few ranks in social status, fighting in a successful crusade and buying a few houses. I've also not had any re-occurences of the "Ugly" trait since I got slapped with it the first time on this playthrough.

    I have 3 traits so far:

  15. KidKoala


    The Temple of Minerva at dusk  :cool:


    and without shaders

  16. KidKoala


    My main query is how to access the scene where I do the smithin' to forge weapons/armour :?:

    Do I need to become a blacksmith via a Guild before I have access to this or can any Tom, **** or Marnid do it?

    Have only had a quick look at the Blacksmith features and I joined  the Guild of Thires as a Blacksmith (in v4.1) though couldn't see any menu when I went to my workshop. Though I didn't look around that much.
  17. KidKoala


    AnandaShanti said:
    I'm having this problem too. I have decent gear for so early in a game and a charger. Exactly what is the requirement for not getting the ugly trait? If I get better gear after the trait pops up will I loose the trait eventually?

    As far as I can tell no, i've started about 6 new games in the past 48 hours testing out different features and in each one I am "Ugly" within a week, as Quintillius said above he's treating it as a bug.. I'm not sure what the player is mean't to do to avoid it? I'm unfamiliar with the mechanics of how the "Ugly" trait is assigned, i've tried decking my character out with expensive clothes and extra clothes in my inventory it didn't make any difference.

    It reoccurs too so you will end up very ugly, fugly or extremely fat by 1 month in the game. Hopefully a hotfix will come out soon!
  18. KidKoala

    Traits feature overhaul

    Quintillius said:
    . Silverstag is Open Source

    Though, importing Silverstag's traits will make the next update not savegame compatible. So for the coming week I want to fix all issues reported and release a savegame compatible patch or I might just do a reupload.

    Besides, I agree with you, games shouldn't add 'frustrating' elements to the game. So I'll take a look, definitely.

    This is file that should fix the traits, is there anyone here willing to test? It fixes some miscalculations for the trait chances (beauty & health traits).
    It is savegame compatible, but won't do anything when having bad traits already. There's still a small chance to get it, but it should definitely not appear within three weeks.
    A lord claiming a colony has a 7% chance to occur weekly, the beauty/health traits 2% (not accurate though).

    If you use it for a savegame, make a backup and keep checking for three weeks if:
    - No strange texts appear for dialogues
    - Prestige /renown numbers are correct
    - Class is correct
    - Lord parties don't have strange troops

    (just to be sure,  :iamamoron:)

    I'm going to have a look at this now :smile:
  19. KidKoala


    Quintillius said:
    Yes, added.

    I haven't tried it in 5.0 as of yet, I got really into it last week on v4.1, I was making around 8000 gold from a single mining trip, though i was a bit unsure what to do with the gold/silver/steel ingots i'd made other than sell them, do i need to join a guild as a blacksmith to get access to the forge or is it available in any centre?
  20. KidKoala


    Started a completely fresh game and again have been randomly given the "Ugly" trait...  :facepalm: is there something i'm missing here? do I need to do something to stop this happening? I didn't import my character either. Came in at day 4 this time, no option menu presented.


    Oh wait I just reloaded a save and now i'm "Fat".. Brilliant!

    After re-loading the save about 100 times I seem to only have a random trait choice of being "fat" or "ugly".. fantastic.

    It's randomly happened again 9 days into save, now I have choice of being Fat and Ugly or Unbelievebly Fat.. This really needs sorting out, i'm the first person in the world to get unbelievebly fat from eating dried fish and water.
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