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  1. Chaingun

    Devs have abandoned MP, time to leave the game

    Warband combat is inferior to Bannerlord's in Warband people look down and are f*king naked and destroy everyone

    In Warband, spears are useless, one handed with shield is UNPLAYABLE!!! and that's coming from a one-handed+shield 1k+ hours main!!!
    Spears are supoptimal (not useless) in Warband SP, because you don't need them there. MP is a different story. As opposed to bots that don't use cavalry very effectively, humans do. Without a spear or ranged weapon it's really difficult to counter a human player that plays cav competently.

    One handed spear with shield does not exist in a vacuum. You use this to assist team mates and to counter cav while under archer/xbow fire. If you're not under fire, you switch to 2H spear (and decent players typically block well enough for the lack of a shield to not be an issue).

    People just play naked in Warband for lulz, if there are good archers on enemy team it's clearly suboptimal to risk additional one hit deaths. If they 'destroy everyone' it's because everyone else on the server is bad, in comparison.
  2. Chaingun

    Rambo should always be a part of captain to an extent

    This problem automatically solves itself if the bot AI becomes better (yeah, I realize that's asking much from TW). Like the video @Mabons posts above Rambo should have his swings blocked most of the time (and archers should make his horse a hedgehog), yet the bots act as if they're under the influence. Defending against a single inf or even cav is not that hard.
  3. Chaingun

    Please discuss the class system with your fans

    For the class system to be at least as fun as Warband's they need to fill it with a corresponding number of actually interesting classes. I wish them best of luck as it's arguably a lot more work than Warband's equipment selection.
  4. Chaingun

    My view of the MP as an Alpha tester.

    half of them resorted to cheating anyway

    You had some semi-valid points but the above is untrue. While cheats existed in Warband it's relatively uncommon compared to other games. It mostly comes down to A) The skill ceiling is high and the difference between a player who thinks he can play the game and a player that actually can at a competitive level is massive. B) Veteran players consequently don't need to cheat to feel good about themselves and aren't interested in honing skills with cheats, cheaters aren't interested in putting down the honest effort to actually become good at the game (which is far less straightforward than your typical cheat infested first person shooter where almost only pixel perfect aim is necessary). There were exceptions of course.
  5. Chaingun

    Which leveling system do you prefer Warband or Bannerlord?

    Not too worried about this given there will be mods, but:

    How about mixing old and new? Let combat experience in aggregate still level up other skill categories based on player choice like in Warband. It fixes that it was impossible to roleplay e.g. a trader without levelling up through fighting. Doesn't address dumb/unfun grinding in skills but it would be less of an issue if it is optional.
  6. Chaingun

    One empire conquering the entire map in 5-7 years

    it could be very simply countered that if one faction would be getting too strong, many others declare war on him to balance it out

    The problem is it assumes the war declarations are competent, which with typical handcoded "AI" isn't necessarily the case. If it's done early enough it should work though.
  7. Chaingun

    Opinion: Your toaster computer is your own fault, not Taleworlds.

    They are ok/good. 1-2sec.


    Everything maxed out except for AA, that only 2*.
    Playing on WQHD.

    Ryzen 3700x / 5700 xt Nitro

    65-80fps in multiplayer. Only small maps so far.
    Steady 90 fps in SP. Maybe a bit lower with big battles.

    Thanks, yeah seem better than 1 minute. I will have to change to SSD install ASAP.
  8. Chaingun

    Opinion: Your toaster computer is your own fault, not Taleworlds.

    How are load times for people with SSDs in SP? (currently out of space so installed this on a conventional extra HD, which I am starting to regret)
  9. Chaingun

    Are forum names changing on you too? WTF?

    Maximum troll mode engaged.
  10. Chaingun

    Criticizing an early access game released 1 day ago lol

    Being able to give input while it still can change something is the whole point of buying EA. If you plan to be quiet you're better off waiting for release.
  11. Chaingun

    Charlini's Video Thread & Feedback Suggestions

    Great thread (bump)
  12. Chaingun


    Having the same issue.
  13. Chaingun


    I really don't get the obsession about changing what works [from certain game developers, not just TW]. I played Battle because the permadeath adds a level of excitement I don't get with the respawns of Deathmatch. Multiple lives will make each round a slog the way Deathmatch is, without sizable and distinguishable start, mid, and late phases of each round. Sigh.
  14. Chaingun

    Failing to understand why I die in 2 hits wearing chainmail by sword

    Attacks do different damage depending on variety of factors. The more you play, the more you get an instinctive feel for the underlying mechanics. Especially the timing is important.

    For a technical explanation, look for the infantry guides floating on the forum, e.g.,191455.0.html
  15. Chaingun

    Native Cavalry Dueling Tournament [NCDT]

    Proper cav 1v1s take a long time. If it doesn't take long it's because one or both of the players are playing (very) suboptimally. Incidentally, it's a large part of why cav duels between good players aren't that interesting to watch.

    The rules as written basically state "you're not allowed to play your best" which isn't very interesting either.
  16. Chaingun

    What am I supposed to do here?

    To be the fair, the balance in the early stages as an independent kingdom with no vassals is stupidly difficult. The AI marshal will inevitably come around to 10 versus 1 you in odds. The politics/diplomacy part of this game is something that definitely could be massively improved for Bannerlord...

    The only way to succeed lies in preparation; cozy up with a faction and get assigned a lot of fiefs that you will keep when betraying them. This is in addition to the usual maximization of char stats, enterprises, relations, honour, RTR, etc. I personally never had the patience to do this in the unmodded game on highest difficulty.

    So what I'm saying is: If you don't enjoy setting up an independent kingdom, it's perfectly normal and might be preferable to not bother. Or, you can follow the good advice posted in this thread by people who have done it, if you do decide it's worth your time and are willing to plan ahead. I've always ended up spending my time elsewhere in the game due to how frustrating this specific part can be.
  17. Chaingun

    Differences in Ping makes multiplayer severely unbalanced.

    Guy Fawkes said:
    One thing needs to be added here, yes you can do some stuff with 90ms as infantry, but you won't be able to play agressive style with it.

    Also applies as cavalry; playing on up to 110-130 ping is fine as long as you can play it somewhat defensively. If you're forced to play aggressively, e.g. because team is on a losing streak and you're being pressured by multiple opponents, it becomes rather hopeless. With aggressively, I mean for instance taking head to head engagements as cavalry rather than avoiding them due to the risk, etc.

    With couched lance you can sometimes achieve high KD ratios on absurdly high pings (but since that's not going to work vs. good players it's more of a curiosity).
  18. Chaingun

    Blocking a great lance?

    1) They're not going to change the game now, you might have better luck posting Bannerlord suggestions.
    2) Realism is not a good argument if it would make the game worse. It definitely would for infantry players, assuming a simple "make lollance unblockable" change without anything else.
  19. Chaingun

    Spearmen worthless against cavalry. Really?


    Thread is pretty darn old though.
  20. Chaingun

    Don't ctr+L

    ^ Hilarious post  :lol:
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