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  1. Ser Jon

    What are you listening to right now? Mark V

    1hr of good tracks from start to finish.

  2. Ser Jon

    The Last Of Us (HBO series)

    OK, so i've binged the whole season, concluded with season's finale, today's episode 9.
    Overall, it was an enjoyable watch. The two main things that bothered me the most were:

    1. The non-existent range of emotional facial expressions the actress that played Ellie had
    2. So much screen time stolen from Joel and Ellie's story by overcomplicating and prolonging the side stories (flashbacks)

    I did not mind little changes here and there, nor even completely new scenes (i.e. ellie's birth), what bothered me a bit was leaving some details out, for which i could not find a good reason, and which could bring more depth to the main protagonists, instead of prolonging the aforementioned flashbacks.

    How is it hebephilia when Riley is just 16? Both girls are merely teens.

    I have pretty much the same two "complaints". I don't think the actress playing Ellie portrays emotion well at all and I didn't like all the screentime "stolen" from Joel and Ellie for side stories. Which is weird, because it didn't feel that way in the game at all, only in the show. I also didn't like EP8's ending compared to the game. It felt like they ripped all of the emotion and connection between Ellie and Joel out.

    It was still a very enjoyable series though and I'd recommend it.
  3. Ser Jon

    What are you listening to right now? Mark V

    Magic Sword has so many good tracks!

  4. Ser Jon

    What are you listening to right now? Mark V

    I'm stuck scouring the internet for more intense orchestra choir music. lol

  5. Ser Jon

    Thanks TW for the mods!

    In a way it is because of TW we even can get mods. Not that they should get credit for any mode made but for the fact that we have mods.

    Then perhaps, "Thank you TW for allowing us to make mods" rather than "Thank you TW for the mods". The later makes it seem like they are directly responsible for the creation of the mods, rather than the environment that allowed them.
  6. Ser Jon

    What are you listening to right now? Mark V

    I don't think there is any song more epic than Duel of the Fates.

  7. Ser Jon

    Thanks TW for the mods!

    Taleworlds made the game they should get credit right? Maybe he meant easier to mod lol?

    I think he might have meant the thanks to TW for making it easier to mod, yea, but I could be wrong. lol
  8. Ser Jon

    Ukraine Today

    I heard on the local radio while I was out that China is considering sending ammo and weaponry to Russia. I can't imagine they will be "allowed" to do this, but if they do try, I wonder if sanctions will convince them not to.

    Life & Death

    A bit late, but damn, the casualties really must be really high for this to be a thing.
  9. Ser Jon

    Share The Screenshoots You Took After a Great Battle

    That's a really good screenshot. Did you just use Steam's screenshot feature? It kind of looks like it was made by pausing or something.


    Great victory for Calradia

  10. Ser Jon

    Thanks TW for the mods!

    Why are you thanking TW for the modders' work? Do you mean you're thankful they made it easier to mod?
  11. Ser Jon


    Exactly what I was going to post.

    Clearly possible, but will TW do it? Probably not.
  12. Ser Jon

    In Beta v1.1.0 you can recruit the Minor Clans as vassal, I actually think this bug should be added though.

    It's for discussion with players.

    Oh, I know, but I was referring to the end of the title and making a comment off that. If we want this bug to be retained as a feature, they might do it, if they see enough support for it. I don't know if they really watch this sub-forum very well though, so was just saying.
  13. Ser Jon

    Male lords wearing female dress being in proccess since february 2021

    My favorite was the children soldiers. That never gets old. :iamamoron:



    The child soldiers was incredible, I definitely agree it's the best bug.
  14. Ser Jon

    In Beta v1.1.0 you can recruit the Minor Clans as vassal, I actually think this bug should be added though.

    I feel like they might see this better in the feedback section, but if they see it, agreed. A bug that works as a feature, best not to be "fixed".
  15. Ser Jon

    So many abandoned modifications

    I doubt they'll want to return, but who knows, maybe whatever made them leave the modding scene for Bannerlord could be fixed in the future.

    I'm sure you are working hard to learn c#, reading and watching modding tutorials etc, so one day you can pick up the slack and update all these mods. ;p

    What in the world are you going on about? Are you under the impression my statement was somehow "attacking" modders or something?
  16. Ser Jon

    So many abandoned modifications

    ...Not to compare with WB time, but there is a resonable amout of mods released and under development here:...

    Yes, there's a lot. And some of the most exciting mods, too. Hopefully they don't give up, that'd be a huge shame. 😓
  17. Ser Jon

    How hard it is to set a truce like one year or half a year?

    20 days does seem too short, but any higher by default and people might grow annoyed or bored with nothing to do. It's a very delicate part to balance. I think 25-30 ought to be the default though, and then allow the option to be "edited" via in game systems.
  18. Ser Jon

    So many abandoned modifications

    Another heated debate about mods... Instead of quarrelling, can we estimate how many percent of all Bannerlord mods are active/ being developed as of now?

    That might be really hard to estimate. I'd say probably just enough are still being developed it isn't easily seen how many have left. I took a good look through it this morning and a lot of the top downloaded ones haven't been updated since either late 2021 or mid 2022.

    So we should all label you a bigot then? I'd rather not be forced to do so since I believe in the potential of all humans to progress for the better, even you have the potential to believe in Bannerlord and its glory.

    Oh boy, I don't know which part of this post is funnier. Is it the bit about the bigot, or the end bit? They are both so good, it is hard to pick!
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